Celldweller - Soundtrack for the voices in my head Vol.2


Ago 25 2010, 19h50

Soundtrack For the Voices In My Head, Vol. 02 (Chapter 01)

Hey, what's up guys? :)
Erm.. Because 'I'm on Last.FM' (O RLY), and I'm rather open minded to music from a range of Industrial to Metal to Dance, I decided to make some reviews on recent albums I bought. I like expressing my opinions and thoughts to people and so I decided to make my very first review on an album, 'Soundtrack for the voices in my head vol.2' by 'Celldweller'

I've got a lot of respect for Klayton; I describe his songs in two words.. Novel and MINDBLOWING! His tracks have been on a alot of game/ movie soundtracks and it really does empathsize the advertisements very well. Say the movie Doom; Despite that the film was abysmal and horrifying (in a bad perspective where my eyes litually met...), the trailer was gripping (... BFG to Bio Force Gun = Crying shock anger... face ).

Anyways, This album... Words can't describe! It sure does have a lot of emotion compared to the other albums he made in the past and they improve a hell of a lot. So far he has never ceased the power in his music and will probably never dissappoint me... not unless I die of natural causes or a horrible death, then I'll end up missing his latest tracks after I'm gone.(morbid? I know.. but it's got my message across hasn't it? Good!)

Let's point out one of the tracks. Wings of Icarus. Accroding to my imagination, an angel, tattered and broken is suffering, trying to persevere, finding hope but soon loses his wings and falls. The song is kinda emotional. It starts calm and eventually starts to build up and the power of the music kicks in.

The album contains four immesive instrumental tracks (ONLY) and that's too little for £7.99 on iTunes... But on the other hand, to be frank Adrift on Celestial Seas is a long track (up to 20 minutes) so the value is actually not too bad (Smiley face). If you find this cheaper than iTunes then I'm just officially being ripped off!

Now for my conclusion; I will break this down since i've been talking jibberish! Celldweller has kicked back with the second volume of 'Soundtrack for the voices in my head'. The music will litually grab you and you will feel the power coursing through your vains. The four instrumental tracks are like rounds of emotion which you can't really resist. Each chrous of the songs will throw you against the wall and blow your mind. Despite a total of four total tracks, it will just transform.. like that truck turing into optimus prime. It packs a better punch than a typical album. However if you're new to Celldweller, I personally recommend that you listen to 'Afraid this time' first either on a normal or instrumental version, both on separate albums; that was the first song to captivate me and got me more into Celldweller when I started listening to them.


Recommended song from Artist: Afraid This Time - Celldweller

Favourite song from Album: The Wings of Icarus (feat. James Dooley)


  • shamikebab

    This costs £7.99 on iTunes?!?! No wonder I've never used it. If you get it from FiXT (the record label owned and run by Celldweller) then not only do you get it on release day, but it's a lot cheaper. And you know the money is going directly to the artist.

    Set 16 2010, 1h03
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