Duracell @ Corsica Studios


Nov 19 2006, 22h56

19 Nov – Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., The Early Years, Duracell, Hunting Lodge Sorry to the other bands that I didn't feel like sticking around.

I caughts some of the a band I didn't know, was most probably the Hunting Lodge, but then didn't feel like sticking around so went and hung around in the other room to wait for Duracell to start playing. I was not disappointed with me decision one bit.

It starts, and I'm standing right infront of him having a nice ol' time smiling away. After the first bit he played from Space Harrier a dude asked for people to sit down so more people can see. Well sure sir, I would love to :) I like sitting. So now lots of us are sat down smiling away instead of stood up doing the same. I took this terrible pic from infront of his bass drum on my terrible camera phone.

The set was ace, and I very much enjoyed my first Duracell experience.

Unfortunately I didn't feel much like hanging around and headed home. Sorry to the other bands for not feeling too up for barging past people and hanging around all on my own ;)

If anyone reading this doesn't know Duracell, then watch this: (which is not from the gig I was at, it's from an older performance)


  • mokele

    [b]Awesome[/b]! The photo makes it look like he's playing another ghost drumkit that has been dead for a millenia. Anil told me the Barnes gig was ace too. He doesn't seem to have any wrist problems at the moment that I noticed. Was no slower than I expected.

    Nov 21 2006, 15h01
  • sharevari

    Goddammit, I should have gone to this shouldn't I.

    Dez 10 2006, 22h58
  • week-end

    browsing kayodot forums (am 'andicried' on it), found my way to your profile, and just thought that i'd mention that it was me asking people to sitting down! it is a small world/interwebs etc. :D

    Jan 3 2007, 23h56
  • mokele

    wow.. indeed it is a small world/interweb! nice one.

    Jan 4 2007, 10h35
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