• The Harmony Tour

    Nov 22 2010, 16h11

    Sun 21 Nov – The Harmony Tour
    I'm not sure about everyone else, but I was pretty impressed with this show. I was in the upper uh... We'll say "VIP" section for this show, which was fortunate because the pit was ridiculous looking, in terms of the amount of pushing and shoving. But anyways, on to the bands.
    I hadn't heard of Carter Hulsey before, but he was pretty good. He had more of a country twang to him than I'm used to, but was still good live. Plus considering the amount of stage space at this show was less than adequate.
    I Can Make A Mess... Considering it was just Ace and his drummer Jose, they were fantastic. It's sad to me that most people I talked to didn't know who he was or the fact that he was in The Early November, but his set was fantastic. When he played "Ready Ankles" and got to the louder part, it was so heartfelt and great.
    The Maine was great as well. Although John was sick last night, they put on a great show. They played their "new song" for the opening song, and then "Right Girl", Girls Do What They Want", "We'll All Be", "Don't Stop Now", "Inside Of You", "Fuel To The Fire", "Listen To Your Heart", and "Into Your Arms" (not in this order).
    And to be honest, although I'm not the biggest Nevershoutnever! fan, his set was decent. He smoked a cigarette on stage (ooo, so cool).
    Overall, I really enjoyed this show. Anyone who was there should say how much you liked/dislike it.
  • fun.

    Out 3 2010, 5h48

    Sat 2 Oct – fun. at Mr. Smalls
    Great, it was a fun show (even though the girls near me were kind of bitchy) but who cares. The opening band was way better than I thought, Jarrod Gorbel's voice was great, and fun... I have no words to describe how amazing this set was. Nate is an incredible vocalist. His ass (literally) was showing at one point after he jumped, which was irrelevant but made me laugh. This was the ifrst time I got to see fun., and hopefully won't be the last.
  • The Audition.

    Ago 20 2010, 3h43

    Thu 19 Aug – Stereo Skyline
    No offense to any other fans of the bands that played tonight, but The Audition was clearly in a league of their own. They were great. The only "rock" band of the night, clearly. No lame cover of a pop song on the radio, no cliche band members in unnecessarily tight skinny jeans, no overuse of backing tracks in their live set.. Just amazing. How they are not headlining this tour is mind-blowing to me.
    And there were way too many obnoxious teeny bopper girls at this show. Yeah, I was the skinny black girl talking shit, whatever. Some of you girls are utterly obnoxious (I doubt any of them use but if they do, this is for you). But The Audition made this show worth it for me. If you like them and haven't seen them live yet, do yourself a favor. They deserve all the recognition they get for being a breath of fresh air in this scene of lame pop bands with plastic bracelets and no originality.