Lamb of God


Abr 19 2009, 22h02

Fri 17 Apr – Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, As I Lay Dying, God Forbid, Municipal Waste

This was the most epic concert I have seen in a while!!! Missed Municipal Waste and God Forbid cuz i got there late but AILD, COB and Lamb of God were fucking EPICC!!!!!

As I Lay Dying:

Pretty good I must say, third time seeing them so I knew what their setlist was gonna be like. This setlist isnt in order but they started off with Separation as an intro like always and ended with 94 hours and collision; as always!

Through Struggle
Nothing Left
Within Destruction
The Sound Of Truth
94 Hours

Children of Bodom: They had a good setlist but was kinda dissapointed that they didnt play needled 24/7 or are you dead yet? But overall pretty sick!

Silent Night, Bodom Night
Hate Me!
Hellhounds On My Trail
Living Dead Beat
Angels Don't Kill
In Your Face

Lamb of God: FUCKING EPIC!! They sounded really really really good live and had a really sick setlist!!!

The Passing
In Your Words
Set to Fail
Walk With Me In Hell
Now You've Got Something To Die For
Dead Seeds
Blacken the Cursed Sun
Broken Hands
Laid to Rest
Black Label

Redneck had the biggest and baddest circle pit I have ever seen and a fuckin epic wall of death for Black Label!!


  • en_irak

    as i lay dying had also played 'an ocean between us' is the only one i know of them so i can remember ! :P

    Abr 20 2009, 0h46
  • SpeEd666

    Ur right Doh ! It was insane !

    Abr 20 2009, 6h00
  • mdesevigne

    fuckk yeaahhh

    Abr 20 2009, 16h49
  • Melroth

    Man this show was fucking awesome it was my third time seeing COB. Was it me or the fans had more energy while children were playing than Lamb ?

    Abr 20 2009, 19h45
  • BloodyHawk39

    I had the same impression as Melroth. COB was much more popular compared to Lamb of God. says so too, by checking the number of total plays by each band. Awesome show indeed;)

    Abr 22 2009, 1h58
  • mdesevigne

    haha yeah but id say lamb of god put on a better performance COB's setlist kinda sucked, they didnt play needled 24/7 OR are you dead yet! =[

    Abr 22 2009, 21h28
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