Mix Tape 10th April


Abr 10 2011, 18h47

A slightly later playlist this week, but I hadn't forgotten. This week it is folking amazing, with a mixture of German and English folk, hardcore, prog rock, new age and industrial. It's hopefully a little more chilled out than recent weeks. So sit back, turn it up, and enjoy the great sunshine (well I know that's what I'll be doing).

Miotailt Milidh's Mix Tape 10th April

Faun - folk, medieval, pagan folk, german, mittelalter
Dunkelschön - medieval, folk, mittelalter, german, gothic
Kvelertak - black metal, hardcore, black n roll, hardcore punk, norwegian
Refused - hardcore, punk, hardcore punk, post-hardcore, swedish
Mortemia - gothic metal, symphonic metal, norwegian, metal, gothic
Enigma - new age, ambient, electronic, chillout, electronica
Vast - alternative, alternative rock, rock, industrial, electronic
Focus - progressive rock, classic rock, rock, dutch, progressive
Strawbs - progressive rock, folk rock, folk, progressive folk, rock
Fairport Convention - folk, folk rock, british folk, british, folk-rock
Seth Lakeman - folk, singer-songwriter, british folk, acoustic, british
Mushroomhead - nu metal, metal, alternative metal, industrial metal, industrial
Godhead - industrial, industrial rock, industrial metal, metal, rock


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