My Top 10 Concerts of 2007


Jul 23 2008, 10h57

A few months ago, I started a running list of my favorite concerts from 2008. The ranking is based on a combination of factors: performance, venue, crowd, my mood, etc. It's basically a "fun index" of how much I enjoyed myself. Anyway, this list is eight months late, but I've got some massive insomnia going on right now...

1. Sound Tribe Sector 9 - (Birmingham)
2. Arctic Monkeys - (Orlando)
3. Gogol Bordello - (Atlanta)
4. Black Lips - (Atlanta - New Year's Eve)
5. Stephen Marley - (Atlanta)
6. Voxtrot - (Birmingham)
7. Soulive - (Birmingham)
8. The White Stripes - (Birmingham)
9. Travis - (Atlanta)
10. The Hold Steady / Art Brut - (Birmingham)


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