• All The World's Indeed A Stage

    Set 27 2010, 20h09

    Sun 26 Sep – Rush Time Machine Tour

    Concert was (as always) amazing. Rush performs consistently better than a lot of the bands i've seen live. This tour was no exception. It was nice to hear them dig out some of their more obscure tracks from the 90s. Everytime they play their work from the 90s, it always reminds me of how underrated that stuff is.

    Their new stuff was really heavy. My father has the mp3s, but i barely listened to them, so this show was the first time that i had actually heard them. Like i said, they were really heavy, but in the vein of their work off of Snakes and Arrows, so it was all good.

    They pulled out the entirety of Moving Pictures, and it was absolutely splendid. Plastic fans could appreciate the fact that half of that album is radio play singles that were quite popular, while real fans will appreciate the fact that they played Camera Eye. Let me just reiterate: THEY PLAYED CAMERA EYE. AND WITCH HUNT. AND VITAL SIGNS. IT WAS A DAMN FINE NIGHT.

    The videos that opened the first and second half of the show were good too, highlighting Rush's (pretty good) acting ability. The videos let the fans hear interesting adaptations of Rush songs, which also occurred during the show. For the encore, for example, they came out and played a polka-style intro to La Villa Strangiato, (THE ACTUAL SONG BEING AMAZING) and then they played a reggae style version of Working Man before launching into the heavier version. And speaking of Working Men, goddamn. The guys played their asses off last night. Alex played the shit out of his white ES355 on Working Man, absolutely tore that shit UP.

    All in all, 9/10
  • Somewhere In the Between (is a show of which we all dream)

    Jul 22 2010, 3h39

    Tue 20 Jul – Streetlight Manifesto

    this show was amazing. well, to be fair, it felt like i went to two shows last night: one show that was alternatively boring and shitty, and one that was amazing.

    Potthast opened up. i came into the situation with an open mind, but just the acoustic guitar was kinda boring for me. some of the songs were funny, especially the last one directed towards a heckler in the crowd, but overall i was just not interested.

    The Wonder Years are an awful, boring band that should not be touring with the next two bands ever. That is all about them you need to know.

    Supervillains were fantastic. I skanked it up in the pit for these guys, pigtails flying everywhere. I had never really heard them, but greatly appreciated their reggae-reminiscent sound (it is ska, but still). i loved how they'd build tension up to a point and either go back into relatively calm ska chords or go batshit crazy like a punk band. I shook the saxophonist's hand and told him i dug his playing because i did. i loved his style. I'm definitely checking these guys out next chance i get.

    Streetlight Manifesto was everything i wanted and more. i haven't heard much off of Keasby Nights, but this show convinced me to go get it eventually. i mostly danced off to the side and stood on the second stage to watch. i got to shake Martin Thomas' hand (the trumpeteer for Streetlight Manifesto. i think that's his name, i can never remember) and tell him that i dug his playing. as a trumpet player, that was a great moment for me. Streetlight's set was absolutely amazing, and i got to sing along to all of my favorite songs of theirs.

    i got a tour poster for cheap too! i'm so happy to go to a show where shirts are only $15 and posters are $2. i need to start going to more shows like these.\

    this show was great. it convinced me and my buddy jimmy to go to more ska shows, which i'm looking forward too, and also cemented my love of skanking. it only gets funner when you're in a crowd!
  • The Final Frontier

    Jun 12 2010, 2h13

    Wed 9 Jun – Iron Maiden, Dream Theater

    This show was great. I had pit tickets with two of my friends, so we were less than 50 feet away from the performers the entire time.

    Dream Theater's show was flawless. If you don't have a decent appreciation for DT's technical ability, watch them live. They are gods. Petrucci was naturally perfect. The bassist, the keyboardist, Portnoy; all of it was perfect. the only small messup was LaBrie sounding a little flat on some notes, but it wasn't too noticeably bad.

    Iron Maiden was just as great. Unlike what was expected from many, including my friends, the overwhelming majority of their set consisted of stuff from their new album, stuff off of A Matter of Life and Death, and their work from the 90's. I thoroughly enjoyed it personally, as i've a copy of Death on the Road, so i've heard most of the stuff they played. Paschendale was nice, but had one or two snags in it with the drums/guitar, and Dickinson came in early a bit, but it was otherwise awesome.

    Overall, in terms of technical performance, Dream Theater was a little better, but to me Iron Maiden was much cooler just because it was fun to watch the guys performance
  • The Vinyl Collection

    Jun 1 2010, 22h40

    Crack the Skye-Mastodon
    Thick As A Brick-Jethro Tull
    The Yes Album-Yes
    Mingus Ah Um-Charles Mingus
    Death Magnetic-Metallica
    New Vintage-Maynard Ferguson
    Smash Hits-The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Sabotage-Black Sabbath
    The Man With The Horn-Miles Davis
    Abbey Road-The Beatles
    The Lonely Bull-Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
    Exit...Stage Left-Rush
    Thriller-Michael Jackson
    Kilroy Was Here-Styx
    Sold Out-The Kingston Trio
    Mister Guitar-Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith
    If I Didn't Care-The Ink Spots
    Satch Plays Fats-Louis Armstrong and His All Stars
    Fly on the Wall-AC/DC