Top 10 survey


Jul 10 2009, 15h38

Take your current Top 10 artists and list the first song you heard, the one that made you fall in love and your current favourite.

1. Slowdive
First song I heard: Machine Gun
Fell in love with: When the Sun Hits
Current Favourite: Souvlaki Space Station

2. Ride
First song I heard: Twisterella
Fell in love with: Seagull
Current favourite: Nowhere (live Reading festival 1992)

3. Catherine Wheel
First song I heard: I Want To Touch You
Fell in love with: Bill And Ben
Current favourite: Car

4. The Stone Roses
First song I heard: Made of Stone
Fell in love with: Made of Stone
Current favourite: damn, same song.

5. The Jesus and Mary Chain
First song I heard: Just Like Honey
Fell in love with: Just like honey
Current favourite: Frequency

6. My Bloody Valentine
First song I heard: Loomer
Fell in love with: I Only Said
Current favourite: I only said

7. Airiel
First song I heard: Thinktank
Fell in love with: Where It Belongs
Current favourite: Where it belongs

8. Hostage Juliet
First song I heard: Blue Mountain (Demo)
Fell in love with: Blue mountain
Current favourite: Timeline

9. Pink Floyd
First song I heard: Wish You Were Here
Fell in love with: Wish You Were Here
Current favourite: Comfortably Numb

10. Cocteau Twins
First song I heard: Ivo
Fell in love with: Amelia
Current favourite: Blind Dumb Deaf


  • matyus

    You love Cocteau Twins

    Jul 10 2009, 17h36
  • Yamamanama

    Who doesn't love Cocteau Twins?

    Jul 31 2009, 22h22
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