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Jun 30 2006, 13h46

Envios aceitos
Mixes for the Masses


  • cloudtrapeze

    Looks nice! Just got it downloaded and now I will listen while the storm outside adds some dramatic percussion.

    Jun 30 2006, 16h18
  • fettstabilt

    Cool mix, pretty nice.

    Jun 30 2006, 17h16
  • mjcrbt

    I fixed the post, I forgot to list some songs : Camille, Hanne Hukkelberg and Badi Assad with Larry Coryell and John Abercrombie. I remember to put that Badi Assad song because fits well with Aziza Mustafa Zadeh. Thanks again for Aziza cloudtrapeze

    Jun 30 2006, 17h20
  • mjcrbt

    cloudtrapeze The storm is very appropriate ! The booklet of Badi Assad's Three guitars have a audiophile note: [quote]This was recorded in an old church in the heart of a very cold NYC winter so if you have a really great system and a great set of ears, you may hear the humming of tthe heaters. If so, kudos to you and those speakers.[/quote]

    Jun 30 2006, 17h35
  • NHA

    i await to be educated!

    Jun 30 2006, 18h43
  • cloudtrapeze

    [quote]I remember to put that Badi Assad song because fits well with Aziza Mustafa Zadeh. Thanks again for Aziza cloudtrapeze[/quote] Yes, I noticed that - they both use those rhythmic vocalisations (anyone know the proper term?). And a nice contrast between piano and guitar.

    Jun 30 2006, 18h55
  • mjcrbt

    cloudtrapeze I find this description of Badi Assad [quote][b]Quoth Richard Marcus[/b]: The guitar playing was superlative, with all three proving their virtuosity on many an occasion, but Assad was unlike any performer I have ever seen before. While her guitar playing is significant, her vocal gymnastics and percussion proficiency stole the spotlight from her more famous band mates. I may not have heard of her before this concert, but I will never forget her now.[/quote] Paris Concert Revieiw

    Jun 30 2006, 20h05
  • cloudtrapeze

    Thanks, she sounds really interesting. Maybe she's like the Aziza of the guitar! Have you heard a lot of her work?

    Jun 30 2006, 23h09
  • mjcrbt

    cloutrapeze No, I'm just beggining to know her but she has several albums. Her site is very nice Badi and with many information, I have to check out too !

    Jun 30 2006, 23h16
  • NHA

    thanks! played some and the solex. nice there is a couple I was going to look into so pleasantly suprised to see Neko Case, Lily Allen and some Jenny Lewis on there. I am happily being educated! BTW England to win :)!

    Jul 1 2006, 1h34
  • pabloidz

    You did the most right choices on the Brazilian singers - Como Nossos Pais is a masterpiece! I just didn't like the Cássia Eller one =P It made me remember I must look for any Nellie McKay record. The few songs I know from her are amazing! (and thx again for the Solex album!)

    Jul 1 2006, 3h24
  • mjcrbt

    I have some dificulty choosing brazilian music for people who dont understand portuguese, so I try songs were the melody or rythm are more important. I like all songs from Acústico but my fav are Malandragem, Vá morar com o Diabo and Todo o amor que houver nessa vida from Cazuza. Do you know Riachão ? And Partido Alto by Cássia is great too. That's what decided me to buy at first time. I like all ! What are your fav albums I have only two, that one and other with Cazuza's songs. I do like Cazuza too but the lyrics are very important too.

    Jul 1 2006, 7h21
  • pabloidz

    Oh, I forgot to say that I don't like Cassia Eller. Actually, I used to hate her. All my life, I never liked her, but 6 years ago, I was forced to listen to Malandragem for about three months nonstop at work, due to a silly neighbour who used to let it on repeat all afternoon long. And one day before she died, she came up on TV, and I said, just kidding, [i]she's so boring I'd go happy if she died[/i]. I think I'll carry this guilt for the rest of my life... She turned into some kind of MPB goddess after her death, so, even if I'd please myself with this fact, it didn't work out. Sorry I can't say anything good about her =(

    Jul 3 2006, 3h53
  • mjcrbt

    How can we still be friends after this ?

    Jul 3 2006, 10h51
  • pabloidz

    Shame on me

    Jul 3 2006, 13h46
  • UninviteD_BR

    cool post!

    Jan 9 2007, 15h59
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