Mar 27 2007, 0h50

I like doing these things but I'll never admit to it.

1. Opening credits: The Man In Me
2. Waking up: The Following Morning
3. Average day: Six Months till X-mas
4. First date Aisle 10 (Hello Allison)
5. Falling in love: I Need a Man to Love
6. Love scene: Lady
7. Fight scene: Red Tape
8. Breaking up: Let It Die
9. Getting back together: Please Stay (Once You Go Away)
10. Secret love: Video
11. Life's okay: To Be Free
12. Mental breakdown: Heartattack in a Layby
13. Driving: Broken Wings
14. Learning a lesson: Failure
15. Deep thought: Eva's Reminiscence
16. Flashback: Flowers for Sylvia
17. Partying: Hero Dead & Gone (Radio Swing Mix)
18. Happy dance: If I Ever Feel Better
19. Regretting: Careless Whisper
20. Long night alone: Goodnight Julia
21. Death scene: The Greatest
22. Closing credits: Legends And Bones


  • moukers

    Hey, most of those are streamable. Cool.

    Mai 4 2007, 11h52
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