massive order


Jan 25 2007, 10h28

I felt like buying some stuff yesterday, so I ordered the following items from No Colours, Sound Cave and Insikt (found that last one thanks to Last.FM):


Dimhymn/Hypothermia - Sjuklig Intention

Hypothermia – Veins

Lifelover – Pulver

Mordaehoth/Myself/Veinen – Split

Nasheim - Evighet/Undergång

Vazal - Age Of Chaos

Hypothermia - Suicide Fixation

Svartnar – Svartnar

Sound Cave:

Eikind - Vargtime ep

Bergraven - Fordav

Spetalsk - Perverted commandment

Manes - View

Kriegsmaschine - Szron - Split CD

Nachtmystium - Instinct decay

Lunar Aurora - Andacht

The Ruins of Beverast - Rain upon the impure

Forgotten Tomb - Negative megalomania

No Colours:

band: Nightbringer/Temple of Not
product: "Rex ex ordine throni" Split CD
price: 6,00 €, total amount: 6,00 €

band: Amesoeurs
product: "Ruines humaines" MCD´06
price: 8,00 €, total amount: 8,00 €

band: Drephjard
product: "Sorgsvart" Mini CD´06
price: 8,00 €, total amount: 8,00 €

band: Raven
country: (Nor)
product: Demo LP (both Demos on 1 LP!ltd. to 333 coopies
price: 10,00 €, total amount: 10,00 €

band: Kältetod
product: "Verstummt,erblindet..." MLP
price: 10,00 €, total amount: 10,00 €

band: Katatonia
product: "Saw you drown" MLP
price: 10,50 €, total amount: 10,50 €

band: Leviathan
product: "The speed of darkness" LP (green vinyl!)
price: 11,00 €, total amount: 11,00 €

I wonder when I am going to listen to all of this :)


  • Vast_Void is the new Lunar Aurora?

    Jan 26 2007, 3h58
  • mikkasscar

    I'll try to post some comments on the stuff listed once I get to listen to it...

    Jan 29 2007, 13h56
  • Antaris

    great stuff, really...but... how rich are you?! O,o oh and...the lifelover cd is shit :P but every man likes it because of the naked woman on the cover-.-

    Fev 3 2007, 16h13
  • mikkasscar

    Already received the No Colours and Soundcave stuff, still waiting for the Insikt-titles... Lunar Aurora is very good, better than Mond, but not as good as Zyklus Ruins Of Beverast and Nachtmystium are really brilliant (didn't have these on MP3, most of the rest I already ahd), same goes for Lifelover, so I didn't get it for the cover ;) as always, very pleased with the service from No Colours and Soundcave, fast delivery!

    Fev 5 2007, 13h37
  • mikkasscar

    Finally got the Isikt stuff today, took them a while, but all nicely delivered, comments soon...

    Mar 8 2007, 14h07
  • KingFossil

    How much was all together?

    Mar 27 2007, 15h24
  • mikkasscar

    about €200 I guess, can't remember exactly...

    Abr 6 2007, 17h28
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