WTF happened to


Jul 28 2006, 12h57

Now this new layout is really overloaded and crappy. I won't renew my paid account status :-/

[Update: But I *do* like the new player!]


  • mastaYoda

    Looks pretty good as I think. I chose black as my default view and closes some boxes I don't need normally. Now it is ok.

    Ago 3 2006, 13h35
  • moe_

    this makes it a little better. I hardly need any of those boxes at all.

    Ago 3 2006, 14h07
  • mastaYoda

    You can close them :-)

    Fev 2 2007, 14h38
  • CrescentFresh76

    it's only three dollars

    Abr 5 2007, 3h58
  • moe_

    well, I am still a paying subscriber.. ;)

    Abr 5 2007, 10h30
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