The Genius of When Doves Cry


Nov 19 2010, 15h42

There's been a big hullabaloo about Robyn covering When Doves Cry by Prince. Which reminded me - although I shouldn't have needed it - what an extraordinarily brilliant record it is. Which prompted me to see what genius on my nano would do with it. The result: wonders. No, really, this playlist is the bomb (and yes, the early 2000s called and want their slang back).

So I had to share:

Starting tune: When Doves Cry
1. Poison
2. Reminisce
3. Sweet Thing
4. Honey
5. Pony
6. If Your Girl Only Knew
7. Ex Factor
8. The Payback
9. Inner City Blues
10. Deep Inside
11. Work It
12. Use Me
13. Summer Breeze
14. You And I
15. I Can Change
16. Wait A Minute
17. Real Love
18. Are You That Somebody?
19. Nothing Really Matters
20. One Minute Man
21. Mercy Mercy Me
22. Trick Me
23. I Was Made To Love Her
24. Hard To Handle

bloody hell.


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