3 After Three - 2009


Abr 5 2009, 20h36

I've done a 6 after 6 and 12 after 12 at the ol' blogstead for years and I like the concept so much that I figured I'd increase the frequency.

Some notes about my "best of" for this year:
  • While I will talk about 2009 releases specifically, I'm focusing more on things added to my music library in the time period rather than specific release year
  • I hadn't acquired much "2009" music during the first three months of the year. The hot "2009" stuff just started coming out in the last few weeks.
  • As you'll clearly see, my musical tastes so far this year have leaned towards the more whimsical, poppy, indie electronica sound. There's very little hip hop anywhere to be found. Maudlin and Grimy are not the moods of 2009 for me.

Best By the Numbers - Tracks

iTunes says...

Last.fm says...

Actual 2009 releases...

Critically, i'd say that as far as the actual 2009 releases go this is really accurate. The only change I'd make is putting Kid Cudi's Day 'n' Nite (Crookers Remix) ahead of Polite Dance Song.

Best By The Numbers - Albums

I say...

Last.fm says...

Actual 2009 releases...

All of the releases I put critically up top are 2008 releases that didn't show up in my library until late December or after. Friendly Fires and The Black Ghosts, however, represent the sound I'm responding to the most of late. It's synthy blippy dance music. Not nearly as hard or anthem-like as Justice, these artists are focusing on more soulful hooks, more poppy arrangements, more groovy overall. They speak to me somewhere in that middle ground between head nod and sweatin' it out on the dance floor.

Murs is LA. Murs is witty. Murs is geeky. Murs is optimism. Given that description, Murs, in fact, may be our president. And, hip-hop, for me in 2009 has to reflect, if not this world view, then at least an eclectic more artistic sensibility.

Predictions for my favorite albums of the next three months...


  • jbrotherlove

    ok, that Frankmusik track made my ears bleed. but I got a kick out of "Polite Dance Song" and really liked "Nothing to Worry About".

    Abr 6 2009, 1h23
  • Joffi222

    I like the way you did yours much better than mine... And it reminded me to listen to that Friendly Fires release some more (is good).

    Abr 6 2009, 3h49
  • misterjt

    Ha. The version they have on here of 3 little words is a demo version but I'm guessing you wouldn't like the better mixed one, j. I'm actually a little unhappy with the structure of this post, MwM. I had an idea in my head that kind of got jumbled together in this format and I didn't do much actual talking about the music.

    Abr 6 2009, 15h26
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