Uknown Treasure


Nov 11 2008, 2h45

I was living in London/Uk (1999) when I first listened to a composition of Erik Satie. It was a British Gas tv advert. I'll never forget the sound of the notes playing slowly in my head, echoing in my soul. The composition was the famous "Gymnopédies" Gymnopédie No.1.

At first, I fell in love with the music, but I had no idea whose it was from. From this day on I had it burned in my brain, heart and soul, and I knew nothing about it. I had listened to it late on Classical Music Radio, but I couldn't understand the title or author's name. Through the years I never forget it but I got confused and thought I had finally found it when I heard "Canon in D" from Pachelbel Canon in D. Another amazing song, which brings much joy and brings out hiden memories whithin my spirit, same as the Vivaldi's four seasons Spring.
Well, but finally I was listening to last radio under the tag "classical" and finally I found out everything of one of my all time favorite composition.
I decided to write this post, because of this song. It now has become very recurrent in my life, and it's not very rare to find it by chance on movies soundtracks, like the wonderful "MAN ON WIRE" I watched tonight.


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