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Ago 1 2008, 8h28

Wed 30 Jul – CocoRosie, Moriarty, Coming Soon
Moriarty were fine, of course. Their friendship with the kids of Coming Soon (the drummmer is 14 !) was refreshing (both invited each other do play one of their song, leading to about 15 people on stage).


CocoRosie, filling the hole of the disengagement of Beirut, were clearly not the replacement you'd dream of, and frankly, I really did not get into their music (and stageplay either : only an arty vid, the artists were ghosts in black light) and seeing so much (younger than me) people enjoy them made me wonder if I'm not losing touch with some new music trends.

This being said, I was comforted when an intern at work told me, the day after, that their recorded music is much better than what they did on stage. So, note to self : try one of their albums. Open to suggestions.
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  • mll

    OK, I did listen to recorded albums of CocoRosie : I _do_ like the music !

    Ago 17 2008, 7h10
  • Wunder_bred

    haha, I'm glad to hear it. On the other hand, I have occasionally been impressed by their on-stage performance. They seem to be rather volatile in that regard, very hit-or-miss.

    Fev 18 2009, 11h14
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