Dez 11 2007, 19h18

Thu 6 Dec – Arctic Monkeys, Reverend and The Makers

That day was finally the day that I went to see The Arctic Monkeys. I was really nervous to see them, because I’ve never seen them before. I arrived at the train station 17.30. I was not alone, I had company with me. The doors were open at 18.30. First we went to find a toilet in a shopping mall. It was a huge shopping mall, very expensive!
After that, we were very hungry so we ate vegetarian lasagne and we .
I the meanwhile the doors went open. I couldn’t wait to go inside! We had to wait outside, because my friend needed to get her entrance ticket to the music hall.
The time was passing by slowly.
While she was getting her ticket, I went inside to stand in the line. Finally, we were inside, two hours after that we arrived. I even got my digital camera inside the building! We ran inside to see Reverend and the Makers, it even took me 10 minutes to get a beer. I turned back to my friend to give her the drink, then Reverend and the Makers stopped playing! 
We were trying to stand closer to the stage, in the centre. So we sneaked forward. We still had to wait for 30 minutes before The Arctic Monkeys started to play. They started to play and the crowd was going wild. Everyone was jumping around, standing on each others foots, singing along with The Monkeys. Me and my friend could even more get to the centre, while everyone was jumping around. So we started to move more. After a while we were standing in the pit! At least I could make some nice pictures now. The crowd was really great, everyone was dancing, jumping, singing. The Monkeys were great as well. They just played the way they do on there CD’s. They didn’t experiment with their music at all. I just like their music the way it is.