thank you, brian setzer


Dez 20 2005, 1h12

not many appreciate Brian Setzer, who's single-handedly re-introduced two entire classic genres of music to my generation (rockabilly, swing).

my kid brother just called, guitar in hand, wanting to know if i knew what this guitar classic was called. he called dad, and he didn't know. i called mom while i was hunting down the track on my main mp3 drive upstairs... i knew it, but didn't. know what i mean? although i figured it was covered by setzer, because i just knew he'd cover it.

anyways, kid bro said it was the closing track on La Bamba, but wasn't on the soundtrack. hit IMDB and at the same time was doing itunes, and it said "Sleepwalk" by Santo and Johnny just as i found it in my library.

so, thank you, brian, for reminding us all what a great track Sleepwalk is.


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