• Blood. Slime. Everywhere.

    Jun 10 2010, 9h36

    Wed 9 Jun – GWAR, Dirge Within
    Tonight I learned the touching story of a band of aliens who wanted nothing more than to return to their home planet and enjoy some crack (unique to Earth). Along their way, they ended up saving the human race countless times, one rescue being from stadium rock. They even executed some celebrities for the betterment/enjoyment of mankind. The intense music allowed for some great mosh pits. All in all, a great show. God bless aliens.
  • Ben Folds > Rednecks

    Abr 7 2009, 8h50

    Mon 6 Apr – Ben Folds, Jukebox the Ghost
    Jukebox the Ghost was entertaining. As for Ben Folds..

    Every once in a while, some unfortunate events occur at a live show. There were obnoxious rednecks, faulty bass guitars, and malfunctioning distortion pedals. Despite all of these distractions, Ben Folds kept the show running smoothly. Ben made up a song about Mobile while a tech guy fixed the distortion pedal. It was an EPIC song. He also played a prepared piano piece using altoid tins and a distortion pedal, giving his piano an "8-bit meets John Cage" sound. They played old Ben Folds Five and new songs. All of it was focused, high energy music. Awesome show. Great Job!
  • Caffeine

    Jun 20 2008, 2h00

    $1.40 lost... energy gained
    Half-way to the bottom of the cup
    The sun blazes a feverish halo about my sandy fro
    Thoughts... millions... Lightning speed...
    All pulsing, synchronized to the heart
    Boom! Headshot!
    Trigonometry (survey)
    Computer-simulated college life
    Time-lapse photography
    A first attempt at poetry...
    Thank you caffeine
    Good night