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  • medievalkarl

    It certainly is happening next August. There's a website for it and everything. From what I can tell, nearly everyone who graduates with me still lives in the NW, although the fancier or funner ones are in Seattle. I'm the only one in NYC. I will not be attending. Unlike you, I get homesick, not for the NW, but for NYC. Where you should be once bureaucracy lets you go. This is a very facebook conversation!

    agosto 2008
  • beelavender

    Your twentieth reunion will almost certainly happen next August. That is the way of these things..... I'm debating which continent I would rather be on when mine hits!

    agosto 2008
  • beelavender

    Hello yourself!!! Will you be in the NW next summer?

    agosto 2008
  • Juanba12

    Hello! New Víctor Jara Group. Bye!

    abril 2008
  • stacysmall


    novembro 2007