• gosh dammit

    Fev 28 2013, 10h18

    theres so much great wonderful music i havent found yet and everytime i come across something i can beleive ive never heard of i get so excited about stuff. music is my pulse!
  • free albums

    Ago 6 2012, 7h54

    i finally came off my high horse so take em theyre free everything i got take em off my musicians page!
  • awwwwww yeeeeeeuuuuuhhhhh

    Jul 1 2012, 8h48

    sony makes headphones that are less then 20 dollas playa! i hate touch ipods!!! i dont think this ones gonna last more then a couple of months more!
  • No more scrobbling

    Dez 28 2011, 12h59

    since apparently the thier server has been infiltrated by malware and i cant afford malware removal software at the moment and im too lazy to do it myself so no more scrobbling :(
  • music

    Dez 2 2011, 22h53

    is not a duvet for shopping or waiting or elevators or to make a product stick in your mind. its the only thing that matters.
  • Music

    Nov 3 2011, 22h59

    is all I need.
  • EQ

    Out 19 2011, 21h25

    Musicians spend hours days and months and years mastering each level of each sound your hear They carefully measure a sound till it is perfect in their ears the least we can do is listen to them the way they were supposed to be heard. Listen to your music with a flat eq no mega bass no rock no r&b preset bullshit. let the music speak clearly on flat undisturbed and undistorted. youd be suprised what a difference it makes!
  • music

    Set 28 2011, 11h22

    is the reality i wanna live.
  • Emo

    Set 18 2011, 8h29

    dont call me emo dont say im emo im too old for emo i was like this before the young douches decided to look a certain way cause they didnt know who they were i been wearing black forever and i been sad since forever Im too old to be trying to look cool or fit in to some new trendy bullshit so dont calll me emo know can even give me an explanation of emo so as long as imm concerned its completely retarded like people who use the word poser n such so lick my balls. Im not emo im me.
  • Life isnt real

    Set 4 2011, 9h00

    Music is the only thing thats real.