Nadia Ali (aka the OTHER kind of music I like...)


Mar 10 2009, 23h43

I remember way back when (2001 to be specific) how I fell completely in love with iio's Rapture. lol Even though by then I could use p2p clients like Gnutella, Kazaa, Bearshare, WinMX, the original Napster and whatever else I'm managing to forget now, I would still love to sit by the radio and wait for it to come on. XD

I was so excited about Poetica, and to this day I still pop it in to listen from time to time.

I kind of missed whatever happened after that with the remixes and such because by then I was in Japan, but for whatever reason I was checking up on some old favourites maybe 6ish months ago and realised Nadia Ali had done some outside/solo work!
Wasn't overly crazy about collaborations she did with Sultan & Ned Shepard...which, ironically enough, lead me to shrug off Zara until I heard her work with Sunlounger because the update on Let's Get Physical sucked. (Not to mention that's a song that should just stay dead..)
More recently though, I checked out Crash And Burn and...wasn't really blown away. A disappointment really because I really am in love with her voice! Today though, I was doing a search on Andy Moor's So Much More and I came across the cover for Love Story and just had to check into it!!

I am……absolutely in LOVE with this song. I couldn't be more pleased. It took all of one and a half listens for me to be checking out on Beatport. XD

The video's nice too--

Of course I think by now I can admit I just like looking at her so. XD

I do absolutely love Carrie Skipper's voice too though, while I'm at it! Thanks to Discogs, I was able to place her as the mystery sampled vocalist in Daydream!! Even though I can't tell what the hell she's saying, I'm so very glad I checked into her! I never used to be such a fan of vocal trance, but people like her could change anyone's mind I think. XD

2009's going to be the best year for new music, I can just tell♥


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