burial - burial


Jun 13 2006, 13h43

i just can't shut up about it ... love this album ... check it out ...

well, this guy has been causing a massive stir across the internet from those who have heard it and it's easy to see why, this is definitely one of the electronic music/postgarage /dubstep albums of the last few years, it's simply an incredible original album of music and here is why: everything here is in place, idiosyncratic production that sounds like no one else but is still strangely familiar, lightness of touch, rhythmic danger, depth and endless listenability, did i say depth? this album is deep!! what i mean is burial has all the elements which make him an exceptional producer, someone with vision that knows what he's doing, one of those musicians that turn up in electronic music from time to time but not very often. he builds lopsided rhythms from delicate clouds of found sound and textures, such as a lighter opening, airwave static, doors closing alien crunchy and agile like a skeleton of 2-step's off-beats. combine this with found sound shading, the distant sound of trains, muffled voices, cars swerving through puddles, ghostly soul divas lost among the channels, spectral sounds just out of the corner of the imagination, plus a great sense of melody and space, and this is a landmark debut album. this is an album to get lost in, both a balm for the soul and a maze for the ears and the senses, a (dub)-step forward and it's still got that warm heavy sub-bass that's one of the criteria for dubstep.

taken from 'warpmart'


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