Dance party of your life...


Fev 1 2008, 18h49

Thu 31 Jan – Girl Talk, Grand Buffet

Unbelievable. Thats the best word to describe Girl Talk's set. From the opening beat to the ending comprised of pure noise, the dancing was non-stop. The crowd turned into one hot and sweaty mass of dancing and jumping with the amazing DJing that came out of that skinny white boy.

I couldn't believe my ears with some of the samples and music he mixed up. Just like his impeccable album, Night Ripper, Girl Talk manages to kick it up a notch live, and to perfection. With everything from Busta Rhymes, Nine Inch Nails, Elton John, Smashing Pumpkins, The Jackson Five and more, all mixed together in one brilliant two-hour electronic symphony. And throwing "No Diggity" into the mix? Badass.

At any rate, if you get a chance to go see this guy, take it. For the price, its the best dance party you'll ever go to. Ever.


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