Abr 3 2008, 23h19

    I've been backing the files on my computer, so here are all my album uploads. Currently 115, always updated.

    EDIT: current count is at 262.
  • I'm looking out for her thin skin...

    Fev 9 2008, 8h28

    Today I got my hands on Duran Duran's new album, Red Carpet Massacre... and I have to admit, despite mixed reviews, I was quite pleasantly surprised. I won't lie - I've long loved everything Duran Duran and I haven't been this excited about a new album drop since Placebo's Meds.

    No, Red Carpet Massacre is not a perfect album. There are some songs that I simply must skip (I don't think I even listened to Skin Drivers all the way through), but overall it is addicting - in a good way.

    I absolutely loooooooooove the first single, Falling Down. I keep going back to the track over and over and over again. With my recent feelings of going mad (blame sobriety), it seems to feel just right. Also, the music video is fucking awesome. (Course, maybe that's just 'cause I dig all the chicks. Hahaha.)

    My next favorite is She's Too Much. It's such a sweet, beautiful song. I'd say the song could best be compared to She Will Be Loved (that actually inspires me to make a new mix}, but I quite prefer this song. Apparently, Simon wrote this about his daughter, which just makes it even sweeter.

    Other great songs are Box full o' Honey and Dirty Great Monster.

    I have a feeling this album will be on repeat for quite a while.
  • You cut so deep, my belief is gone...

    Jan 26 2008, 20h09

    I finally got my hands on Walking With Strangers after trying to find it for the longest time. And quite frankly, I could have gone forever without it. I've long loved The Birthday Massacre ever since I first heard Happy Birthday. I love the whole cutesy pop meets murder theme that seems to be echoed through-out their first two releases (displayed best on the song Blue).

    So... what happened to Walking With Strangers? It's not a horrible album, but it's certainly not intriguing enough to leave me thinking about it even after the music is over. I really couldn't pinpoint exactly what my problem was with the album. The sound is nothing terribly different for TBM, yet it just doesn't seem to work on the new album. If they wanted to sound poppy, they achieved their goal - but not in a positive way. Maybe I'm just critical because I would have loved to hear a new Lover's End, but had they not taken the same old 80's formula, I could have handled not getting my wish a bit better.