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Mar 21 2007, 5h49

Hey, there! Just trying to do my part to spread the meme... Basically, listen to 10 tracks on someone's radio station, log the artist, track, and your thoughts. Check out bamgrrl or DudeTheMath's journals for more info!

Now, let's get started. It's only 11:12 pm. I'm on vacation. So what the heck!


Waiting in anticipation for the first track to load. What will it be??

1 - Bloody Well Right - DTM #23 - Well, you are bloody well right. Hey, they sound British. What can I say - it's Supertramp.

2 - Closer To The Edge - DTM #2 - My first thought: "oh no. not Yes." My second thought: "I like much of DTM's stuff. Give it a chance." Oh, God. I just checked. It's got 17 minutes to go. I'll sit thru 2 more, just in case.... Well some vocals came on and it got better. The frenetic opener really didn't jive with me, but the vocals sounds like some stuff I like, yet different. I'm not a Yes fan. (Give me some credit, I sat through more than 2 more minutes.)

3 - Drive - DTM #13 - Oooo... Music from college. I liked REM in the 80/90s. Orchestral. Highly produced. Hey, cool guitar riffs. I think I'm more an "early" REM fan.

4 - Smash the Mirror - DTM #2 - Well, HELLO!! Bluesy opener. I like it from the first notes! The Who, huh? I would've never thought. Okay... those girl-y "rise... rise... rise...-es" are getting to me. Cool - They smashed a mirror. That reminds me of the chainsaw song, The Lumberjack. Hey! Come back. It's over. Short track.

5 - Farewell Reel - I really need a faster connection.

6 - Crash And Burn - DTM #67 - Sounds like R2D2 or C3PO. Oooo... pretty voice. Hey! They mention Portland! I really like her voice, esp. since I didn't recognize it immediately. Like the jam-esque nature of the guitar. Somewhat reminescent of Cowboy Junkies more recent quasi - psychedelic period. Whoa... Quite a switch mid - song, so much so I thought a new song was on. I like it! Catchy!

Hey! It's midnight now.

7 - I've Seen That Movie, Too - DTM #74 - Well, I like The Piano Man. This is much the same. I do find his voice quite relaxing. Child of the 70's thing, probably. From that era, I LOVE John Denver , Helen Reddy, and Barbra Streisand. Mr. John would not be my first choice.

8 - She Moves in Secret Ways - LOL!!! DTM #416 I kid you not. - Cool! It's Feist. *looks at the player* No, it's not... Cool! A new artist to find!! Yippee! Her voice is interesting, textured, and quite pretty. I like her more complex tempo / words / timing changes.

9 - More Than This - DTM #84, just after Sir Charles Mackerras, Scottish Chamber Orchestra & Chorus *Did you say, "Scottish?" I'm so there. Must find this. Hey, DTM, is that classical choral? - YEAH!! 80's music!

and the lastly . . .

10 - Acknowledgement - DTM #39 - Just a minute into this last track and my internet connection died. Oh, my. It must be bedtime. John Coltrane - Classic Jazz. I generally like his music, though it can get a bit frenetic for me depending on my mood. I'm more into smooth jazz when I pick jazz. Well, Hello - Smokey, throaty vocals near the end.

My conclusions:
Perplexing indeed - These Mysteries of LastFM Radio. Practically everything Joe's recommended I've liked alot. These tracks, for the most part, I could take or leave.

Will definitely look for more of Polly Paulusma.

What about RUSH?? Pink Floyd, The Cure, U2, or (I'd love to hear) the Electric Bonsai Band?

Other thoughts: Would YOU like to know more about memes?
Check out the book Virus of the Mind by Richard Brodie. One of those books that's been sitting on my bookshelf since the 2004 ideaFest in KY. I've been memeing to read it. (Okay, so I find myself quite amusing at this late hour and only into my second hour of vacation time. ;-)

Cheers! melo

P.S. Oh, just shoot me now. Synchronicity II just came on. Track 11! One of my fav songs (Hi, Sean - First boyfriend! And a strawberry blonde to boot.) and it is outside the meme-able set. C'est la vie! LOVE this song. In fact, remember those cassettes I mentioned disposing of. This one was played so much there was no sound quality and it the can with the rest. I do need to go pick up this one again, on CD.

Wondering what was playing while I was proofing this?
12 - Modern Love by Bowie
13 - Sugar Hiccup, a track I'd never heard by a band I love, Cocteau Twins.
The computer must be tailoring tracks in response to these comments. I better quit while I'm ahead. :)


  • DudeTheMath

    The listing for Sir Charles Mackerras - Scottish Chamber Orchestra & Chorus is from my recording of La nozze di Figaro. I've been pushing the last.fm people to find a way to pick up composer instead of artist for classical music; I know I'm not the only person who has multiple versions of many classical pieces, and, well, the performer [i]is[/i] the artist. Sugar Hiccup is from their second album, Head Over Heels. I actually have it on the BBC Sessions collection. I probably should have already rec'd Polly Paulusma to you. I only recently picked up one of her CDs, Scissors In My Pocket, and it's great. I prefer early R.E.M., too; my favorite album is Life's Rich Pageant. Ouch! Close to the Edge is the entire side 1 of the LP of the same name. If you want to hear some Yes I think you might enjoy, try Tormato. Or if you're in an '80s mood, 90125, although it's not one of my favorites. One of the things I love about early Supertramp is the awesome Fender Rhodes stage piano (the same model the Blues Brothers buy from Ray Charles--There's nothing wrong with this here pi-ano!) that you hear starting off Bloody Well Right. That's what I played at jazz gigs in high school and college. All in all, this is about as representative as you can get in only ten songs (no classical?). I think Rush appears higher than Yes in my lists because they have shorter (!) tracks. For Electric Bonsai Band (It's not electric, and it's not a band) I can point you to Yellowtail Records. Glad you had fun listening!

    Mar 21 2007, 13h31
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