• Instrument

    Jun 19 2007, 22h16

    What's interesting about the Instrument documentary is that while it still has the investigative tone, where the aim to is to show or reveal Fugazi in some light, as in a documentary, it's really more of a film. The extras on the dvd have other films by Jem Cohen, which make it pretty clear that that's where his interest lies. And Instrument itself, even though it's basically an amalgamation of footage compiled over a period of years and other submitted material, the tone is always more film than documentary. Like all those shots of them driving, it's not just showing them sitting in a van, it's a vlose up of the driver to the pint where it obscures his face, and leads you to look out at the landscape they're passing through. And there's not even really a lot of talking necessarily, which seems like a small detail, but just the fact that it focuses more on visuals, edited in a cinematic way, serves to move it away from a simple documentary and more into the territory of film. Just something I noticed watching it the second time through...that didn't really strike me the first time around. Probably because I was expecting a documentary, which Instrument is by way of its premise, but not much more. And I like that. Guy is particularly amazing in it, especially the footage during the credits at the end. Even though he's thrashing himself about in a seemingly careless way, he moves with this grace and ease that's more reminiscent of a dancer. He'll fall, but the way he lifts himself up, his feet point and lift himself in this amazingly graceful way, like ballet. Just with that one lift you can tell his strength is distributed throughout his body, and not centered in the arms or anything to lift himself, his whole body lifts itself. And he has this extremely thin body that he's just throwing around, but he manages to control it, even though by all appearances it looks like he's losing control, watching him move is just really remarkable. And ridiculously sexy. There's a great video of them in 1988 in this gym in Philadelphia playing Glue Man I think, and he's up in the basketball hoop screaming his lungs out. Insanely great footage that...And his fluidity of movement is a great contrast to Ian Mackaye's solidity on stage. I hope they tour again someday.

    Oh and another great one is a benefit I think it was, and it's in D.C. with the white house just in the background, and they're playing Turnover in the rain, totally awesome.
  • sowing seeds

    Mai 12 2007, 4h39

    doesn't Sowing Seeds sound nearly exactly like Just Like Honey in the beginning?

    those sneaky bastards. i love this album..
  • i reset my charts

    Dez 31 2006, 7h06

    I will not be controlled by you last fm.
    though for the record i did listen to a lot of The Jesus & Mary Chain and Modest Mouse this week.

    oh well.
  • bob dylan

    Out 20 2006, 1h25

    shut up, i am listening to reason: It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
  • Godammit Beck!

    Out 8 2006, 5h45

    Beck already has a shirt with a safety pin printed on it! I wanted to do that. jesus fucking christ beck, fuck off! mrrr! mrrr!
  • Muurm

    Out 8 2006, 2h01

    um...Babyshambles sucks pretty hard...
    i'm so surprised.
  • jandek

    Set 15 2006, 2h37

    maybe it's just me but Jandek's voice sounds awfully similar to The Residents' vocalist's. i just noticed it listening to Naked in the Afternoon. curious...
  • Dirty Three

    Set 10 2006, 21h19

    i want She Passed Through to be played at my funeral. if i have one that is.
    glad i got that out of the way. cross that off the list.
  • more of this 5/30

    Mai 30 2006, 23h23

    jens lekman
    yo la tengo,
    sunset rubdown,
    circle jerks,
    velvet underground,
    hafler trio,
    fiery furnaces
    mountain goats
    boards of canada
    aphex twin