• Ace albums...

    Jan 21 2010, 15h59

    A selection of albums (in no particular order) that I rate...

    Babyteeth was Therapy?'s first mini album and was released in 1991 on Wiiija Records. For me, the first three Therapy? albums are their best - all darker, grittier and more jagged than the following releases. This album is ace - a short angry piece that still sounds different nearly 20 years (blimey!) later.
    Therapy? - Babyteeth

    This was Ned's last album before splitting. It's very different to their first two albums but has aged very well. Should have done much better than it did.
    Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Brainbloodvolume


    My only copy of this album for years was on a ratty C60 cassette. I've recently got around to purchasing a legit copy on CD. It's a blinding piece of work - my favourite WP album I reckon...
    The Wedding Present - Seamonsters