Meursault - All Creatures Make Merry


Jul 19 2010, 20h41

Meursault work in HMV. Well, some of them do. And it turns out that’s a pretty good way of making sure your second album is prominently displayed around the ground floor, which in turn is a good way of persuading myself and abgb to buy it on impulse.

I won’t lie, Pissing On Bonfires / Kissing With Tongues was a pretty excellent debut to have to follow. But All Creatures Make Merry defiantly refuses to conform to the ‘difficult second album’ stereotype. Unless you don’t like low-fi, reverby guitars layered together with strings, electronica and folky vocals.* But if you don’t like those, why are you even listening to this band in the first place? Fewl.

Actually, listening now as I am to What You Don’t Have, Meursault would provide you with a great segue if for some reason you were trying to surreptitiously get someone into post rock. You could sort of lull them in with this, then get your Mogwai on, then bob’s your uncle. Red Sparowes and Yndi Halda for all.

In other news, singer Neil Pennycook apparently recorded the whole thing in Stockbridge, which is basically where I am typing this right now! Almost. Plus Another starts out with some definite horn voice that will surely be the stuff of legend in an imminent period of time. And they’ve recommended lots of lovely music for you to listen to in the sleeve notes, some of which I have heard and some I huvnae. Which is nice, I think. The Edinburgh indie music scene has a closeness which I find endearing.

*The BBC of all places informs me that I am to refer to this style as folktronica, like what Adem and Tunng do sometimes. Sounds a bit lame to me, but once upon a time I pshawed the concept of a genre called math rock and boy, do I regret that. (Clue – no.)


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