Mix Tape 3rd April


Abr 3 2011, 13h47

....And we're back to normal! In this week's mix, there are some very well known bands as well as the usual less well known artists. It is a little bit raw metal in parts, but it's got a bit of balance in female fronted metal bands towards the end. Also two bands who I am very excited about who have come from the ashes of Cyclefly who were on last weeks playlist and Type O Negative

Miotailt Milidh's Mix Tape 3rd April

Queens of the Stone Age - stoner rock, rock, alternative rock, alternative, hard rock
Seventh Void - doom metal, hard rock, grunge, stoner metal, stoner
Faith No More - rock, alternative rock, alternative, metal
Samael - black metal, industrial metal, metal, dark metal, industrial
Moonspell - gothic metal, doom metal, black metal, metal, dark metal
Sinamore - gothic metal, finnish, gothic rock, metal, finnish metal
Arkan - melodic death metal, death metal, oriental death metal, oriental metal, folk metal
Gloria Morti - death metal, melodic death metal, black metal, melodic black metal, blackened death metal
Elis - gothic metal, female fronted metal, symphonic metal, metal, female vocalists
Delain - symphonic metal, gothic metal, female fronted metal, metal, dutch
Theatre of Tragedy - gothic metal, female fronted metal, metal, gothic, doom metal
Tomorrow's Eve - progressive metal, german, progressive, germany, melodic progmetal
Mako - alternative rock


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