• Flow

    Nov 29 2011, 5h27

    The single most important thing for someone who wants enjoy dancing is to be comfortable in their skin. Don’t care who’s looking or not looking. Dance for yourself and no one else.

    Once one is able to let go in this way a beautiful harmony washes over and through the body, through the crowd. For a brief moment in time the dancer intimately knows how the universe works by witnessing and creating its flow. It goes beyond simply understanding, it is the process of becoming. I Am that I Am. You are the music while the music lasts.

    No man is an island, we are all connected.

    If we can dance together, we can live together.
  • MODERAT - Rusty Nails

    Abr 8 2010, 3h44

    These haunting figures will sweep you away with subversive echoes and a seductive 2-step candor that will keep your neurons firing long after the last beat.