• Plans Custom Music Video Channels

    Mai 17 2007, 22h01

    I seem to be one of the last people on earth to learn this, but I post this slashdot news for friends who do keep an eye on friends journals and who haven't hear of it yet.

    I quite agree with this comment BTW.
  • Long-lasting annoyances - when will they be fixed ?

    Mar 31 2007, 10h24

    (Well, I made the journal entry some days ago, unfortunately it was lost. So I'm restarting it, but being a guy who hates redoing a previously achieved task, I'll fill it bit by bit.)

    Dear reader,

    I think I can say that, after 2.5 years on it, I'm a long-timer on audioscrobbler / I've seen it making big steps forward. Yet, some bugs, or unfinished features, or even promised features not here yet, frustrate me. I'm listing them, hoping to help things move in the right way:

    1. bbcode
    2. being able to use this kind of syntax: [*artist=Nits]One of my fave artists[*/artist] (without the asterisk of course). Ditto for albums and tracks. Useful for prettier wiki pages for instance. Also, lots of other features were apparently planned but never released.
    3. some bbcode features don't work well in some places (try italic in shoutboxes for instance, wiki is another bad place to use anything other than bold [maybe it's a feature])
    4. the css used needs a fix when one uses the [*list] feature: too much space between list items. Consider this list as en example.
    5. see these titles that should be in bold? Looks like a bug in the bbcode parser. (update: seems fixed now, yay !)
    6. sometimes journals don't appear in artists / album / tracks pages, even if they do link to them: example there , where you'll see no link in the right box to Dance With Me, though it was correctly quoted (in the present journal article, it does work... go figure...)
    7. a group leader who is not its not founder cannot remove connected artists
    8. a group journal moderator, not even its leader or founder, cannot decline a mistakenly accepted article.
    9. the reply tracker doesn't show threads in private group forums
    10. teh Musicbrainz Integration. Using huge caps, as it's about to get more famous than Nessie. Now is full of dupes, sometimes resulting of 2 wikis for a single artist. :( Interesting thread.
    11. Forum search is ugly, not very effective, buggy hence making for lots of dupe questions. client: my biggest pain because its improvement rate looks soooo slow...
    12. First, there's no way today to track why tracks dont get submitted
    13. Second, still no keyboard shortcuts after maybe one year, and plenty of new versions...
    14. Third, the current song doesn't appear in the title (hence, not in the taskbar either). One has to grab his mouse, maximise its window or hover for too many bits of seconds on its system tray icon.
      music broadcasting
    15. radio: too often it stops / doesn't start. And it gives no clue about why.
    16. inline flash track player: too often it doesn't start - fiddling with the volume button seems to get the song starting.

    This list is not over, I'll complete it in the following days, but already I feel better. :P

    edit: I think this list, as it grows, needs some hierarchising.

    edit2: what to do withtthis list, then ? When I'm happy with it I think I'll post it elsewhere better suited (support forum? support email?)
  • You'll never read the best journal on ever

    Mar 22 2007, 10h23

    I was writing probably the best journal ever to come on While I was bringing the final touch to it, bang! I mistakenly closed the tab. And unclosing it didn't bring back the textarea content.


    Edit: rebuilding list. When complete, I'll remake a post:

    1. One of my fave artists
    2. leader but not founder, remove connected artist

    3. tbc...
  • OMG - Les Fatals Picards représenteront la France à l'Eurovision

    Mar 21 2007, 11h13

    (Hello english readers, this entry is written in french only, you need basic french skills to understand the exhilarating lyrics of Les Fatals Picards.)

    Je viens de l'apprendre, et je n'en reviens pas... et que même Les Wampas étaient en liste paraît-il... Dans quelle époque vivons-nous ? Marie Myriam, reviens ! :P

    Enfin, l' devientrait intéressant ???
  • Let's dance with Nouvelle Vague and Godard

    Mar 9 2007, 11h27

    I can't believe I missed the release of Bande à Part until recently.

    So, while surfing about this album, I fell on traxbox's journal featuring Dance With Me or rather, to be precise, its video clip whose origin I don't know (is it official?), but all I can tell you is that's fascinating, see for yourself:

    I recognised Claude Brasseur, and my curiosity was tickled; so I dug more and discovered it was an extract of Godard's Bande à Part. I read the dance sequence is quite famous, and thanks to youtube, you can watch the original:

    Did you notice how the clip's tempo was actually changed? I think that's what provides its grace (in addition do the music of course). Coup de génie.

    About the original song. When I first read its title, I thought it was a remake of Dance With Me. Actually, here's the original: Dance With Me. Unfortunately it's not streamable here; I'd love to hear it.
  • Action pour la planète

    Jan 29 2007, 9h19

    Je réveille mon côté écolo :

    Le 1er février 2007, dans toute la France :

    Participez à la plus grande mobilisation des citoyens contre le Changement Climatique !

    L’Alliance pour la Planète (groupement national d'associations environnementales) lance un appel simple à tous les citoyens, 5 minutes de répit pour la planète : tout le monde éteint ses veilles et lumières le 1er février 2007 entre 19h55 et 20h00. Il ne s’agit pas d’économiser 5 minutes d’électricité uniquement ce jour-là, mais d’attirer l’attention des citoyens, des médias et des décideurs sur le gaspillage d’énergie et l’urgence de passer à l’action ! 5 minutes de répit pour la planète : ça ne prend pas longtemps, ça ne coûte rien, et ça montrera aux candidats à la Présidentielle que le changement climatique est un sujet qui doit peser dans le débat politique.

    Pourquoi le 1er février ? Car le lendemain sortira, à Paris, le nouveau rapport du groupe d’experts intergouvernemental sur l’évolution du Climat (GIEC) des Nations Unies. Cet événement aura lieu en France : il ne faut pas laisser passer cette occasion de braquer les projecteurs sur l’urgence de la situation climatique mondiale.

    Si nous y participons tous, cette action aura un réel poids médiatique et politique, moins de trois mois avant l’élection présidentielle!

    Faites circuler au maximum cet appel autour de vous et dans tous vos réseaux ! Faites le également apparaître sur votre site Internet et dans vos news letters.

    Plus d'informations sur

  • in french, italian, spanish, korean soon ?

    Nov 29 2006, 13h13

    Well, in japanese has been around for months.

    Looks like french, italian, spanish and korean are in the works too. At last. :)

    Country Manager Interns is planning a startup launch of its operations in several countries by introducing a site tailored to these regions.
    * Must have spent at least five years living in one of the following countries/regions, with strong written skills and intimate knowledge of the local language and culture:
    o France
    o Italy
    o South Korea
    o Spain, Mexico, Argentina or Chile

    If I was a student today, I'd have applied in a minute. London here I'd come! :)
  • I need you to help choosing my mobile music player.

    Nov 24 2006, 12h38

    OK, Xmas is coming near, and maybe I'll ask Santa such stuff.

    Until now, I always resisted because I felt no need (laptop PC / car stereo where there), but now I need one mostly for 2 uses:

    1. 1st, train travels, even when the laptop battery is depleted.
    2. But especially 2nd, night car travels when all family sleeps and I'm driving (the stereo prevents my wife from sleeping, mind you).

    Some of you are long-timers with these devices, so I'd love to have your advice on what I should buy. I compiled what I need:

    1. ability to read as many audio codecs as possible, first one being MPC (Musepack), but also MP3, maybe AAC etc.
    2. FM listening, with automatic frequency switching (that's called RDS I think)
    3. FM emitting to listen on stereo devices nearby

    And then in no particular order:

    1. highly customisable (fiddling with the internal OS etc, just like the guys at Rockbox do) - ideally, a device in their stable development list.
    2. sold in Europe
    3. high storage capacity (OK, 1 To would be a lil' too high, but something at or above 1 Go would be nice)
    4. autonomy as long as possible (at least 5 hours)
    5. easy integration with PC (via USB ?) for file transfers
    6. 2nd headphones socket
    7. good general ergonomy
    8. Price no more than about 200 €/$
    9. New or 2nd hand I don't mind (actually I like the idea of recycling) - maybe yours ? :)
    10. No special need for video

    Throw in your suggestions! Thanks.
  • Children of Men

    Nov 8 2006, 10h35

    Just 8 words:
    Cancel any plans tonight and go see it.

    (6-words additional warning: except if you have depressive tendencies)

    (Page on imdb and allociné)

    Update: I highly recomment 2 discs from the catchy soundtrack:

    Children of Men [content on MB]: the "classical stuff", my favorite, thanks to its ethereal voices (warning: spoiler ahead remember the beautiful sequence when Clive Owen gets out of the building with the baby in his arms and all combats stop, accompanied by a beautiful voice?).

    Children Of Men [content on MB]: the "popular" stuff, with an interesting reprise: Ruby Tuesday.
  • Songbird, a promising media player

    Out 23 2006, 8h09

    ...built for the web, multi-platform (unlike AmaroK).

    Their site says "It’s like taking iTunes, ripping out the music store, and replacing it with the rest of the internet."
    Mmmh I never really liked iTune$, let's give this a try. My feedback in the commment in a couple of days I guess.

    Nice screencast here:

    P.S.: hope there's some extension for it.