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Dez 31 2009, 15h34

There is an end of a year again so I offer you my favourite albums, which were released this year. This year seems to be very strong with many new albums, especially at the end of the year. This year by me continued a musical evolution, which resulted to less rock and more electronic and dance. Lady GaGa gets me totally, I find her as my favourite artist now, I listen to trance too, but better live in some club and I like basicly all the new modern music, also hiphop or emo. So let's go!

So first there are albums which I like very much, and were very close to get to my top 10:
Aloha from Hell - No More Days To Waste
Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk
Cobra Starship - Hot Mess
t.A.T.u. - Waste Management
Tinchy Stryder - Catch 22

10. Basshunter - Bass Generation

The new Basshunter album was a nice surprise for me. I didn't expecting much from it due to it's commercial failure and also the single Every Morning, which maybe didn't liked people who expected smash hit similar to Now You're Gone. But the album sounds very nice, and the singles are possibly my least favourite songs on it. Basshunter has very catchy lyrics, they are easy to remember and it is a real fun to sing them :D Beats are very simple, but good enough to dancing and good mood. Very nice is also collaboration with some nice female vocalists.

Highlights: Why, Don't Walk Away, I Still Love

9. Cascada - Evacuate the Dancefloor

I was interested in the new Cascada album just from the release of the single Evacuate the Dancefloor, which I immediately liked. People were comparing it with the Lady GaGa's single Just Dance, which is still my favourite song. No wonder it got me from the first moment. When the album was out, I didn't like it so much, I didn't want to hear it, but it impressed me later, by the end of the year. I realised that there are many good dance smashes and the singers voice suits this style very well. I praise this album for that there isn't any cover on this album ( compared to the previous ones full of covers ), all are original songs, but almost as good as on the older albums.

Highlights: Evacuate the Dancefloor, Dangerous, Fever, Why You Had to Leave

8. David Guetta - One Love

I started listening also to David Guetta only this year, after that I heard his song The World Is Mine on a disco at Remix club, Brno. This song which made him famous is still my favourite one from him. The new album is very succesfull and good, I think there is no need to introduce Sexy Bitch with Akon, it is really a great smash hit. There are many good songs on this album, although not all are as catchy. By the day of release David has on his official site a set which consisted of the new songs, and the first song I heard - How Soon Is Now remainded my favourite one. I like every new single better that the previous one, especially the new video of One Love. The only thing I don't like is the remix of I gotta feeling, which in my opinion is not so good as the quality of the best house DJ in this world.

Highlights: How Soon Is Now, One Love, Memories, Sexy Bitch

7. Paramore - Brand New Eyes

So finally there we have something more rock. Paramore are a very promising band from the USA. I saw them this year in Berlin and it was really a very cool show. I liked the new songs even the most, they seemed a bit poppy compared to the old ones. There is no another Misery Business on this album, but all the songs are good and catchy. The first single Ignorance is a bit above and for me the best part of it is before the chorus: 'Cause you know we're not the same,.... a But I guess you can't accept that the change is good,... I sing this very often ;D

Highlights: Ignorance, Where the Lines Overlap, Brick by Boring Brick, Playing God

6. ATB - Future Memories

ATB became one of my favourite DJs after that I heard on dance radio his new single What About Us. Into this song, and a few other ones he added also drum and bass elements. Again very catchy chorus and lyrics. This album sounds very good, I like very much the piano parts, which are in almost all the songs. The album contains also dance songs, and trance pieces, but the whole album is tuned into a melancholic athmosphere called ambient. On the bonus CD 2 there is a whole set in this chill out style.

Highlights: What About Us, My Everything, Future Memories, A New Day

5. OneRepublic - Waking Up

I was really surprised with this album. After that Timbaland made them famous and remixed their song Apologize I thought that their album is not as good and it is succesfull only due to the popularity of Apologize. This new album is different, there are no more guitars on it and the whole album is very calm. Of course hit singles must not miss, All the Right Moves is the first official single, while Secrets is the first single in Germany, and it's the title song to some german movie. I like them both very much, and they have also nice videos. Just for information, the song Marchin On is also remixed on Timbaland's new album ( I didn't listen to it so far, so I will review it next year ), and this time it seems, that OneRepublic help to famous Timbo. It might be that I have overrated this album, it might be because I haven't heard it so many times yet ;)

Highlights: All the Right Moves, Secrets, Marchin On

4. Lacuna Coil - Shallow Life

Another rock new album comes from Italy, it was released by the band, which previous albums were in the style . This time they soften their sound and suited the sound to american fans, which I like too ;) I didn't like this album after the first heard, besides the last song - a ballad Shallow Life, it's definitely a grower. My attitude to this album changed finally with the release of the single I Like It with the video in which there are also a hiphop men :D I loved the part: "I'm free to do what I like, I'm celebrating my life" and from this time I like many songs on the album, they are typical rock sounding with electronic elements and interesting lyrics. Even ballads are not missing.

Highlights: I Like It, Shallow Life, Spellbound, I'm Not Afraid, I Won't Tell You

3. Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster

Want your bad romance!
This lyrics we sang many times e.g. at last party, Lady GaGa is without any doubt my favourite artist in these days. I would gave her the first place, but The Fame Monster wasn't sheduled to be her second official album, but only an EP and also in some countries it chart conjucted with The Fame. But Lady Gaga wants it this way, so the only bad point about this album is that it contains only 8 songs, which all are ( besides the last one - Teeth ) really amazing! I think every song could be released as a single and it would be a big hit. I even think, that the new single Telephone (feat. Beyoncé) could have been sung by GaGa alone, and it would have been as good as it is. As a conclusion, The Fame Monster is similar dancy as The Fame and the songs are on even higher level of quality and they get you even sooner!

Highlights: Bad Romance, Monster, Dance in the Dark, Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)

2. Tiësto - Kaleidoscope

What can I say about it? According to DJ mag, the 2nd best DJ in this planet released an album, which is like made for me. His earlier works are in trance style, but american fans again need to value a good dance music, so the new Tiësto album is in this style - dance, dance dance! Almost all the songs are perfect dancefloor smashes and compared to Guetta's album they are even more danceable, catchier, nicer and they make a good mood as well. The first single off the album I Will Be Here is my most favourite song of this year and the keyboard part "ti ra ra ti ra, ti ra ra ra ra ra" etc :D is really incredible on the album and even extended in the Tiësto's remix on the single. The other songs with collaboration with many less or more well-known artist are also great, surprising is the title song - Kaleidoscope, which starts very slowly and ends totally destroying :D This album was very close to became my favourite album.

Highlights: I Will Be Here feat. Sneaky Sound System, Who Wants To Be Alone feat. Nelly Furtado, Escape Me feat. C.C. Sheffield, Kaleidoscope feat. Jónsi, You Are My Diamond feat. Kianna

1. Skillet - Awake

Despite the fact that my favourite music genre is dance, my favourite album of the past year is a rock album. It is from the American christian rock band Skillet and it's follow up to the grammy nominated album Comatose. Musicaly are Skillet close to bands like Nickelback, but I like them much more. The best thing about this album are, similar to their album Comatose, really incredibly catchy choruses and very touching lyrics, which are close to everyone. Especially in times, when we don't feel very well, they can say us something and make a better mood, and this time especially support everyone, that not everything is your fault and that you are not alone with such as problem. The album sounds very good as a whole, also with bonus tracks, which could have been a part of the album as well. The songs can be divided into more hard rock songs, and soft rock ballads. And as conclusion, this is the most catchy lyrics of this year: "I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin, I must confess that I feel like a monster" :D

Highlights: Monster, It's Not Me It's You, Hero, Lucy, Sometimes


  • misooo13

    Enjoy this journal, correct me if they are some mistakes in the text, and feel free to leave a comment ;)

    Dez 31 2009, 15h39
  • evanescenek

    Friend;D What's going on? There are so many pop/dance albums;) where are the rock/metal albums;) I'm proud of You that Lacuna Coil and Skillet are in your the best albums;P

    Dez 31 2009, 16h29
  • XxXmajuskaXxX

    waa dobree :) ze sa ti to chcelo :D

    Dez 31 2009, 16h38
  • Sandi07

    pekna top 10ina ale mam par vyhrad :D to by som asi nebola ani ja, lol 1. nepaci sa mi ze sa Boys like Girls a Cobra Starship nedostali do topky :( 2. One Republic ma slabe umiestnenie. podla mna ten album je lepsi ;p ale inak pekna zostava :)

    Dez 31 2009, 19h13
  • VersionOfMe

    fiha, aka zmena hudobnych chutok :D ale paci sa mi na prvom mieste Skillet ;-) a s Lacuna Coil si ma zase raz inspiroval, ze si ho mam vypocut :)

    Jan 3 2010, 9h16
  • spreadmywings

    I Agree with Lacuna Coil. , Paramore , Lady Gaga and Cascada :) Great choices and explaination :)

    Jan 3 2010, 16h24
  • misooo13

    Thanks to all who viewed it, for your comments, I would be glad if I reccomended you some new music to listen ;) And I wish happy New Year to you all!

    Jan 7 2010, 11h32
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