A brief musical history of my life


Set 8 2005, 22h01

This list is not complete!
Bands marked with * are those I listen to to this very day
Age 15 to 18 was deffinetely the time period I got stuck!
I have also discovered a lot more music recently :)

Age 0 to 12:

The Beatles * (oh yeah, since age 7 baby!)
Dexys Midnight Runners *
Doe Maar *
The Bangles
New Kids on the Block (I admit it! *bows head in shame and mutters some excuses about being young and not having developed any taste)

Age 12 to 14:
Guns N Roses
Sonic Youth*
The Cure*
Beastie Boys*
Miranda Sex Garden* (OH YEAH!)

Age 15 to 18:
The Smiths*
The Dandy Warhols*
Evil Superstars*
Babes in Toyland*
Life of Agony*
The Pixies*
Smashing Pumpkins*

Age 18 to 24:

Sisters of Mercy*
Keith Caputo*
Stephen Malkmus*
The Cruxshadows*
Atari Teenage Riot*
George Harrison*

Age 25 to recent:

Jacques Brel*
Cornelis Vreeswijk*
Belle and Sebastian*
Queens of the Stone Age*
Mattias Alkberg BD*
Sahara Hotnights*
Franz Ferdinand*
The Mama's and the Papa's*
Juliette and the Licks*


  • Teja

    It's easy to say that I love your 15-18 musical taste category. Some really good bands there. Ooh and Franz Ferd in the current category? *Nice!* I presume you've heard of the new album? It's also somewhat short like the last one, but 13 tracks.

    Set 11 2005, 0h10
  • moniekje

    I finally found the album (review is coming up one of these days) and I think it is wonderful. Truly one of the best new bands out there. The age 15 to 18 is also my favorite category really. It is the music I grew up with, and I saw most of those bands live at one point or another. It was the period in my life where I visited a lot of festivals and so on, while these days festivals here are big money, so you pay lots for mediocre bands (exceptions are perhaps Hultsfred in sweden which had a great line up last year. Boy, I was bummed I couldnt go because of health reasons).

    Set 11 2005, 1h28
  • singingcrayon

    I enjoyed reading your musical autobiography :)

    Set 14 2005, 13h56
  • Dhenry

    I got into blur when I was 15. Now I'm almost 18 and thinking that they aren't giving me what they used to..how odd is that?

    Set 14 2005, 17h44
  • moniekje

    Glad to see you enjoyed reading it :) I agree on Blur. After Graham Coxon left, well, it all went downhill from there... I cant even stand listening to Think Tank. I dont know if I should simply give it another try or not, but the first time I heard it, I was just wondering what the hell happened and I turned it off after a few songs. Same with the rest of Damon's work. I guess I can stand the first Gorillaz album, but the rest...no thanks. I do highly recommend Graham's solo work. He isnt the best singer or best songwriter in the world, but it is catchy enough.

    Set 14 2005, 21h11
  • ZpoonZ

    daryll-ann rule(d) you like the last hallo venray album? it's my favourite record of this year.

    Set 15 2005, 12h01
  • moniekje

    No, but I will check it out. Whats the title? And yes, I completely and utterly adore Daryll-Ann. In the mid 90s you could find me at any DA concert that was given in the vicinity. I still believe that Anne Soldaat is one of the most talented guitarists that I have ever heard. Very sweet person too :)

    Set 15 2005, 17h37
  • ZpoonZ

    i only got into daryll-ann as they split up! (with don't stop) i'd love to have seen them! *very jealous* so the hallo venray album is called 'vegetables & fruit', and it's on excelsior. it's great! i totally love it. i've played it to death! definitely check it out. it's a grower too, so give it a few listens. i recently came over to the netherlands, to check out a venray gig on vlieland, but easyjet lost my tent so i couldn't make it! i stayed in amsterdam for a few days and went back. :(

    Set 15 2005, 19h07
  • moniekje

    Aww, that sucks! I will deffinetly check out the album, because their previous work was pretty good from what I remember. Excelsior is a great record label. I have been into Daryll-Ann since 1994 myself (my entry on musical memories explains some of that...hey, I was a teenager!) and the founder of Excelsior was their manager at the time. Another great Excelsior band worth checking out is Caesar. Their debut album, Clean, is very good. A bit more college rock than for instance Daryll-Ann but deffinetely worth a listen!

    Set 15 2005, 19h12
  • moniekje

    Funny fact btw. Venray is a town in the south of the Netherlands that is wellknown for its mental institution. I believe that is what the name refers to. Hallo meaning hello, of course :)

    Set 15 2005, 19h14
  • boirozzlyn

    Yes, but *I'm* in the Top Ten of Last.FM Dexys (no apostrophe -- the only time there has ever been a Kevin Rowland-authorised release with an apostrophe was ONE 45, back in 1980, thus obviously a MISPRINT) fans. ;) Last.FM people need to fix that.

    Set 15 2005, 19h19
  • moniekje

    Yep, they do, but they seem to have this weird habbit of actually automatically adding the apostrophe when you enter the name of the band. I am not in the top 10, heh. It is mainly for sentimental reasons and memories that I grew up loving Dexys, though I have to say that the music itself is very original and still good :)

    Set 15 2005, 19h23
  • Brittus

    Geez, Caesar exists already for 9 years? Wow, I must really be getting old... it seems like yesterday when I first saw them playing on the Waterpop festival.

    Set 21 2005, 22h01
  • moniekje

    1994, so 11 years. at least according to the excelsior website and yeah, I know the feeling :P

    Set 22 2005, 1h15
  • ikamymlan

    Thanks for sharing your musical history, it was very fun and interesting to read... Sort of inspired me to write my own. I was wondering, as you seem to be at least a bit into scandinavian music; how did you stumble upon it? *curious* And I have to say I envy you for getting to know the wonderful music of the Beatles at the age of seven... I didn't find my way to their music until I was 14.

    Out 1 2005, 21h57
  • moniekje

    I have spent quite a lot of time in Sweden the last couple of years. I go there about 6 times a year and spend summers and holidays there. Hanging out with a bunch of swedes got me into the scandinavian music. Also listening to swedish music helps me learn the language, as I intend to move to Stockholm in the near future :) The funny thing is my parents are not into the Beatles at all. I picked up some music from them (The Cure, Sonic Youth, thats all music my biodad listens to and eventho I dont like the man, I guess I owe him as I found out about the music by stealing his tapes, heh) but I stumbled upon the Beatles by accident. I heard she loves you on tv and then found some old Beatles records somewhere , and it went from there. I got more records for my birthday and for the holidays and so on. I even had a Sgt Pepper album in perfect shape, complete with all the extras and with no scratches whatsoever. Unfortunately I lost it during a move :(

    Out 3 2005, 19h26
  • ElBandido

    Interesting list, some bands I like, some I like very much and some I don't like very much;) I'm mostly amazed that you listened to Miranda Sex Garden at such a young ages as they're not really the easiest band, I think, no? Glad too that there's at least one Belgian band in the list and a great one at that! Yay for the Evil Superstars! I have only managed to get one of their albums though as I got late into good music and they'd already split up by then and their cd's are since long out of print... Mmm Nice to Swedish bands indeed, I lived there myself for five months last winter-spring... You should listen to Jens Lekman btw, he's great! And bob hund!

    Out 31 2005, 13h08
  • moniekje

    Well, I will explain the Miranda Sexgarden thing. I was 13 or 14 and I used to watch this show on MTV (when MTV was still cool, haha), I believe it was 120 minutes. Sunday nights from 9 to 11. And they had Miranda in the studio. I loved their songs, so I got their CD. I highly recommend Mauro pawlowski's solo album songs from a bad hat. Very calm and boring compared to the Superstars, but worth a listen! I will get some Jens Lekman. I know Bob Hund, though I havent heard it that often :)

    Out 31 2005, 20h12
  • ElBandido

    Yeah I know most of Mauro's not so obscure stuff (it's sheer impossible to have everything he's released)His cd with the Grooms is great too, much darker, maybe closer to Miranda Sex Garden... Mmm yeah MTV used to have some interesting shows like alternative nation, but now you won't learn about new music there, rather new cartoons and stuff... *grmmbll!*

    Nov 1 2005, 11h22
  • ElkeTheWise

    New cartoons and the dumbest reality-tv you will ever hope to see.

    Nov 6 2005, 9h29
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