• Roots concert in Philly

    Ago 18 2006, 16h39

    Just wanted to tell everyone that if they have a chance to catch The Roots on their toor, to definately get some tickets.

    I was able to see them last night @ The Electric Factory in Philly and it was an awesome show. The Pharcyde opened up with all their old school and new stuff, Then the Roots blasted everyone away with all their new stuff w/ tons of their classics.

    Things only got better when Common jumped on the stage for a good 45 minutes including what seemed like a 10-minute freestyle.

    Closing out the show, the Roots played music from basically every artist you can name, from Ol' Dirty, to Biggie, to Dr. Dre, to Wu-Tang, to Michael Jackson, and a ton other.

    One thing about their concerts, each of the members usually has about a 15-minute improv session which just blows everyone away.

    If you've never seen them in concert before, make sure you go see these guys. You'll love the concert even if you don't love hip-hop.