• Blog is Back Online!

    Jul 18 2012, 5h08

    WhiteEagle's Aerie is back online, so I will no longer be posting here. Please go there to see the latest posts, including the restarted WhiteEagle's Aerie Podcast!
  • My blog is almost back!

    Jul 12 2012, 19h34

    I have great news! In 24 to 48 hours, I can begin to setup my websites, one by one. Swagnilla Ice's site will be first to come back as I said it would, followed by Adult Fun Center, and instead of Leet Link, I will be working on my personal blog/community site next.

    I chose to work on it due to the fact that I could not post a journal entry here yesterday as I had planned to. Since I want to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule of posting, being able to post when I want to is crucial. Thus the decision to do WhiteEagle's Aerie ahead of schedule, even if I don't have enough cash for all the features of it. I can always keep on working on it and improving it as time goes on. I'll be sure to move all of my posts here on Last.FM to the new site when I am ready to do so.

    Until I post again, take care! ;)
  • Rant About What I See is Becoming Cliche

    Jul 10 2012, 2h02

    Let me say that as a writer, I try to be original. I try to use new plots and situations in my stories, and so as a reader, I hate cliched plots and situations with a passion! There is one situation lately that has become cliche in my books as a result of reading about it over and over again. I guess it doesn't help that I read mostly romance fan fiction, but romance isn't always about unprotected sex and a pregnancy as a result!

    Yes, readers, the cliched situation/plot that I hate is Ash having unprotected sex with his girlfriend/love/partner/etc. for the story and getting her pregnant as a result. It's beginning to tick me off to read about the same situation/plot happen over and over again as a device in the story. Even good writers can't seem to not use such a situation.

    I know in the anime that Ash is dense about romance and the stuff surrounding it, but he has been kept at age 10 in that so far! What ten year old boy do you know that is interested in sex and romance at that age? None that is normal, that's for certain! I think if they let Ash grow up, he'd outgrow such density about relationships and romance. Yes, this means that his female traveling partners would keep getting younger in comparison to him, but he acted as a teacher/coach/role model to both May and later Dawn if I recall the anime correctly.

    Since he is usually in his late teens/early twenties when he has these relationships in the stories, he probably knows about the 'Pidgey and Beedrill' (to transform our "birds and bees" saying into the equivalent for Pokemon and their world) and how to have safe, protected sex. I would also guess that he knows that with him traveling (in the majority of the stories he's still a traveling trainer), he wouldn't be able to help take care of a child of such a union, so he'd take precautions. (The few stories that are an exception to this latter claim, most have the female not tell Ash about the pregnancy and hide it from him, or they get married because of it. Another exception is "Responsibilities" where he became the new champion of Kanto before he got Misty pregnant. That's another thing, why does Misty never grow up as well? She should outgrow using her magical mallet on Ash's head at least! I also understand why she's so popular as she was in the first three seasons and she was in the first episode with Ash, but still I'd love to see more stories with Ash and a non-traveling partner.)

    Another reason I dislike it being used so much, is that these stories are available for anyone to see. There are no restrictions to who can see these stories usually, and Pokemon is pretty popular, so there is a large audience out there. Young impressionable minds can see that it is okay to get your girlfriend/lover/etc. pregnant and still everything will turn out okay. I think I've seen only one author put a warning before the lemon scene reminding people to practice safe sex, and that Ash can afford to have a baby in that story (as in it, he had just become the Pokemon Master).

    That's all on this topic, I'm through ranting now! Take care! ;)
  • Micro-evolution vs. Macro--evolution

    Jul 7 2012, 2h20

    Do you know that there are two forms of evolution? Or that one is believed in by both Creationists and Evolutionists? Read on to learn more about this topic!

    According to science today, there are two main forms of evolution: micro-evolution (also known as adaptive selection) and macro-evolution. Micro-evolution, which is also known as adaptive selection, is changes within a species (ie. poodles and wolves are micro-evolutions of a common dog ancestor) that usually occur because of changes to the environment, but man can also cause it to happen (poodles being an excellent example). It can also usually occur within a short period of time. Macro-evolution on the other hand is the evolution of one species into another over a long period of time (usually millions of years). A good example of this supposedly happening according to evolutionists is a common ape ancestor evolving into modern humans over a few million years.

    Micro-evolution is believed in by both Creationists and Evolutionists, the former because it agrees with what the Bible says it is allowed and the latter because there are examples in modern-day science. A moth in England is a good example of this. Before the Industrial age, most of the particular moth were light-colored as to blend in better with the bark of the trees they rested on. However as the trees darkened due to all the pollution from the factories, the light-colored variety was easily spotted by predators and eaten, thus leaving a majority of them dark-colored to better hide into the new color of the bark. I could give a lot more examples here, such as all canines coming from one original pair, but I don't have the time to post about it here.

    Macro-evolution is not believed in by Creationists because it goes against what the Bible teaches and what has been observed in science so far. Evolutionists try to use the fossil record as proof of macro-evolution, but so far any supposed link is either a hoax, a completely new species, or a trash can of various parts from other unrelated species. Also, no one has seen a one-cell amoeba divide into a two-cell amoeba, they always split into two one-cell amoebas. It has also been proven via genetics that even if you are to make your muscles stronger, you cannot pass down stronger muscles to your offspring (among many such traits).

    I personally cannot believe in macro-evolution, even though I believe in micro-evolution. I hope that after reading this, you come to a similar conclusion. Feel free to do more research, but if you still believe in macro-evolution, ask why the Big Bang didn't cause a giant black hole instead of forming the universe today. Bet any astronomer or physicist you ask won't be able to give a good answer. Why? The laws that govern the universe haven't changed since day one, but our understanding of them does improve.
  • What's Going On Lately

    Jul 4 2012, 16h04

    First off, I would like to wish all my American readers a happy 4th of July! Hope you all have a happy and safe holiday today! Remember those who fought and died so that you could enjoy this holiday, even for a second today.

    I started the process of purchasing VPS hosting from JaguarPC yesterday, and according to Paypal, it will take six to eight business days to process (estimated date of completion the 11th to the 13th). So adjust the timeline I posted on Monday to reflect that, and you can figure out roughly when to expect and the story archive to be up and running, but you can still expect an announcement here when they are up and ready for visitors.

    I completed the first chapter of "For My Rival's Sister" a few days ago, and finished editing chapter 11 of "Time's Changes" to give it a better cliff-hanger of an ending. Now I'm not certain whether I want to work on yet another story, or instead work on the next chapter of one of my existing stories. I could start on "Guardian Prince of Aura" as I know how I want that story to start, yet I might have enough stories to work on for the time being, having taken over "Love In Sinnoh" from Zombreya.

    As I will be returning my desktop rig back to Linux (might not go with Ubuntu this time) come the beginning of September most likely, I'm uncertain whether or not to install a game on it. The main reason I left Windows last time is that it was keeping on filling up the hard drive, which was preventing me from getting anything done. Three hundred gigabytes (before formatting) of storage may seem like a lot, but Windows sure can fill it up quick. A game would help me pass time faster, and I really would like to play Zoo Tycoon Complete or Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Gold, even if I don't have Xfire installed anymore. (Xfire is an IM program which can keep track of how long you play on games it has in it's database.) However, I am doing a lot of reading of fan fiction at the moment, so I don't know if it would be worth the space to install either game. Decisions, decisions, life is full of them!

    Until next post, take care! ;)
  • Rough Time Line Until Story Archive is Running

    Jul 2 2012, 15h27

    People have been wondering and asking me how long until my new story archive is up and ready for visitors. I thought I would show you all rough time line today showing how long it will take.

    Thursday, July 5: Start of eCheck transfer to JaguarPC for VPS hosting (takes 3-5 business days to go through so about 5-7 normal days)
    Tuesday, July 10 - Thursday, July 12: eCheck goes through and JaguarPC emails the instructions on pointing's domain to their server and I execute them

    July 12-14: 48 hours later (to let the domain changes spread throughout the web), I add the other domains and point them to the account as well

    July 14-16: Start of setting up - the website of Swagnilla Ice

    July 16-19: After completely setting up, starting work on where the story archive will be set up as a sub-folder.

    Approximately July 19-22: Story site ready for first visitors.

    Hope this helps people understand when the story archive will be up and running!

    Take care until next post! ;)
  • Bits and Bytes II

    Jun 30 2012, 2h07

    This post will be full of random stuff - none which was big enough for it's own post. Once again, don't expect anything to be related from paragraph to paragraph.

    I decided to delay the start of the purchase and the cash transfer to Paypal until Thursday just in case the cash comes out of my account the day I start the transfers. It just means a small delay until I can start putting up the sites, but nothing major really.

    I have to admit I really like Winamp. From the add-ins to the automatic podcast downloads, Winamp rules. Plus there's a lot of choices to make it look the way you want to. Add the fact that you only have to pay to go pro only if you want to, and it's pretty darn awesome.

    I'm deliberating whether or not to install a game onto my computer. It would help me pass the time, but as I am reinstalling Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) after I get cable internet and as I am watching videos and reading stories online, I really don't want to waste the space that will just be written over when I switch OS's again. (The only reason I switched back to Windows was to get the D-Link USB wireless adapter working anyways.)

    That's all I've got for today, so until next post, take care. ;)
  • News On The Websites

    Jun 28 2012, 3h00

    Time for an update on the websites!

    On Monday, I will be starting the purchase of VPS hosting for the websites, and start the transfer of cash to my Paypal account so I can purchase the domain for Leet Chess (which last time I checked was still available).

    I have decided to change the order in which I will setup the sites. I decided to base it upon price and complexity. I will now set them up in this order:
    • Swagnilla Ice
    • Adult Fun Center
    • Leet Link
    • International Space School
    • Professional Canadian Hockey League
    • WhiteEagle's Aerie
    • WP Blog Center
    • Leet Chess
    • FoodRatings

    I'm looking forward to setting them up, but I know it will be a while for the sites later on the list, as they will cost more. The only site on the list which won't cost me money beyond the hosting is Swagnilla Ice.

    Until next time, take care! ;)
  • Source of Purges at FF.Net Located!

    Jun 25 2012, 4h35

    I would like to thank eclipse2025 at FF.Net for sending me the following message:

    Here's some info I got from a reviewer named Rei concerning those responsible. The source of the purge has been found. A group of regular FF users, Critics United, will post any story they don't like on their forum. Then they have all their members mass report it until the story is deleted. In their forum they say they hope to cause another purge soon. They are not critics; they are bullies. They do not offer constructive criticism; they flame and poke fun. They like to call stories sh¡tfics, and call authors whose story they got deleted 'immature' and 'likely to b¡tch at them.' They often use heavy sarcasm and condescension in their supposed 'constructive criticism.' The head of Critics United has MA sex scenes in her stories.

    Copy and Paste. Spread the word.

    Let's do what he suggested and spread the word out to everyone we know!
  • Back Online With the Desktop

    Jun 22 2012, 15h15

    Hey everyone!

    I'm back online fully once again! I'll admit, I had to reinstall Windows to get the D-Link DWA-125 to connect and work, but it also allowed me to connect my printer via USB! I'm going to be sorely tempted to keep Windows on this rig until I can build my gaming rig in the future, just for that reason alone! I'm using Firefox 13 as my browser, and it rocks! I'm reading my mail on the web, and I like it that way.

    Okay, I will admit that the extremely small text for the native resolution is driving me nuts, but I'm certain there is an easy fix out there for me to use!

    Gotta go!

    PS. 20 days left until I can start putting the websites back up! If you are a fan of Swagnilla Ice, mark your calendars!