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    Mar 5 2011, 21h12

  • 2011-02-20 - Metal Explored This Week (14-Feb - 20-Feb 2011)

    Fev 20 2011, 17h59

    Some great new artists that I listened to and liked this week. If you love one of the genres mentioned below, make sure you check out!

    Band: Arkan
    Genre: ,
    From: France

    Band: Officium Triste
    Genre: Doom/Death Metal
    From: Netherlands

    Band: Hour of Penance
    From: Italy

    Band: Svart Crown
    From: France

    Band: Pestilence
    From: Netherlands

    Band: Hail of Bullets
    From: Netherlands

    Band: MyGrain
    From: Finland

    Band: Dreamshade
    From: Switzerland
    This one is too catchy melo-death for my taste but it still is good.

    Band: Nest
    Genre: , Acoustic/Folk
    From: Finland

    Let me know if you liked these or if you have anything to recommend, please do. Thanks!
  • 2010 - An Year in Heavy Metal

    Dez 31 2010, 16h09

    This year has been extremely nice when it comes to the metal releases. Some great albums this year and some great artists I found exploring music. Anyway, in brief here is why 2010 was so great in music for me. And why the year also had a sad note to it as we lost a legend.

    Here's my "top 15" list of albums released in the year 2010:
    1. Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini (Progressive Black Metal)
    2. Agalloch - Marrow of the Spirit (Dark / Atmospheric Black Metal)
    3. Decrepit Birth - Polarity (Technical Death Metal)
    4. Allegaeon - Fragments of Form and Function (Melodic Technical Death Metal)
    5. Melechesh - The Epigenesis (Black / Death Metal with middle eastern influence)
    6. Demonic Resurrection - The Return to Darkness (Progressive / Death / Black / Power Metal)
    7. Borknagar - Universal (Folk / Progressive Black Metal)
    8. TesseracT - Concealing Fate (Progressive Metal)
    9. Alcest - Écailles De Lune (Black Metal / Shoegaze)
    10. Nachtmystum - Addicts Black Meddle Pt II (Psychedelic / Black Metal)
    11. Ihsahn - After (Extreme Progressive Metal)
    12. Eyeless - The All Seeing Eye (Melodic Technical Death Metal)
    13. Suicidal Angels - Dead Again (Thrash Metal)
    14.Amogh Symphony - The Quantum Hack Code (Progressive / Technical Metal)
    15. Devoid - A God's Lie (Thrash Metal)

    Other notable releases that are very close to be in the top-15 list above:
    1. Guillotine - The Cynic (Progressive Death Metal)
    2. Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way Of Orwarrior (Oriental Metal)
    3. Rotting Christ - Aealo (Folk / Black Metal)
    4. Arsis - Starve for the Devil (Melodic Technical Death Metal)
    5. Overkill - Ironbound (Thrash Metal)
    6. Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy (Progressive Metal)
    7. Burzum - Belus (Black Metal)
    8. Fueled by Fire - Plunging into Darkness (Thrash Metal)
    9. In Mourning - Monolith (Progressive / Melodic Death Metal)
    10. Annihilator - Annihilator (Thrash Metal)
    11. Exodus - Exhibit B - The Human Condition (Thrash Metal)
    12. Dimmu Borgir - Abrahadabra (Symphonic Black Metal)
    13. Sodom - In War and Pieces (Thrash Metal)

    Some great new artists I discovered this year:
    Allegaeon (USA, Technical Melodic Death Metal)
    Diamond Plate (USA, Thrash Metal)
    Eyeless (Canada, Technical Melodic Death Metal)
    The Morningside (Russia, Atmospheric / Doom Metal)
    Sólstafir (Iceland, Psychedelic / Black Metal)
    Suicidal Angels (Italy, Thrash Metal)
    Jungle Rot (USA, Death Metal)
    The Scourger (Finland, Melodic Death / Thrash Metal)
    Melechesh (Israel, Black / Death Metal with middle eastern influence)

    Live Albums / DVDs:
    1. Behemoth - Evengelica Heretika DVD
    2. Megadeth - Rust in Peace Live DVD
    3. Opeth - In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall DVD
    4. Exodus - Shovel Headed Tour Machine
    5. Meshuggah - Alive DVD

    Other notable releases in 2010 which did not disappoint:
    Motorhead - The World Is Yours (Heavy Metal)
    Kalmah - 12 Gauge (Melodic Death Metal)
    The Absence - Enemy Unbound (Melodic Death Metal)
    Malevolent Creation - Invidious Dominion (Death Metal)
    Atheist - Jupiter (Technical Death Metal)
    Death Angel - Relentless Retribution (Thrash Metal)
    Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier (Heavy Metal)
    Immolation - Majesty and Decay (Death Metal)
    Watain - Lawless Darkness (Melodic Black Metal)
    Dark Tranquillity - We are the Void (Melodic Death Metal)

    Metal CDs I purchased this year:
    Demonic Resurrection - The Return to Darkness (Progressive / Death / Black / Power Metal)
    Dimmu Borgir - Abrahadabra (Symphonic Black Metal)
    Devoid - A God's Lie (Thrash Metal)
    Albatross - Dinner Is You (Power Metal)
    Infernal Wrath - Inside of Me (Ambient / Death Metal)

    We had a very sad moment in the year when we lost Ronnie James Dio!

    We missed Ronnie James Dio this year. :( Thank you for the great music Dio, we will miss you. I am very thankful to god for the chance I got to see him live with HEAVEN AND HELL once. I will cherish that night FOREVER. R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. We will miss you.

    As far as gigs go, I did go to IMC Goa for Cynic, Leaves Eyes and Hacride but sad, it got cancelled! Finally, GIR 2010 came to the rescue and seeing ENSLAVED, Meshuggah and Tesseract live was something that ended the year on a happy note in terms of gigs.

    I know I might have missed some release that you have on the top of your mind as your favorite. If I have, do post me as a comment.

    Have a great new year everyone. Peace. \m/
  • Iron Maiden for the third time in India!

    Fev 23 2009, 6h20

    Before you read it: THIS IS JUST MY OPINION!

    I wasn't well when I left for Bangalore; I took pills with me for the journey and for the stay. By the time I reached Bangalore (a day before the gig), I had recovered. I felt glad that now I would be able to stand all day long and see THE BEAST third time live in the last three years. Iron Maiden loves INDIA and there is no single doubt about it.

    I got late for the gig and the time I was redeeming my actual ticket for the e-ticket I had, the first band "Slain" got started. They won the "Vonamor Band" competition and were here to play their brand of melodic/progressive rock / Christian metal. From what I could hear from outside, the sound was not that great. But I had to be in, and experience the band to comment! When in, there were several stalls for food, drinks, one stall for Bungee Jumping, and the band merchandise. I rushed in for the merchandise and got an Iron Maiden and Kryptos tee and then went in for the gig-area. It was time Slain had completed their set and Abraxas were to start. There were two stages: a smaller supporting stage and the huge large Main stage. When I got in I saw lot of people sitting near the main stage capturing their positions in the front row to see Maiden live which would not happen until 8:00 PM. I personally do not think that’s the way to enjoy a gig! I think you got to be at the stage where the music is been played to support the supporting acts and showing the world what Indian rock / metal scene is all about. If not all, at least support the music that you love!

    Abraxas started with an OC (Original Composition) and played an all-OCs-but-one-cover set. It seemed the cover they played was because there were chants of Lamb of God all over the place. They covered "Hourglass" by Lamb of God and I should say it was tight. The OCs were far better than their covers and I was seeing what I had heard about this band on forums. Considering the time they have been playing this, they played a killer set - a great interaction with crowd, a killer stage presence and a slaying performance. From what I had known, I thought they were a melodic death metal band but seeing their music live I feel they are a good blend of melodic death / thrash metal and metalcore. The solos were a treat to watch, the drummer had the double bass and great drum patterns going around, and the vocalist was all over the place. I should mention again -- considering the time they have been in the scene, they have a great stage presence. As the set got over, the crowd asked for more, but their time was up and they had provided a great start to one of the best Rockfests in India - a complete justice to opening chance they got for Iron Maiden.

    Synapse, the Bangalore band was next. They play nu / alternative rock / metal. Not my type of music - as there was big dominance of rap vocals and typical-nu-metal screams and the chords one would jump to! I stood there for two songs and thought I would get a drink and come back by the time we would have a new band playing. There was a good support from the Bangalore crowd for Synapse. They had a good sound and I could see people found the set OK - it's just that this genre of music does not work for me that I moved out. There was a time when the vocalist saw people standing like zombies - with no energy as an audience and to pump them up he told them to sit down and on his count of "JUMP THE FUCK UP" asked them to jump with as much energy as they can. Haha, what a scene! Anyway, I just do not connect to their type of music. Their set was average but not my type. This is just my opinion.

    Next up was Cyanide Serenity. I did not at all get a chance to hear these guys before (I mean as in audios). Cyanide Serenity is from UK and they formed the band late last year. From what I could hear, it seemed to me like a blend of progressive and thrash metal and also Pantera influence. Just as they started their first song, you could feel the difference in the sound - what the previous (Indian) bands had and the one this band from UK had. They had an AMAZING sound. They had the same energy level going throughout the set. The bald vocalist reminded me of Phil Anselmo in his Cowboys-From-Hell era, he was so pumped up, crazy and also ANTI-BUSH! He screamed FUCK BUSH and the crowd followed! Their songs were fast, had the speedy palm muted riffs and lightening solos. The vocalist mentioned that they were happy to be in India and play for us. He added that India has great bands and they have been seeing the play or doing sound check last day and they all were fucking kickass - you should be proud that you have a music scene - And the crowd screamed to say thanks!

    Kryptos was next, a band from Bangalore. I have been listening to Kryptos since last two years. They play a good blend of melodic-classic-metal of the 80's (Iron maiden, Dio, Judas Priest etc) and old-school-thrash (old-Metallica, Megadeth, Testament) and also one can cite the influence of Dark Tranquillity and Nevermore in their music. But one has to admit, the sound Kryptos has despite all these influences is unique and all their own. I have always been praying to get a chance to see them live and there it was! They played "Expedition to Abnormalia", "Tower of Illusions", "Heretic Supreme", another song from the new album "The Ark of Gemini" which I think was “Sphere VII”. I have got hold of the new album just last week back and it is plain kick-ass. You have to listen to it to believe it. Kryptos ended their set with the very crowd favorite "Decension" which we sang along with full energy. With their brilliant set, Kyrptos made Indian Metal proud and did a complete justice to the opening chance they got with Iron Maiden. I just hope good times start with the metal bands in India and they get to tour abroad. You can see a picture on the Iron Maiden website with Bruce wearing Kryptos tee and holding the Brit Music award for the Best Live Act" that Iron Maiden received recently.

    Next up was "De Profundis". I had heard their few tracks during the trip to Bangalore. I find their type of music more of progressive/depressive/doom metal. Every song has sections which vary a lot musically- you would find melodic playing, melodic breakdowns, speedy riffing, fast drumming and the extreme growls. When I listened to them before the gig, I loved the songs. The band has one member on guitars who is of Indian origin. De Profundis took some time for the soundcheck and I stayed near the stage for their first song. They did not have a good sound live and the guitarist kept talking to the soundman in gestures form the stage to adjust his guitar volume. They did not sounded much like what I had heard them on the audios - the sound sucked. After the first song I went out to grab an overpriced-and-distasteful-chicken-burger which would keep me standing for the rest of the show. When I returned, De Profundis' show was about to end and the sound still looked terrible. I have heard their tracks several times since I returned from the gig and they are good – the band though had a bad sound day in Bangalore!

    The acts of the supporting stage were done and it was time for the acts on the main stage to start. I moved to the main stage near to the front row. Lauren Harris (the daughter of Iron Maiden's bassist Steve Harris) was the first to play on the main stage. It's the third time I have seen her band live and they sound the same always - just OK. They play hard rock.

    Just after 15 minutes of the start, people started boo-ing them by shouting BC-MC, showing middle fingers, and screaming offensive language along with chants of “Iron Maiden! IRON MAIDEN!”. You dumb-fuck retards - don't you know Iron Maiden would not come before 8 PM to play for you and the supporting acts would not step off the stage even if you choose to show your displeasure? It's not just you, it's India's image you carry to the world. People also threw wrapped papers, bottles on the stage and Lauren Harris when ended her set kind of said "Bangalore, you look disappointed". In no way did they play a terrible set! The set was average and the crowd was mostly people who were there to see Iron Maiden because the only song they had heard was "Fear of the Dark". During Lauren Harris' set a bunch of posers were singing the intro the fear of the dark showing their love for Maiden. I then moved out of the crowd and the front row to see this happening from far. I saw another group shouting "Parikrama! Parikrama!” and showing middle fingers to Lauren Harris. It's not what happened in Bangalore two years back.

    I am not sure why DNA put up the idea of two stages. People in India are not accustomed to it, may be they will eventually. Many kept sitting near the main stage and saw the supporting acts play on supporting stage from their main-stage-sitting-area. After Lauren Harris was done on the main stage and Parikrama was assembling their set at the main stage, the band " Brandon Ashley & the Silver Bugs" started on the supporting stage. A mix of hard rock, alternative metal and electronic music - again not my cup of tea. They got a cheer-girl with a near-perfect figure which I am sure was treat for all to watch in their set. The music was not what I liked but they had a good sound, good energy and crowd control!

    After the supporting stage band ended playing their set, it was time Parikrama were to start on the main stage. There were a LOT OF Parikrama fans by this time - you could feel it by the screams of the band's name. Parikrama throughout their musical career (15-16 years I think) have been most of a cover band and it's only since two years back that they have started playing an all OC set. This "favorite" band has not yet come up with an album to their credit which is shocking. They had a good sound, good energy but I did not like any of their originals. They really looked like some riffs and melodies you would have heard here-there-somewhere and did not sound unique. The new songs failed to make an impact in my opinion. They had to cut short their set because it was time for Iron Maiden to come on stage.

    The sound check was done, and the lights went off. I could feel the excitement in the year. I am having goosebumps as I write and remember the time; and as I listen to Iron maiden on the PC right now while writing this. Huge screams on the top of lungs shouting
    MAIDEN! MAIDEN!” faded when the track "Doctor! Doctor!" started. I knew I was just minutes away from seeing them again third time. They played "Doctor Doctor" audio in Chicago on the same tour last year and I knew what was to follow. Next up was "Maiden and the Flight 666" video showcasing the Somewhere Back in Time tour, and then was "The Churchill's Speech" – you would know now that you’re moments away from seeing the BEAST on the stage again! As the intro to the "Aces High" hit, there was a huge roar from the crowd and one could easily experience how crazy the atmosphere was from the push-and-pulls in the front row. It was hard to breathe and take care of the two tee shirts I had purchased in that atmosphere where people moved, pushed hard to come forward to the front row. Iron Maiden came to stage and Bruce launched to this vocal attack with the high pitched screaming vocals the song. The sound was amazing - it had to be the best in the night.

    He told it's because of you that Iron Maiden would continue to tour India. Iron Maiden would release a new studio album next year and come back to India for a tour. Iron Maiden came twice to India for the Somewhere Back In Time tour - what testimony would one need for their love for the fans here? The movie "Global Metal" has already shown the madness, the passion and the love fans in India have for Iron Maiden when Sam Dunn, in the movie showcased the Bangalore 2007 concert. It's a must watch. Bruce also mentioned that the Iron Maiden movie "Flight 666" would be in Theatres in April and it has a LOT of coverage from India and why Iron Maiden loves playing in India. It was one of the very proud moments for every Indian metalhead hearing these words from Maiden!

    Bruce told, the next song is about "when man tries to fuck with nature" and "albatross" and "if you have to go get something, go get fast because for the next 13 minutes….". I knew it was time for "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and they played it beautifully. The only thing missing was the use of effects, pyros and HUGE SMOKE (as seen in Live After Death DVD). Indian law does not allow these to be used in concerts here. Bruce mentioned the same too. The “Somewhere Back in Time” gig I saw in Chicago had the pyros, effects and smoke all over the place. "Fear of the Dark" really looked like the crowd favorite and it was the time when the atmosphere was the craziest of all - the biggest Maiden sing-along I would say. The one-song-maiden fans screaming during Lauren Harris’ set must be happy to have witnessed the song live. :D Iron Maiden returned for the encore and played "The Number of the Beast", "The Evil That men Do" and "Sanctuary". During the verse of "The Number of the Beast" Bruce sang.. "I'm coming back, WE WILL RETURN.. I have the fire, and WE WILL MAKE INDIA FUCKING BURN". They took a couple of breaks during "Sanctuary" and interacted with crowd telling they will return next year. If they come and I am here, I am going to go for sure. Can one get tired of seeing Iron Maiden live? FUCK NO!

    Oh! And I missed talking about Adrian, Janick, Dave, Steve, and Nicko!! Janick like always played with his jumping and guitar-herioic acts, Dave had the clarity and speed of notes as ever, Steve slayed the crowd like always with his gun-and-bullet resembling bass postures in many songs, Adrian and Nicko were perfect as always. Iron maiden has to be the biggest heavy metal band in the world and there is no question about it. I am very lucky and proud to have seen them live three times. I just hope and pray I get to see them live at least once every year.

    The setlist Iron Maiden played in Bangalore:

    Intro: Churchill's Speech
    Aces High
    2 Minutes To Midnight
    Children Of The Damned
    Phantom Of The Opera
    The Trooper
    Wasted Years
    Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
    Run To The Hills
    Fear Of The Dark
    Hallowed Be Thy Name
    Iron Maiden
    The Number Of The Beast
    The Evil That Men Do
    SanctuaryIron MaidenKryptos
  • Iron Maiden Live – 17th March Palace Grounds, Bangalore

    Fev 5 2008, 20h42

    [event=123343]Sat 17 Mar – EDD-FEST' 2007[/event]

    Original post with pics:

    I still can’t believe I finally saw the gods of heavy metal live.

    Everything was finalized some 15 days before the gig was about to happen, the tickets, the reservations. After a big confusion on going the Mumbai way and then taking flight to save time because of the problem of getting leaves from office, it was finally decided that I’ll board Karnataka Express from Bhopal with a friend of mine and his cousin on 16th, would reach B’lore on 17th at around 2 PM if all goes fine and would see Iron maiden live standing there in the front row. All went well, and I got to see The Beast live standing second in the front row. Nothing in the world can compare to the experience I’ve had there in the gig, screaming aloud the songs, seeing the ones play live that I’ve always seen on the CDs, DVDs, television. That’s one unforgettable night and experience.

    I left for Bhopal late night on 15th, reached there at 3 AM, rushed to the hotel where my friend was staying. Spent 3 hours talking metal, and making heavy metal genre charts and bands that fall under them, and left for station at 6 AM, boarded the train at 7:10 AM, on 16th. Luckily, our 3AC tickets got converted into a 2 AC one because of some adjustments Indian Railways had to make in people who had Tatkal tickets. All the more comfort!

    I reached Bangalore at around 2 PM on 17th (thank god the train reached in time), rushed to a nice hotel near by the station, took bath, quickly had my lunch, got dressed in my Iron Maiden tee and left for Palace Grounds by 3:00 PM. The road near the Palace Grounds was full of people in black Iron Maiden tees. Few people were carrying flags that had Iron Maiden logo, and album covers printed on them. I had asked one of my friends in B’lore to get the Eddfest tickets, the gates opened at around 3:30 PM and I was waiting for my friend to come. It was frustrating to see people enter and think about the front row being gone. Thankfully after an hour of standing there my friend came and the moments I got the tickets in my hand I rushed in. There were some 500 people around the stage, the front row was gone. But I managed to get inside through the left side of the stage and after a lot of pushing; I managed to be after some seven persons from the front. I knew by the time Iron maiden will come to stage I’ll make it to front. Like media reports, there were around 30000 people there at Palace grounds that day to see Iron Maiden.

    FTN, the campus rock idols winners were the first to perform and the set they played was a total torture. First thing, I could hear nothing except total noise with no synchronization between instruments. Secondly, I don’t at all like nu-metal. Their set was just pathetic.

    Next up were the Indian rock favorites Parikrama who surprised everyone by playing an all original set. And at last Nitin made a statement "A big fuck you to all those who think Parikrama is only a cover band and can’t play an all original set". But did you do that just to prove you can play all originals in one gig, and to disprove others? It’s sad to see a band like Parikrama to do mostly covers, when they have enough experience and capability to write and compose good music. They have done that, but never given it more importance than the covers. Well, it’s just my opinion. But one more thing, I loved their set. It was good to see them play an all original set. I hope it’s just not the only gig with an all original set. Great set, again, loved it!

    Lauren Harris, the daughter of Steve Harris was next with her band named after her name. Lauren Harris is one heck of a beauty. Loved every part of their set expect when she used to scream loud, her voice was sharp, penetrating the ears badly. The guitarist was a Zakk Wylde lookalike, and played some great leads, the drummer was a lady who looked like she was in her eighties, have no clue about her age. In all, a great set! Not many people would have enjoyed it, it seemed. Everyone was eager to see Iron Maiden on stage.

    After her set was over, drums were removed; stage was being checked again for it was Maiden up next. After all things checked and confirmed, the soundcheck done, the lights went off and the intro started. As the intro ended, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Janick Gers came running to stage playing a familiar riff. It was ‘Different World’. I just couldn’t believe my eyes for a minute that I’m finally seeing the gods of heavy metal play live the song I had heard so many times since I got ‘A Matter of Life and Death’. For a moment I was confused, should I sing aloud, headbang to the song, or snap a picture for even knowing that the set would be around 2 hours, my mind was not sure how long would this moment last seeing those on stage whom I’ve dreamt of seeing live, whom I’ve only heard and seen on the television, my PC. Those goosebumps that started with the ‘Different World’ riff were here to stay for 2 more hours till the set would end. Those 2 hours were filled with ‘Omg! Am I dreaming’ thoughts.

    Next up was ‘These Colors Don’t Run’ and then ‘Brighter than the Thousand Suns’. ‘Brighter than the Thousand Suns’ has a nice part in between with fast drumming a nice fast riff that’s played with Bruce’s singing in high pitch, I love banging my head to it. The chorus is just perfect with Bruce starting it in low pitch and singing ‘Brighter than the Thousand Suns.’ in a high pitch. Those vocals are godly. After three songs from ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ Bruce told that they’ve got a bunch of good old songs for the night’s set list, started the old list with ‘Wrathchild’ and dedicated it to Moksha’s Leon who passed away recently. For those who don’t know Moksha is the only band from India till now to have featured on an official Iron Maiden tribute album. Next was ‘The Number of the Beast’. The beast had just started.

    Next up were ‘The Reincarnation of Benjamin Brieg’, ‘For the Greater Good of God’. ‘For the Greater Good of God’ is my favorite song from ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ has an amazing start, and brilliant lyrics. All other songs that were then played were old – ‘Iron Maiden’, ‘Run to the Hills’, ‘The Trooper’, ‘Fear of the Dark’, ‘The Evil That Men Do’, ‘2 Minutes to Midnight’, ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’.

    I still remember that earth shaking sound after the small solo in the song ‘Iron Maiden’, and then the cannon resembling the one in ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ lifting up to the centre of the stage behind Nicko’s drum kit. That sight was awe inspiring, seeing Eddie riding the cannon. Eddie came during ‘The Evil that Men Do’ with a gun, got near to Janick for a small but funny fight like the one in the ‘Iron Maiden Live Rock In Rio’ show. Those moments that people roared back to Bruce’s scream ‘Scream for Me Bangalore’, they are just unforgettable. Also I noticed Nicko playing double bass live on various songs that I left unnoticed in the original songs, perfect drumming. Dave Murray is always up on stage with a smiling face, great stage presence. Steve Harris was great on bass singing vocals to every line, interacting with people and at times holding his bass as gun so as to pretend as if he’s shooting the crowd. To the side where I was standing (left side of the stage) Janick only came once (or twice?) while most of the time Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, and Steve Harris were playing on the left. And Bruce, he was all over the place. What a stage presence this band has!! And how awesome do they sound live!! *bows*

    And people singing ‘Fear of the Dark’ loud from the very intro to the end would have even shocked Bruce. I’ve recorded that as a clip, crowd singing to the ‘Fear of the Dark Intro’. I still remember that shocking look on Bruce’s face when people were chanting loud screaming ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’. I’m sure they loved the crowd, the support of the fans here in India and the testimony for the same would be Bruce’s statement where he said that we won’t have to wait another 17 years to see Iron Maiden live, in fact not even 17 months to see them live again in India and that this gig (definitely the biggest metal gig ever in India) would open the gates for India to many heavy metal bands that fans are eagerly awaiting to see live.

    I wasn’t lucky like many others who got to meet Iron Maiden, but I feel lucky enough to have traveled to Bangalore and to have seen them live that close. Thank you Iron Maiden and thank you DNA for bringing The Beast here! I had the best time of my life there in those 2 hours and seeing Maiden live for this first time is something I’d never forget (so will the 30,000 people in the show that were there) in my life (hoping that I’d get to see them live again in the time to come).

    Up the Irons! \m/
  • Enslaved Live at TC

    Fev 5 2008, 20h38

    Thu 22 Feb – Enslaved, 3Rd SovereigN

    Original post:

    Thank god I was there in Delhi to see Enslaved live at Turquoise Cottage. For those uninitiated, Enslaved is a Melodic Viking Black Metal band from Norway. I still remember my journey to Hyderabad and listening to the RUUN album past midnight sitting at the window seat and dreaming if I could see such an act live ever. And my dreams came true at TC where I not only got to see them live, but also meet them in person, talk to them a few words and a once in a lifetime chance to own the band’s handwritten setlist, that too autographed by all five members, and an Enslaved wristband from Herbrand Larsen, the keyboard player.

    After the gig I was feeling like I've lived a life, and that I don't care if I die now that I've seen them that close. But then I'd postpone my saying till the Iron Maiden's gig which is definitely going to be a BIG one. TC had around 100-150 people attending the Enslaved gig (or even less but not more than 150). I reached there with the baggage I had brought with myself. At the venue a RSJ staff guy asked me if I had come from some other part of India just to see Enslaved live. I said, yes! Thankfully I had a friend (Hemu) there to help me out with it, and I kept my bag in his friend’s car, what a relief that was! Not just me, there were few other people as well who came from other places, met few who came all the way from Bangalore. I thought the gig would end up late around 12-1 AM and then I’ll reach the station late around 2-3 AM and would only have to wait for some 4 hour before I catch the train back home. But the gig ended early and I ended up waiting at station for 7 hours.

    Enslaved started with ‘Path to Vanir’, followed on to play ‘Fusion of Sense and Earth’ playing the progressive sound that the band has recently been into. ‘Bounded by Allegiance’ was next, then ‘The Voices’. Meanwhile people were shouting for 'Isa', which I think is probably the most known song of Enslaved in India and I guess the reason well is its video is easily available through IRC, and P2P networks. Then they played ‘Violet Dawning’ and then the crowd favorite 'Isa'. ‘Ruun’ followed ‘Isa’. ‘Ruun’, has a great melodic start which when ends and the atmospheric riff comes before Grutle start growling 'Communing Once Again with God...' gives an orgasmic feel. I love ‘Ruun’ for the breakdowns, the atmospheric riffs, and the unpredictable nature of the song. They continued with ‘Return to Yggrasil’, which is another great melodic track with a great sing-along 'For ages we have wondered....’. They ended the set with two great old tracks 'Sotunblod' and 'Slaget' which were raw black metal making a perfect heavy ending to the set. Loved Cato’s drumming throughout, amazing double bass. Ice Dale and Ivar were perfect on guitar; Hebrand’s clean vocals couldn’t be heard properly but great keys, and Grutle, those killer growls. Love that growl when the clean singing portion of ‘Path to Vanir’ ends and the last heavy portion begins, double bass comes. In all an extremely tight set, I had never seen such a perfect act live before I saw Enslaved.

    I was hoping they would concentrate much on RUUN but good that they played a good mix of the tracks from few albums, though they were few albums that were left untouched. I felt the set was kind of short. They should have had played more songs. I'd have loved to see ‘Essense’ being played live, that is another song with those amazing atmospheric riffs. Seeing them play it live would have been heavenly. Their setlist, (that I have with me now) has ‘Essesnce’ written in brackets, I was wondering why they didn’t play it then. Time could have been the reason. After Enslaved's set I took the setlist that I got near the stage and went to one of the dames with Enslaved and asked her if she could get it autographed by all 5 members and thank god she did.

    IIIrd Sovereign was next. I had heard SO MUCH about this band, that its one of the most promising death metal bands in India, and seeing them live just proved everything kickass that I had heard about them. Though they weren't with their old vocalist Mala but still the new vocalist (Vedant I suppose, please let me know if am wrong) did justice to the songs. I had only heard one of their originals 'Everlasting Burn' and now I hope to buy that old EP they had released and any new material that's going to come out. Reuben is a monster on drums, certainly the best Indian drummer I've ever seen live till now.
    After the show, I got to meet Enslaved while they were having dinner at TC, got to speak to Grutle and Herbrand Larsen. When I asked Herbrand that if I can have that Enslaved wristband he said 'I saw you singing man, you knew the lyrics to many songs' and gave me the wristband. That sentence, well, is burnt on my memory now.

    I guess they liked playing here, the fan-following is less in number but these are the people who not only love it, but also live it. Heavy Metal (the broader term encompassing all) has always had less number of people to its credit but the dedication of the people listening to it is immense and that’s what makes this genre proud. The numbers are less, but people following it religiously make it even stronger, even prouder.

    After I was done with the show I rushed to station, I can never forget this night not just because of the Enslaved show but because I also had to stay there at the New Delhi station for the whole night. But then it was worth everything that I had been through the day.
    PS: Not to forget, I met one of my good friends that very day, had a great time eating out and visiting Bangla Sahib. It's not just the Enslaved show but that meeting as well, that's burnt on my mind now, forever. :D
  • Sepultura - 28th October 2007 - Live at Hamsadhwani Theatre, Pragati Maidan, Delhi

    Fev 5 2008, 20h34

    Sun 28 Oct – Sepultura

    Read the original review with pics here:

    "No Max, no Igor.. no Sepultura" was what I had been hearing for days since the days were finalized for this gig. A lot of old sepultura fans preferred to see a Sepultura cover band play live for cheap or free than to spend some bucks on the band they had grew listening to. I wasn't expecting Sepultura to play as thunderous as they were in the late 80s and and the start of 1990's of the atmosphere that was built up and from all what I had been seeing in live videos of the new lineup. I'm not a big fan of their stuff post Chaos A.D., but I was there in Delhi to support one of the bands that got me into thrash metal which still to date is my favorite metal subgenre. Like many others I was introduced to this band with the very cliched 'Roots Bloody Roots' but as I started exporing this band back to their stuff from eighties and early 90s, I got to know about their might! The might which I should say (and now that I have experienced) still stands to date even when two crucial members have left the band. Sepultura in Delhi kicked every single ass there in Hamsadhwani Theatre be it a roots-fanboy or a person craving for old-school, I can be sure about that.

    How do you expect your journey to a metal gig if you have 666 riding with you in numbers? 666 was the total amount of a combined ticket of we 2 people who were about to leave for Delhi on Friday. When I reached at my friend's office with my baggage to leave for station I heard a shocking news that he won't be able to make it for the gig or he'd be able to witness it till 8:30 at night and then leave if he manages to get a new reservation ticket for Sunday. We somehow left thinking we'll manage all that once we reach Delhi. And when we reach there and we are about to call a friend with whom we'd be staying, we find the person has his cell switched off. We somehow manage to find the place and contact him on his landline and find that his cell was stolen last night. More to come.. when we order a chicken basket and a crispy-something-chicken at KFC thinking it wud be too small (as it indeed was on the menu they had nicely hanged on their counters) and the bill comes out to be 666. The chicken basket that came was 3 times the size that was portrayed on the conter and eventually we quit eating when the basket still had half-bucket-full of chicken more to offer.

    I was already told Hamsadhwani Theatre is just too small to manage a crowd of around 4000 people which everyone was expecting. Pragati Maidan wasn't at all like Palace Grounds in B'lore in terms of the metal-vibe. The show started too late at around 6:30 when everyone was let in and after minutes of soundcheck Metakix (the opening band) were forced to play because the show was already late. With a BAD sound somehow Metakix managed to play an ok-ish set despite of fuck-off-get-off-the-stage chants from the disappointed crowd. I had only heard a single Metakix song 'You're bloody right' that was aired on VH1 for a long time and I could not understand why they name themselves as a thrash metal band when they are more heavy/groove sorts of. Their set was disappointing, they were having a bad day. Had the sound been nice, they would have done justice to the once in a life time opening-act for Sepultura chance they had got. When it was time time for Zomb (Metakix frontman) to throw some free "Connect and Inspire" CDs (new Metakix album), the crowd suddenly got energized and started chanting to which Zomb said - "Now you like it, haan?"

    Metakix left the stage. The soundcheck for Sepultura took around 15-20 minutes and what then started with the intro on Dante XXI album was a complete thunder!! The sound was amazing and fucking out-of-this-world. The first song which I was expecting had to be "Dark wood of Error" from the Dante XXI album for it marks the return-to-thrash for these brazillian-beasts! The song kicks off with fast-strummed palm-muted riffs and when Derrick pours in the vocals becomes a complete and a perfect thrash package. I had no doubt in the brand of thrash that Sepultura carries with them - Dolabella, the new drummer was slaying on drums, Andreas and Paulo on guitar and bass, and Derrick - who I never liked watching live on the live videos I have was a machine on stage - so full of energy and with a growl that not for a second made anyone feel "Max would have been better". They played a LONG set, some good number of songs were played from the new Dante XXI album which marks Sepultura's return to thrash. Below is the list of songs they played in random order that I can remember:

    Dark Wood of Error
    Buried Words
    Crown and Mitter
    Convicted in Life
    Troops of Doom
    Inner Self
    Escape to the Void
    Beneath the Remains
    Dead Embryonic Cells
    Desperate Cry
    Come Back Alive
    Slave New World
    Bullet the Blue Sky
    Medley (Andreas on guitar and Dolabella on drums)
    Biotech is Godzilla
    Roots Bloody Roots

    I would call that a good setlist having a great mix of the Max-era and Derrick-era songs. Every Dante XXI song is kickass. Derrick in the middle of the show asked Andreas to play some riffs of the old-school songs to check if crowd could guess that and to check how many of the old sepultura fans were there in the crowd. Sadly, only very few were able to guess the songs and it seemed the old sepultura fans had better opted to be home then to see the band live without original members. I loved every second of those old Sepultura thrash anthems. Sepultura have indeed found Dolabella as a good new drummer who did complete justice to the old stuff. He may not be as good as Igor but he indeed slayed on all the songs. The set ended with Derrick thanking all and quoting "You all have a great country and that hwo he would tell it out to everyone out how good this gig was. All big bands are going to jealous about it and this would open the gates to all those bands that you have been dreaming to see live one day. They would definitely come AND SO WOULD WE, NEXT YEAR!!!". If that's true, I'm on it again.

    I had never banged my head for the entire show like I did for this gig, had to be obvious for it's thrash!! Sepultura indeed has slapped in the face of those who think it can't slay live without Max and Igor. They fucking can! I almost screamed with every song they played and banged my head like crazy and I had to take a day off from office on Tuesday for my sore throat and neck paining. Seeing this band live was adream come true for a thrash fan like me and I wish Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Kreator, Testament, Sodom are on their way to India soon.. very soon!

    Long Live Thrash Metal!!!

    PS: Great thanks to Seema for helping with tickets and Prabhanshu for the stay!!