Which country are your top 50 artists from?


Abr 14 2008, 20h44

A response for several similar topics like this one. If u're like me and got nothing better to do, do one too and post it here or just post the link to it. Enjoy.

» USA (20): Juliette & The Licks, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Killers, LCD Soundsystem, Katharine McPhee, Scissor Sisters, Ping Pong Bitches, Under The Influence of Giants, Lindsay Lohan, Paramore, Paris Hilton, She Wants Revenge, Ashlee Simpson, Shiny Toy Guns, Weezer, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, We Are Scientists, Kelis.

» UK (18): Goldfrapp, Placebo, The Prodigy, Bloc Party, Snow Patrol, Keane, Basement Jaxx, Apollo 440, The Subways, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, Muse, Primal Scream, Amy Winehouse, The Chemical Brothers, The Fratellis, Robbie Williams.

» USA/Ukraine (1): Milla Jovovich.

» USA/UK (2): The Kills, Paul Oakenfold ft. Brittany Murphy.

» Canada (2): Peaches, Lillix.

» France (1): Emilie Simon.

» Australia (2): Jet, Kylie Minogue.

» Brazil (1): Cansei de Ser Sexy.

» UK/Australia (1): BodyRockers.

» Norway (1): Röyksopp.

» Iceland (1): Björk.


  • arctic_marta

    Nice :)

    Abr 15 2008, 16h29
  • notor_ochrasy

    USA 27 UK 11 Sweden 6 Norway 1 Korea 1 Germany 1 Finland 1 Canada 1 Australia 1

    Abr 16 2008, 14h49
  • pecusita

    USA: 32 Menomena, TV on the Radio, Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, The National, Thrice, of Montreal, Sleater-Kinney, Beirut, Voxtrot, Deerhoof, Snowden, Forget Cassettes, The Walkmen, Band of Horses, Finch, Tapes n' Tapes, The Hold Steady, Kings of Leon, Sufjan Stevens, Be Your Own Pet, LCD Soundsystem, White Rabbits, The Killers, Tool, !!!, Tacks the boy disaster, Margot and the Nuclear So & So's, We are scientist, The Big Sleep, Rogue Wave, Xiu Xiu UK: 8 The Twilight Sad, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Muse, The Zutons, Noisettes, Doves, The Futureheads Canada: 9 The Besnard Lakes, The Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Handsome Furs, Apostle of Hustle, Metric, The Dears, Kevin Drew, Caribou Iceland: 1 Sigur Rós I'm gonna create some country playlist to boost chart production outside the US. :P

    Abr 20 2008, 0h51
  • mrheigl

    Thanks for the comments everyone ;D

    Abr 20 2008, 1h13
  • pecusita

    I started with the UK and I've put together some strong playlist. Been listening to it, for the last couple of days, I'm happy with it :) I'm thinking about doing some global discovery music search. Because I just know a lot of country are being badly represented in my library.

    Abr 22 2008, 23h19
  • mrheigl

    That's a cool idea... you should ask for artist on each country's page here on last.fm or in a group or something xD Anyways, thanks for commenting ;*

    Abr 24 2008, 20h13
  • DavidG85

    USA: 21 UK: 12 Canada: 4 Sweden: 3 Spain: 3 Australia: 1 Norway: 1 Belgiun: 1 Argentina: 1 Ireland: 1 Germany: 1 France: 1 I also did a ranking by cities: New York City, NY: 6 Manchester, England: 4 London, England: 4 Omaha, NE: 3 Boston, MS: 2 Chicago, IL: 2 Portland, OR: 2 Gothenburg, Sweden: 2 Los Ángeles, CA: 2 Many more with one artist. The complete list is on my journal: http://www.last.fm/user/DavidG85/journal/2008/03/1/662544/ I try to keep it updated about once a month.

    Abr 26 2008, 22h58
  • DavidG85

    For those seeking for some globalization in their lists, the best (and obvious) way to discover artists from every country is looking for tags. For example... do you know which are the most popular artists and bands from Belarus? http://www.last.fm/tag/belarus http://www.last.fm/tag/belarusian

    Abr 26 2008, 23h14
  • pinedasgal

    wow you have no life. and apparently neither do i. USA: 33 UK:13 Canada: 1 Columbia: 1 China: 1 Jay Chou Spain: 1 Mala Rodríguez im really surprised by my lack of diversity. but i just bought a ton of new music (mostly brit) that i havent put on my computer yet so that is subject to change. and my rolling charts are much more diverse. also the songs that i have that are not in roman letters always come up as error when i scrobble so like some the the Japanese and one of my favorite groups that is Belorussian dont show up... i dont know why i have this problem.

    Mai 3 2008, 21h15
  • mrheigl

    @ pinedasgal: Thanks for commenting... and about ur problem... maybe your computer or last.fm software doesnt have the language pack for that language... idk, just trying to help xd Cya around ;]

    Mai 4 2008, 5h13
  • mizerdave

    England: 18 Scotland: 14 USA: 9 Canada: 2 Wales: 1 Iceland: 1 Ireland: 1 Brasil: 1 Sweden: 1 France: 1 England/Japan: 1

    Jun 1 2008, 18h45
  • wrongwayfast

    Woohoo I was bored too. Here is my contribution :) It was inspiring to read other peoples contributions maybe I'll find new favorites and me more worldly in my music tastes :) USA 22 Tori Amos, James Taylor, Ashlee Simpson, Linkin Park, Boyce Avenue, Fall Out Boy, Shiny Toy Guns, Rascal Flatts, Britney Spears, Paramore, Kelly Clarkson, Jack's Mannequin, Dixie Chicks, Johnny Cash, Nick Lachey, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Suzanne Vega, Fergie, Panic! At The Disco, Foo Fighters, Puddle of Mud Finland 14 PMMP, Leevi and the Leavings, Turmion Kätilöt, Rajaton, Antti Tuisku, Olavi Uusivirta & Paula Vesala, Scandinavian Music Group, Stella, Jani Wickholm, Eleanoora Rosenholm, Sunrise Avenue, Poets of the Fall, Maija Vilkkumaa, Brightboy Sweden 2 Amy Diamond, Basshunter England 2 Amy Winehouse, Sugarbabes Ireland 1 Boyzone Scotland 1 Amy Mcdonald Wales 1 Duffy Canada 1 Avril Lavigne France 1 Alizée Barbados 1 Rihanna Germany 1 666 Russia 1 t.A.T.u. New Zeland 1 Bic Runga Australia 1 Pendulum

    Jun 16 2008, 20h08
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