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Sobre mim

oh, samantha, why did tom cruise have to ruin you complete me for us.

vinylskirt (12:49:46 AM): pretty sure blossom is 0% bangable
dasmenace (12:50:05 AM): 10%
vinylskirt (12:50:11 AM): hahah
vinylskirt (12:50:20 AM): is that 10% reserved for blow jobs.
dasmenace (12:50:27 AM): that's 100%
vinylskirt (12:50:31 AM): you and your blow job standards
vinylskirt (12:50:35 AM): hahah
dasmenace (12:50:50 AM): blossom could s the f out of my d.
dasmenace (12:50:59 AM): i'd cum on her dumb hat.

vinylskirt (1:00:00 AM): but yeah, i can't believe you'd be around me and alyssa milano debating whether blossom was bangable or not
(1:00:06 AM): your fantasies have truly been suffering

vinylskirt (8:15:48 AM): it was too hot a summer for a beard like his.
vinylskirt (8:15:54 AM): it was COLONIAL
dasmenace (8:16:01 AM): MAYBE HE WAS DEVENDRA BANHART.
vinylskirt (8:16:03 AM): hahah
vinylskirt (8:16:07 AM): he wasn't there that year.
vinylskirt (8:16:11 AM): ruled out the obvious.
dasmenace (8:16:15 AM): devendra goes where he pleases.
vinylskirt (8:16:18 AM): hahah
vinylskirt (8:16:39 AM): i wonder what kind of status updates devendra has on his facebook.
vinylskirt (8:16:46 AM): a lot of them probably sound like that.
dasmenace (8:16:56 AM): hahaha
dasmenace (8:17:11 AM): devendra is on the veranda enjoying a mint julep.

[skirt] teen dramas are like gloryhole experiences for me.

vinylskirt (11:58:00 AM): hobo chic might work in the bedroom. but will it help you fight the russians??
vinylskirt (11:58:05 AM): i think not.

dasmenace (12:44:08 AM): i'll dedicate manheater to you and your cocksucking skillz.
dasmenace (12:44:13 AM): maneater
dasmenace (12:44:19 AM): not manheater, that's for someone else

dasmenace (6:32:03 PM): nonono, nothing's more empowering than for a woman to take matters into her own hands, or fingers.
dasmenace (6:32:07 PM): than*
vinylskirt (6:32:19 PM): you would say that.
dasmenace (6:32:22 PM): i'm a huge feminist. trust me on these things.
vinylskirt (6:32:46 PM): i didn't know that fucking a lot of girls made a guy a huge feminist!
vinylskirt (6:32:54 PM): maybe it rubs off.
dasmenace (6:33:02 PM): well, to understand the pussy, you need to be in lots of it.

vinylskirt (2:10:21 AM): but now you're all...mysterious and...cold
vinylskirt (2:10:24 AM): i like it
vinylskirt (2:10:25 AM): it's hot

dasmenace (12:11:04 AM): you will be my housecat, not housewife.

vinylskirt (4:23:59 PM): you're too cute to stay mad at.
dasmenace (4:24:14 PM): thank god.
vinylskirt (4:24:17 PM): hahah
dasmenace (4:24:30 PM): when i lose my looks, i'm fucked.
vinylskirt (4:24:36 PM): pretty much.
dasmenace (4:24:45 PM): maybe i'll be a better person by then
vinylskirt (4:24:58 PM): what if i'm still shallow?
vinylskirt(4:24:59 PM): hahah
dasmenace (4:25:10 PM): don't start.
vinylskirt (4:25:46 PM): hahah
dasmenace (4:26:23 PM): when i lose my looks, i'll start slyly fattening you up.
vinylskirt (4:26:29 PM): hahah
vinylskirt (4:26:35 PM): i believe you were already trying that.
vinylskirt (4:26:40 PM): don't think i haven't considered it
dasmenace (4:26:42 PM): hahah.
vinylskirt (4:26:46 PM): feeding me all of those fucking cheeseburgers.
dasmenace (4:26:50 PM): hahaha
dasmenace (4:26:57 PM): YOU KNEW WHAT YOU WERE DOING.
dasmenace (4:27:12 PM): plus i thought all the fucking would balance it out... what do i look like a personal trainer? leave me alone.

vinylskirt (7:59:10 PM): if billy mays died from that shit, it's obviously not hip anymore.
dasmenace (7:59:14 PM): hahah
dasmenace (7:59:25 PM): how dare you besmirch billy mays.

vinylskirt (11:36:15 AM): i hope the australians get you

dasmenace (6:47:42 PM): it's dutch, what do you have against the dutch?
vinylskirt (6:47:56 PM): if they're not naked and sucking things off?
vinylskirt (6:47:59 PM): everything.

vinylskirt: how do you wear baby blue scrubs and pretend like guys don't make your dick hard.

dasmenace (5:32:45 PM): "a ripe young sexpot given to masturbating languorously wherever the fancy takes her"
vinylskirt (5:32:58 PM): who put my bio up

dasmenace (8:39:26 PM): wishful thinking?
vinylskirt (8:39:32 PM): yeah right.
dasmenace (8:39:41 PM): you mean "yeah. right!"
vinylskirt (8:39:46 PM): hahah
vinylskirt (8:39:50 PM): yeah...right...
dasmenace (8:39:55 PM): yeah, right.
vinylskirt (8:40:03 PM): $yeah.right
dasmenace (8:40:09 PM): yeah^right
vinylskirt (8:40:16 PM): yeah!! right!!
dasmenace (8:40:24 PM): #yeah.right
vinylskirt (8:40:31 PM): yeah? right?
dasmenace (8:40:39 PM): ?yeah!right&
vinylskirt (8:40:50 PM): (yeah right)
dasmenace (8:41:02 PM): yeah; right
vinylskirt (8:41:15 PM): yeah@right
dasmenace (8:41:20 PM): yeah~right
vinylskirt (8:41:29 PM): yeah=right
dasmenace (8:41:35 PM): yeah>right
vinylskirt (8:41:45 PM): yeah/right
dasmenace (8:41:50 PM): yeah\right
vinylskirt (8:42:06 PM): %yeah right
dasmenace (8:42:11 PM): yeah*right
vinylskirt (8:42:24 PM): yeah:right

dasmenace (2:25:50 PM): if one more person on has a picture of their cats instead of themselves, i will set someone on fire.

dasmenace (7:22:09 PM): heroin infused tuna.
vinylskirt (7:22:19 PM): i would eat the shit out of that

vinylskirt (5:48:32 PM): where's the proof.
dasmenace (5:48:44 PM): in my pants. where all good things are.

samantha: sure you take out the trash, but you will jerk off on it first.

samantha: man i feel like if brad renfro were alive, he'd play you in the story of your life. had that happened, it would be an amazing movie.

i could tell a joke and make the whole room laugh, but i don't bother.

slsk - click to meet local singles

♫ It's the 80s, do a lot of coke and vote for Ronald Reagan ♫

"Anyone who thinks music can promote understanding has never heard jazz."

"I run a business and the numbers just don't add up. Let me explain. This is the number 2, ok, he runs a coffee shop, and this is the number 9, the 9 is a customer, right. One day 9 goes in and 2 goes "I don't have a coffee house no more, I have a knife fighting academy" and number 9 goes, "I want coffee" and number 2 goes "No! I'm gonna slice you and learn how to slice others!" and 9 goes "I can't, I gotta get out of here!" and 2 goes "I locked the door!"

"I moved to Kenya just so I could tell everyone I'm an American African. That was time well spent."

"How thick is wall?"

"“Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide, sometimes I’m scared of you,” Spears sings in the chorus. “Sometimes” is the rare teen pop ballad whose hook could be addressed to either an overly persistent boyfriend, or to the family of cannibalistic mutants from The Hills Have Eyes."

"I knew that a carbonated sugar beverage could make you more athletic, focused, attractive, and carefree, but it can also help you seduce women? Man, I love soda."

"I think it's not even the on-screen bj that's the problem so much as the fact that the recipient was/is a widely acknowledged asshole."
"That's a rimjob, dilhole."

"Say what you want about Vincent Gallo, but if I were a director I'd have scenes where I get blown in every movie."

"You're a fuckin' maniac, Turkey."

"When his 32-year-old wife, Murphy, died of cardiac arrest on December 20, the untimely passing was ruled accidental, but avoidable. The coroner sited a deadly cocktail of pneumonia, anemia and prescription drugs, but Monjack maintained his wife died of a broken heart after getting the boot from the Happy Feet sequel."

"Obviously, you can't have a lesbian couple at prom. Their softball cleats would ruin the gym floor."

"I don't come down to where you work and slap the dick out of your mouth."

"If it were me, I'd go straight to Thailand's ladyboy district. Yep, things would be a little different if I were president."

"Ahahaha 'Seppuku'. I'm pretty sure you mean Sudoku, which is a logic-based number-placement puzzle."
"No, no, he meant "Sengoku", or the Warring States. She was saying that she would atone by studying Japanese history."

"Sorry, I'm not too up on my Florida politics. Does Charlie Crist want to build an actual road to nowhere?"

"So...who's read Flowers for Algernon?"
"Oooh, about the kid with all the chains, and the goggles, and at the end he gets killed with a shotgun?"
"That's Harrison Bergeron."
"Hollywood Squares!"
"That's Tom Bergeron."
"Brother of Menelaus!"
"Damn it, that's Agamemnon!"

"Let this serve as a warning to us all. Iceland has universal health care and now they have no more McDonald’s."

"I’d like to do a book of menus."
"Yeah, just weird, sort of… 'Night-bruised onions.'"
"Very funny. But made up?"
"Yes. Or 'wine-saddened potatoes.' Just sort of weird recipes. 'Leave an orange in the shadow of a…'"
“Jealous pomegranate.”
“Shadow of an angry man for four minutes.”

"...and the nazis had that song '8 days a week'."

"Without an 'About Me' section, I've lost all sense of self," said Imbrescia, 17, who depends on the site to convey his innermost thoughts to millions of extended-network friends. "Do I want kids? How tall am I? What's my body type? These are questions I can't answer anymore. I'd pray to a god for help, but I've lost my religion field."

"Not only was my pit bull as smart as a 2-year-old, he was also many times stronger than a 9-year-old, according to the county coroner's office."

"As a marketing executive, I'm intrigued by the idea of maintaining product loyalty by threatening former customers with death."

"Man, all this talk about abortions is making me super wet. You wanna hop out onto the dance floor?"

"...Everyone knows midgets have hollow bones just like birds. That's how they're so good at hiding treasure."

"I’m no biblical scholar, but when I read this: “Because of the savor of thy good ointments thy name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love thee.” That means lubricating virgins, right? If you’re so bored that you have to start ritually lubricating virgins as a couple, you’re about one step away from hunting humans for sport."

"Right, on one hand he sounds abusive and racist. On the other hand, he's hilarious! "

"Vince, you've gone wrong."
"I am the Chosen One. I have the amulet."
"Yeah, well maybe it's time I had the amulet for a bit."
"You don't accessorise. There's a simple truth to you."
"Give me the amulet, you bitch!"

"I love Ludachristmas, but feel sorry for the Jewish kids who get eight nights of Chaka Khanakuah."

"Why do oil rigs go so far into the ocean to drill, anyway? Wouldn't it be easier just to drill at the gas stations?"

"Punch the wall!"
"I'll punch you!"
"You better not, Buster Brown!"

"This is who I am. You can’t ask a bird not to fly. You can’t ask a fish not to swim. You can’t ask a tiger not to turn back into a Chinese dude at midnight."

"No site structure can possibly withstand that many people typing in all caps."

"I just heard about this reality show called The Amazing Race. Is it about white people?"

"'It's a really funny movie, and I think people are going to enjoy it,' lied the 39-year-old performer, knowing full well that he was misleading viewers into making a decision that was not in their best interests. 'It's got something for everybody.'"

"Computer games don’t affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive music."

"The children are our future; let's worry about them then."

"Lady, just because I’m an ignorant black man and you gave me a nickel to bust up your chifferobe, doesn’t give you the right to call me ridiculous just because I’m proud of my son. [takes a bullet] They got me, the honkies shot me!"

"I'll be honest with you: I'm not exactly thrilled about the idea of women enjoying sex."

"A woman is like a vase, you gotta play with those titties..."

"I believe vampires are the best golfers in the world and that their curse is that they'll never get to prove it!"

"There's probably a default nondenominational Hell."

"Toyota should combine the Prius' faulty brakes and the Camry's busted accelerators to create the Camrius: the most fuel-efficient death trap in automotive history."

"People took it seriously and there was much in the way of lulz. Although this was back when lulz were still lols."

"I hope your baby's born dead!"

"I am your king."
"Well I didn't vote for you."
"You don't vote for kings."
"Well how'd you become king then?"
"The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur. THAT is why I am your king."
"Listen, strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony."

"One thing I learn from Christmas and Valentine's Day commercials: Women are trinket-grubbing little whores and men are pathetic saps. "

"I want to kiss you on the mouth to stop you from saying such crazy things."

"I would honestly not be friends with anyone who liked Blair Witch."

"I'm like whoever the opposite of Midas is."

"I am King Shit of Fuck Mountain... why would you FUCK with me?!"

"I'm gonna babysit your vagina."

a blog i share with my girlfriend records ...were made to be broken!

"You just sit there shoving space nuggets in your face like nothing's happening!"

How rude!

I miss MonsterVision.

"i know i messed up, and i'm sorry. our friendship had potential but i got carried away with how i felt about you and with my insecurity and ruined it. everything i wrote below basically comes down to this. i believe it's worth trying again. the way i feel about you isn't as unhealthy as it seemed, that impression mostly comes down to the emptiness of my life, and the melodramatic way i expressed things. but yea, i understand why you ended it. i really can deal with how i feel better than i was. it wasn't as bad as i made it sound, and i really enjoyed talking to you, i just got carried away with insecurity at some point. this isn't some shallow obsession. knowing you has been really great. reflecting on it after it ended has helped me realize things, and to come to terms with how i was feeling. i know i didn't handle things well. i guess i'm still figuring out how to do this relationship thing. but i can promise you that if you give me another chance that it will be different, i wouldn't be insecure like i was, i'd handle my emotions better and you honestly wouldn't have to worry about leading me on or anything like that. i would truly love to be friends with you. if you can forgive the things i said when i was emotional after it ended, all of which i regret and am sorry about. if you can trust me that what i'm saying now is genuine. if you think you would still enjoy talking to me, and that what we had is worth trying to save. if you could give me another chance to be friends with you, despite how i messed up before..i really believe it can work out. it would mean alot (sp) to me. i don't know how you feel about it, but this is how i feel. our friendship was something special to me and i regret that i handled it the way i did. i made mistakes, did things and expressed things in ways i wouldn't now. the things i've realized in retrospect, if i knew them at the time we'd probably still be talking. that's why i think it can work out. i know it wasn't easy for you to end it, and you did what you thought was the best thing to do. i appreciate that, although inititially (sp) i couldn't see that, and that's why i said the things i did, which i'm sorry about. but i hope this might change your mind. i really think that a friendship with the potential ours had is worth a second chance. i messed up, i know. but it would be really awesome to get another chance to show you that what i'm saying is true, and that our friendship can work out. i think it's worth trying, and if you do too..

i’m sorry for the way i reacted when you left without saying anything, for sending you those messages and writing what i did in my about me after it ended, for not seeing that you did what you did because you felt it was for the best, for making you uncomfortable, for ruining what we had. you tried to make it work, and i kept fucking it up with my insecurity and everything and i’m sorry. i regret what i put here the most, i just wasn't thinking clearly when it ended, how i begged you to change your mind without explaining what i have now, how it sounded like i was trying to make you feel guilty and all the other ridiculous things i wrote, for selfishly talking about how bad it made me feel when i should have known that making me feel like that was the last thing you intended..i'm truly sorry for that. you didn't deserve to hear that stuff for what you did and i don't blame you for completely ignoring me after that..

this is something i’m just realizing, after looking at my logs, but i can see now how it went overboard after i told you i loved you. telling you how i was sighing about you not loving me and making you think it hurts to talk to you, the conversation we had about the person you had feelings for where i frustrated you with how insecure i was, the way i acted jealous about you scrobbling the same tracks as the other person, and then assuming that you went offline without responding because you were waiting for others and just didn't want to talk to me. when you left again without saying anything, and i responded as insecurely as i did, i guess that was the final straw for you and i understand that. i totally messed up and ruined the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and i understand now why you ended it. i know that when i told you i didn't know how to deal with what i was feeling and asked you to tell me what to do about it, that it made it sound like there was no hope for our friendship, that it would be better if we stopped talking, that i couldn’t deal with how i was feeling and that you didn't have any option but to end it, and all the things that happened since then confirmed that to you. and all i can say is i understand. i never should have put you in that position, asking you to tell me what i should do about how i felt. i never should have given you the impression that talking to you was hard for me, because it’s the opposite, knowing you has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me (sorry if that makes me sound unhealthily fixated, i just really like you, you are a very special person despite what you may think about yourself). i never should have doubted that you meant what you said when you said you liked talking to me and that you found me interesting. i never should have assumed what i did about why left the way you did those times, and i should have waited till you came online to ask about them. i know all that now. i’ve been so blind and i messed up so bad. and i can’t believe that i let it get to the point that you had to end it, but i completely understand.

but i promise you..if you give me another chance, it won't be like that. i got carried away with my insecurity and the way you ended it has made me realize how badly i was handling things. i really can deal with it better than i was, and i'm not just interested in you the way i made it sound. but yea it did go overboard. i’m so sorry for ruining what we had. you gave me so many chances before that already. all the other times i assumed things about you, and you put up with it and explained what really happened to me everytime (sp), but i kept doing it. it’s only because of how insecure i am. i didn’t know how to interpret you leaving like that. but i should have waited till you came back online to ask about it. i wish i could go back to that conversation and just said nothing instead of sending all those messages after you went offline. that was the biggest mistake of my life because you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and you ended it the next day. i’m so sorry and all i can say is if you could give me another chance i promise you it’ll be different. and i know i’ve probably said that before but the way it ended has really made me realize things. if you give me another chance you won’t have to worry about me reacting like that again. i can deal with my insecurity, it doesn’t define me even if i got carried away with it before.

if you’re more worried about me being unhealthily fixated, it really isn’t as bad as you think, and i have an explanation about that below. it’s all about the emptiness of my life. i like you a lot, but i can deal with it and i promise i won’t be so melodramatic about it as i was. it was so great talking to you, i regret that i whined about how i felt so much, it made me really happy to be your friend and i’m sorring (sp) for giving you the impression it was hurting me. i fucked up in so many ways, with my insecurity and the way i expressed things, the way i was handling how i felt, and the things i said after it ended, but if you could forgive me..i’m truly sorry for all of it, because our friendship meant a lot to me, and it’s all my fault that it ended. and i guess it meant something to you too, because you said it was hard to walk away from, and it kills me to know that i might have ruined this forever. but i would love so much to be your friend again. if you could give me another chance, i promise you won’t regret it, and that it’s worth trying again. it won’t be like before, please trust me on that. i’m not just saying all this, please believe me that reflecting on it since it ended has made me realize things and i wish so much that you’ll give me a chance to show you that our friendship can work out, that it doesn’t have to end like this even though i understand why you ended it...sigh, i sound so desperate but i just don't want issues that are only a small part of me to ruin what we can be different, please just give me a chance, i messed up but our friendship isn't worth losing over this, i promise you it can work out and that i can overcome my insecurity and deal with how i feel about you...

you probably just want me to move on, but i want you to know..the way i feel about you isn't unhealthy or nuts, and it's my fault for giving you the wrong impression about how fixated i was and for reacting so insecurely when you left without saying anything. i don’t blame you for ending it the way you did because i know you believed it was for the best. but i need to try and explain why i think it doesn’t have to end like this.

my life being so empty that i have so much time to refresh things, the shitty way i expressed myself and my insecurity is why it seemed that the way i felt was unhealthy, and why it seemed our friendship couldn't work, but it really can. it was the first friendship i formed with someone for a long time, i've been so withdrawn and i was just getting the hang of it and becoming comfortable with you and not so insecure, i know i fucked up but it would mean so much to me if you could give me another chance.

with the page refreshing..the way i refreshed your pages wasn't because of an unhealthy fixation with you, i refresh my own page more than yours, i even refreshed one of the song pages on lastfm (sp) 67 times, and i tried to send you a screenshot (sp) on myspace to show you what i mean. i only do it because my life is so empty and i have nothing else to do, it was like that before i met you. it isn't because i was unhealthily fixated, i mean yea i like you alot (sp) and i wanted to see if you made any changes on your profiles, but it isn't unhealthy, the emptiness of the rest of my life is unhealthy and that has nothing to do with you. i'm not just saying that. i've just been depressed and withdrawn for so long and i told you about that. if i promised you that i would find other things to do, so that i didn't make you uncomfortable with how interested i am in you, if i promised you i would only check your profiles a few times a day, would it change your mind? i know how completely lame asking that is but i'm trying to show you that i'm not as fixated as you think i am, it's just how my life is, and if you gave me a chance..saying i was thinking of you, wanting to comfort you, all that shit..yea i probably went overboard and i'm sorry if i made you uncomfortable, but it really wasn't unhealthy to want to comfort you when you were feeling like that, maybe it was awkward and lame but not unhealthy. i exaggerated when i said i constantly refresh it, i just happened to be doing that during the time you changed your pic, and i don't actually refresh your myspace 100 times like i said i do, i look at it about 20 times a day which is lots but it isn't really overboard. i just have nothing else in my life, i know it's pathetic but that’s how it is and it’s not because of you. i was trying too hard to be completely honest with you and it led me to exaggerate some things and it gave you the wrong impression, and i only realized that after it ended. i hope that makes sense, it was stupid but i think the way i feel about myself unintentionally creeped (sp) into i talked about myself, how i expressed things. with the yahoo answers thing, i thought it would be ok because the reasons you gave for having it on private made it sound like you were only concerned about a certain person seeing what you had there, i was just curious and i'm sorry for making you uncomfortable but atleast (sp) i told you about it and i stopped when you told me to. the way i feel about you isn't unhealthy, i promise. it isn't some shallow obsession based on attraction, even if it's hard to believe that i could have genuine feelings for you after knowing you for such a short time, but i regret the way i expressed how i felt, how i gave you the impression that talking to you was hurting me, because it wasn't.

as for finding it painful talking to me without leading me on..i'm sorry for making you feel like that and it’s probably something i said that made you feel that, but you really don't have to worry about it, because i accepted that you aren't interested in me in that way. i wish you were, but you aren't, and i honestly wish we could just be friends. you weren't leading me on by talking to me. seriously, i know i'm not what you're looking for and you aren't interested in me in that way, so i’m being completely honest that you don't have to worry leading me on in any way. please don't end this because of that, i wish i knew exactly why you felt that way so i could reassure you that you don’t have to worry about it. if you were worried about disappointing or hurting me in some way, please understand that being ignored by you is so much harder to deal with than any disappointment i could have experienced while talking to you.

the way i reacted so insecurely when you left without saying anything..was because of the way i feel about myself, i didn't know how to interpret it and whether it meant you weren't really interested in talking to me. i should have waited till you came back online to ask about it. and if you give me another chance, i won't be so insecure and won't react to you leaving the way i did, and won’t be such a burden to you. i’m not saying all these things just so you’ll talk to me, i'll still be myself, i just have more perspective and awareness of things now after reflecting on what's happened. i just found it hard to believe that you were actually interesting in talking to me because of the way i feel about myself, i guess the same way you wondered whether it was just attraction based because you didn’t think you’re that interesting to talk to, but you reassured me before about it so i shouldn't have doubted you, and i know that now.

when i said i needed to find a more healthy way to deal with what i was feeling, i meant i needed to find other things to do besides look forward to talk to you because it made me feel uninteresting to talk to to have nothing else in my life, but you weren't the cause of that, it's been like that for years. you're the best thing that's happened to me. you weren't the problem, the emptiness of the other parts of my life was the problem, and it was like that before i met you, and it's going to stay like that even if you don't talk to me so please don't be ending this for my sake, it’s not going to help me. you were motivating me to change my life for the better.

you don't have to worry about how you make me feel, because i wasn't handling it as badly as i made it sound, despite my whining about how hard it was. the way i feel about you wasn’t effecting other parts of my life, and i was starting to deal with it better. i probably gave you the wrong impression when i said things like 'i’m sighing cos i'm in love with someone that doesn't love me'. i was just in that kind of mood, but i'm really not only interested in you in that way, and it wasn't hurting me talking to you. it's been awesome knowing you and i regret complaining about things instead of telling you how much i appreciated talking to you.

i really enjoyed talking to you and find you very interesting and likable, i like hearing what you have to say and i feel a connection to you that i haven't with anyone else, as lame as that sounds. you said you enjoyed talking to me aswell (sp), and we opened up to each other so much, i really think it would be a waste to not give it another chance. if i still sound unhealthily fixated with you, please understand it's because of how much i value what we had, and i don't want to give it up so easily. that's what all this stuff i'm writing is about. i don’t think i’m nuts for caring so much about our friendship and for being desperate to explain these things to you, because i didn’t get a chance to tell you this on msn. you made your decision, and i appreciated you giving me a chance to talk to you after it happened but i guess i panicked when it ended it so suddenly and didn’t know what to say. i know the way i’ve expressed things and what i said made it sound like our friendship was doomed and that i couldn't deal with how i felt, but please trust me i can, i know i fucked up but it was more to do with the unhealthy emptiness of my life and insecurity than anything, and you weren't affecting me in the way you thought you were. so if i haven't scared you off forever with the things i've said, with my melodramatic ‘i love you so much’ and ‘sighing cos im (sp) in love’ crap, with my insecurity, with all the messages i sent since it ended and the crap i wrote in my about me..please try and trust that what i'm saying is true and that it could work out, i really believe our friendship can work. if you can trust me that this isn’t some shallow obsession, that i can deal with the way i feel better than i was, and that i wasn’t as unhealthily fixated as it seemed…if the connection you felt hasn’t completely disappeared, if you would still enjoy talking to me despite all that’s happened, please give it a chance. it’s not too far gone.

tha’t’s (sp) about it..if i sound desperate to not lose you, and to try and change your mind, that’s because i am, and i don’t think it’s such a bad thing. this is probably only pushing you further away, but i don’t think it makes me unhealthily fixated to care so much about losing our friendship, as short as it was, it was rare and it’s worth trying to save. i like you a lot and i can’t pretend it means nothing to me. but if you're not interested at all anymore, please tell me. i’ve written all this because i felt the reasons you gave for ending it could be addressed, and i needed to try. if you ended it for other reasons, like i broke your trust or you found me uninteresting, i would understand and wouldn’t be trying to change your mind. please don’t end this for my sake. if you really want nothing to do with me ever again, just let me know. or you can just keep ignoring me, i guess. but it would be nice if you could tell me why what i’ve written won’t change your mind, because it’s going to be really hard to move on without understanding. i hope i’ll hear from you one day atleast (sp).

ps. i hope i haven't made you feel bad with anything i've said, and i'm really sorry if i did. i know you did this because you thought it was for the best, and that it wasn't easy for you, but i didn't realize that initially and after it ended i was emotional and said some really stupid things, here in my about me and in the messages i sent you. and i don't blame you for ignoring me and not reading my myspace messages after seeing that stuff. i didn't mean to be so insensitive and to try to make you feel guilty about it, i was confused and upset that it happened the way it did. i fucked up, and i'm truly sorry. i don't know what else to say, i hope it hasn’t changed your mind about what kind of person i am. i wish i could talk to you about this. i wish i knew how you felt, and what you think of everything i've said. it truly does not have to end like this, i regret the way i handled things and how i expressed how i felt, i made mistakes and truly messed up, but it won't be so bad if you give me another chance, i promise. it’s worth trying, and i wouldn’t write all this if i didn’t genuinely believe that.

i hope we'll talk again one day. i know i messed up...but...could you forgive me, could you trust that i mean what i'm saying about all this and about how the way i feel isn't as unhealthy as you thought and that i can deal with it better than i was, could you believe that it's worth trying again? could you give me another chance to be your friend, or is all this just making it worse, the way i sound so desperate? i wish i knew. i hope you understand why i had to try to explain these things, i hope the things i said when i was emotional after it ended didn't hurt you and didn't change your opinion about me, i hope you know that the connection i feel and the things i've said about you isn't because of some hollow obsession despite how shitty i've expressed and handled things and despite how melodramatic and obsessed all this is making me sound like..i hope you believe me that i would love to simply be your friend and that's why i'm saying all this, and if you would still like that aswell (sp), it can work out.."


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