• It's All About Music

    Out 14 2006, 6h42

    this one little conversation - or can you call it a discussion - with another last fm member made me think about my fave music artists and music in general.
    i'm listening to music since i'm 2 years old (yep, very young, but who cares ;) ) and music always had this one place in my heart (sounds pathetic, i know, but that's how i can call it). whenever i felt anything like pain, freedom, happiness or anything related, i shared the feeling with the world, while i was listening to a song who expressed the emotion i felt.
    i doubt there are many people who would say that music saved their life, but radiohead, evanescence and co saved my life! how many times did i looked out of the window and felt alone, thought about a way, leaving this world in a plastic bag, but there were always songs who kept me away from jumping. i still remember how i heard 'exodus' & 'missing' by evanescence the first time and i felt relieved. there was atleast one more person, who thought my thoughts!
    i'm at a point where i learnt to use music. i won't use the word 'surviving', but to stay here, atleast a bit longer. these days, i know which song can make me happier and most of all stronger!
    last, but not least, there might be people who are addicted to alcohol, to cigarettes or other drugs. and even i always hated the thought on being addicted to anything, i can say i am addicted to music! and i'm not afraid of saying it! :)