• kyid a kyid a

    Ago 1 2006, 20h49

    I'm currently on a radiohead/thom yorke/cliff martinez binge. I dunno why but I don't care either. Throw a little bike riding and doobie rolling and life is complete, or something like that.

    peace my fellows Radiohead Thom Yorke
  • favourite modern composer

    Jul 5 2006, 22h47

    is hirokazu tanaka. Revolutionary musician. Composed things with a machine that could play 3 instruments simultaneously, and still wow's people today (read: me)
    He's like jesus for the Famicon/NES.
  • hoss

    Jul 5 2006, 22h23

    I remember a certain someone wrote a certain poem about this song for an animal. Its true though, this song is the best song to listen to while dying.
  • fat ass joint

    Jul 5 2006, 6h10

    amon tobin couldn't have said it better. Or Doctor Dre, whoever said it, it's gold.
  • kyid ay kyid ay

    Jul 5 2006, 5h50

    This album is amazing. I dunno what aphex twin was talking aboot when he said that radiohead suck. He must have only heard the other albums, which aren't that great at all really. I guess they do suck, but kid a is amazing so that makes their suck level a bit higher. It seems that the reason Kid a is the best is because they got the blend of acoustic and digital music correct. The other albums seem to have an imbalance in one way or the other, but kid a is perfect. Plenty of digital sounds to go with thommy's voice and plenty of instruments to match the rest. peace
  • ambient

    Jul 5 2006, 5h42

    Very good music as far as Ambient goes. Probably not his best work, but it is a good album to get the stylistic approach of tetsu.