My Top 10 Artists 27-5 - 3/6 2007


Jun 5 2007, 12h49

1. Finntroll (69 plays). I have loved this band for quite some time now. I used to be crazy about their album 'Nattfödd'. I still love that one, but I've recently discovered an even better album: 'Jaktens Tid'. I gave this albums quite some listens this week, thats why its so high on this list.

2. Agathodaimon (56 plays) is together with Finntroll probably my favourite artist at the moment. There albums are in very good balance, quite some melodic black and then sometimes a soft song with female vocal in between. Perfect albums, especially 'Sepent's Embrace' and 'Chapter III'.

3. Carpathian Forest (46 plays). Is also a very impressive melodic black metal band. A little more brutal then Agathodaimon, but also very very nice. There album 'Fuck you all' was a dissapointment to me when I recently downloaded it, but 'Strange Old Brew' is fantastic.

4. Equilibrium (35 plays). Very nice folk metal from Germany, after Finntroll the best folk stuff I know atm. Just as with Agathodaimon, their albums are very well balanced with some soft parts in it, what makes the happy, fast tracks even better somehow.

5. Deathspell Omega (35 plays). For me the best black metal-band I know. I only have one of their albums ( Kénôse), which only contains 3 tracks, and still this many listens;). If anyone can recommend me another great album of theirs, please let me know:).

6. Naglfar (31 plays). Weird for this quite well-known band, but I've only recently discovered this one. Also nice melodic black metal, not as good as Agathodaimon or Carpathian Forest, but also nice to listen to.

7. Kvist (26 plays). Recently recommended black metal. Gave it some listens to see how I feel about them, and its nice, but probably won't become one of my favourites. But who knows:)

8. Mors Principium Est (25 plays). I know this band for quite some time. But I never really loved them. I thought they were okay, but that was it. But a few weeks ago I kind of re-discovered them, and I see now its very very good melodic death metal. I especially love their album 'The Unborn'.

9. Carcass (24 listens). I know this one for quite some time now, but I can't stop loving their music. The lyrics are a little.. euhmmm 'extreme' sometimes, but the music is fantastic. Especially their album 'Heartwork' is amazing, can't stop listening it.

10. Behemoth (22 plays). I'm actually surprised that this one made it so high in my charts this week. Someone recently uploaded one of their albums, and I checked it out to see if I liked it. As I gave this album 2 listens, they are in my top10;). I love their drumming, but the combination of black metal-music and death metal-vocal does not really do it for me. Its okay, but not brilliant.

It looks like I'm starting to develop a taste towards black metal at the moment. Some months ago 8 out of 10 bands would have been death metal. Now only Mors Principium Est and Carcass are death, the others are folk/black, black or melodic black. I'm curious how this will be some tome from know. Will my taste develop further towards black, or will I go back to some more balance between death and black. Time will show I guess:)
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  • truebelief

    Behemoth should be higher!!! :DDD

    Jun 7 2007, 14h31
  • mozes_kriebel


    Jun 7 2007, 17h08
  • rooie666

    Agent Steel should top your list

    Jun 10 2007, 21h42
  • GodLord0

    nice :d

    Jul 11 2013, 17h41
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