how you can find good minimal (techno) - right here in


Nov 12 2011, 21h43

1. I created a new account
2. just added 11 artists (from a list of 99)
see my wiki how I selected those 11 artists - here's the trick ;-)

This analysis is NOT based on a group's artist connection (which is set by the group leader):
from each group I take their characteristic artists + sort them how often they appear in all selected groups

3. I did not play anything yet
4. I have already 50 neighbours :-)
(see this where I've plays but no neighbours)

- this can be done for any genre you like...
- you can proceed in various ways now...
a. listen to all 50 neighbours with this link
b. invite those users to your group
c. you can steer your neighbours list by listening specific amounts of your artists

further info in group: 6 degrees

(click image to see more)



  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    added 33 more groups: 2 artists moved out + 2 moved new in

    Nov 29 2011, 10h58
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