2007, week #1


Jan 7 2007, 21h18

I doubt I'll keep a weekly post, but I think there is no harm in trying, right?

this week's statistics: only 11 artist with played tracks, I think I've been a bit obsessive with a few artists. ;P

01. new - The Flaming Lips - 289 tracks played
02. new - The Cranberries - 192 tracks played
03. -1 - Yann Tiersen - 163 tracks played
04. new - Jars of Clay - 105 tracks played
05. = - Led Zeppelin - 72 tracks played
06. -5 - Fiona Apple (#32 fan) - 68 tracks played
07. new - Elis Regina (#40 fan) - 16 tracks played
08. new - Marisa Monte (#5 fan) - 15 tracks played
09. +1 - Los Hermanos - 8 tracks played
10. new - Death Cab for Cutie - 5 tracks played
11. new - Jerry Goldsmith - 4 tracks played

this is the first time in about a month that Fiona Apple is not the top artist, but I guess it was due to my music collection organization, which lead me to listen all The Flaming Lips albums I had already downloaded (and some of them in repeat-mode :)) and, also, to my The Cranberries obsession in the first days of 2007... some tracks are still echoing in my head, such as Dreams, Just My Imagination and Will you remember.

after these, Yann Tiersen and Jars of Clay, which are not exactly a surprise: the first always calm me down (and I simply love his Amèlie and Goodbye Lenin soundtracks) and the second is a long-time love of mine, and this week I bought two more albums of them: Redemption Songs and Who We Are Instead.

Led Zeppelin is an artist I listen to in a regular basis, such as Pink Floyd (which is in some kind of vacations here, 'cause I'm waiting for me to finish to download many rare albums, and then probably an entire week of Pink Floyd awaits for me :) ). so, no surprises here also.

after that, Fiona Apple, Elis Regina, Marisa Monte. awesome , all of them. Fiona Apple also has the talent of writting inspired, heavy, pure-art-and-feeling lyrics. I won't write much about her here, 'cause there is a post of mine about her already started.

the last (but not least), are Los Hermanos (one of my favorite bands, they write beautiful music as a whole, lyrics and music-wise), Death Cab for Cutie (who I'm slowly falling in love, and these 5 tracks probably were from Transatlanticism, the classic The New Year; one of the previous posts explains a lot) and Jerry Goldsmith, with his amazing Ave Satani, from "The omen" soundtrack. haven't watched the original movie yet, but will certainly do it soon.

phew, a long post for something that is intended to be weekly. man, this won't work out. and I need to write my monography, what a damn procrastinator I became. :(


  • Diegucho

    Have you heard 夢中人? You should. It's a pretty cool cover. Here you can.

    Jan 8 2007, 4h58
  • mirianb

    cover for who? and... here where? :(

    Jan 8 2007, 8h35
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