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Ago 29 2006, 10h25

This post will once again be a big summary of the several things I've been planning to write about, but not managed so far: a review of Mando Diao's new album, new music discovered, comments about the site, and a bit about me for personalistaion.

PART 1: Mando Diao'S NEW ALBUM

OK, here we go... so the band Mando Diao (My favourite band) has released a new album in Japan and Germany, and it is due to come out in Sweden on the 6th September, a reason of great annoyance to me, which I will touch apon again in another part of this post later on. This means that I thought I had to order it from Germany, Switzerland, or America. All choices of which would cost £15 including p&p. I am suprised that ordering from Amazon US was the cheapest option as it was the German import version, however I am not willing to wait for up to 36 days for it to arrive. This means I tried "shopping around", and through froogle I found that I could get it in the UK for £8.75, with free p&p... The best offer I've seen, and so I immediately bought it, and am now awaiting it's arrival with huge anticipation.


Having bought the new album, I downloaded it from P2P software so I can be forewarned of what it will be like... and it's amazing! Mind blowing even! OK, not that good at first glance, or second, and in my first opinion, nothing on Hurricane Bar (my favourite album in the world), but on waking to it this morning with the good weather and the lyrics "Smile, you're on TV again", it proved to me that this album has the strength which Hurricane Bar runs out of towards the end... it just keeps going. It even contains a new track of the quality of Sheepdog and You Can't Steal My Love. This track is called The New Boy, and though one of the slower songs, I find the lyrics are deeper than most Mando diao songs so far. It also is the most old style Mando-esque song, with similarities to Mr. Moon and a slow version of Paralyzed. The perfect romantic turning on a spot sort of song. Other songs worth a mention are Good Morning Herr Horst which is really good with the typical long lyrics "I've been walking down the street/with a tamborine on my feet". It contains definite eastern influneces and reminds me of The Battle of Evermore, despite the very different styles. My other favourite tracks are Killer Kaczynski (with quite repetitive lyrics but an awesome riff), Amsterdam, a slightly darker sounding track which has great lyrics especially in the second verse which is about going to a hotel and watching a movie "with Marlon Brandow and his friend Pacino" - another film reference similar to that in You Can't Steal My Love. All the other songs are good too, but I won't mention them all, recommendations are TV & Me, Welcome Home Luc Robbetaille and Song for Aberdeen (which sounds suspiciously exactly the same as another Mando song, I just can't put my finger on it). I can't wait for the CD to arrive...


OK, so I've recently been discovering alot of new music:

  1. Death Cab for Cutie - Yes, I have finally got into them thanks to another inspiring journal entry here on which recommended the album Plans, which in it's self is inspiriational. Soul Meets Body is a track of quality beyond belief... I have no idea how I knew all the words to it without knowing it's by Death Cab. I also absolutely adore Marching Bands of Manhattan, Someday You Will Be Loved and New Year from the album Transatlanticism.

  2. Sugarplum Fairy - I think it was always the name that kept me away from this band. It is the most similar band to Mando Diao according to, though I only think that's because both bands have members from the Norén family. Sugarplum Fairy are more on the pop side than Mando Diao, but are still quite good. Though their songs are somewhat geared towards 13-year-old screaming girls, I like them, especially Sail Beyond Doubt, the chorus of which reminds me so much of Supreme, which definitely is not a bad thing. The other song I really like is Morning Miss Lisa, which I think is the most similar to Mando Diao, and also contains trces of Oasis.

  3. Bob Dylan - An artist I didn't grow up with as my dad hates his voice, so I discovered Highway 61 Revisited when I was camping and a friends parent was playing Queen Jane Approximately, which is an astounding track of lyrical genious and Dylan's style of singing really reminded me of Mando Diao. I think the best song I've heard of his to date has to have been Mama, You've Been on My Mind.

  4. Sacred Harp Singers At Liberty Church - I only like 1 song by them: Idumea from the war scene at the beginning of Cold Mountain. I just love the harmonies.

  5. Pull Tiger Tail - OK, not a new discovery, but a discovery worth mentioning. they are local band from north London, and I really like their music... If you can really be bothered, you can listen to it on their myspace


OK, here's my problem: Journal Stalking... or the difficulty of it now that only the 10 last posts are shown on the main User page. I'm going to try to see if anybody can write a greasemonkey script to show the last 50 or 100 as on the old site. I was under the impression that Admin were trying to help with the community atmosphere, not stop it. Any way, now that I've had my short rant, I've cooled my head and moving swiftly on...


Right, I think this requires a scenario:

I own an iPod, and I use it constanetly whenever I am not on the PC. I link it up to my stereo to play music from, I use my iTrip in the car to listen to it, I go to school with it and listen to it ther, I also listen to music at night to fall asleep to. afterwards, I scrobble everything I listen to. Now my question is what happens if I scrobble on Monday morning what I listened to on Sunday night? Does it become included in the previous weeks chartsand they get recalculated, or is it just lost into oblivion and added to the total tracks, but not to a weekly chart. Maybe this is a question I should put to RJ or moleke as the admin. Or does anybody else know?


Yay... his is the bit about me, myself and I. And a few other things. Well, as some of you might know, I was supposed to go to Sweden earlier this month, but the flights were cancelled due to the bomb scares. Well, instead, I'm going to go on Thursday and stay there until Tuesday night... This means 2 main things, one good and one bad. I'll go for the bad news first: Mando Diaos new album comes out Wednesday morning in Sweden, but as I ordered it, it doesn't really matter anymore. The good news is that being there this weekend means I will be able to see Håkan Hellström live at Gröna Lund on Friday, which is fantastic. I never thought I'd have
the chance to see him live. I'm really looking foreward to it, not to mention spending 5 days in Stockholm, during which time I want to pillage and rape every music store for more amazing Swedish music. I also hope to maybe buy an album by Elin Sigvardsson.

Well guys, sorry about the tremendously huge size of this journal post. It has taken me 1 hour 20 minutes to write, and 2 listens to Mando Diao's album, and a round of applause for you if you managed to reach reading this. Thank you for your time!


  • bellamysprotege

    Hey man, i'm definitely with you on 4a, the new look seems to make it harder to watch journals or forums... i know people would say 'use the dashboard' but having never been a subscriber, i don't see whats so great about it. for what its worth, i preferred the old layout, with recommended journals and the reply tracker (which took me ages to find) on my profile page. still, its only a minor thing, i might write a gm script when im back at uni and bored :-P For 4b as far as i'm aware, charts aren't recalculated. In your scenario, tracks listened to on sunday night and submitted on a monday morning should count towards next sundays chart (confusingly enough, this probably won't get updated til the following tuesday). As for tracks played before 12 noon on sunday and then sumbitted on the monday, im pretty sure the tracks arent added and the chart recalculated, theyre either a) added to the overall chart but not the weekly chart or b) just drip away into the ether, but i couldnt say which. (Not being able to upload my tracks as i listen and then periodically updating using some cache submission php thing, things never seem to be able to tally up to when im listening to them and weekly charts seem a pretty dubious way of watching my last fm stats at the moment anyway, trebly confusing!) Oh, have a good time in sweden! al

    Ago 29 2006, 11h35
  • marshee

    I completely agree about the dashboard even being a subscriber, I hate it. I use greasemonkey scripts which add a reply tracker link on my main page, but it doesn't seem to track replies on peoples journals. I know the tracks don't just vanish as I listened to huge amounts of AIR one night and it was added to my total and overall charts. Looking foreward to the GM script if you do get around to it.

    Ago 29 2006, 11h44
  • Blynck

    yeah nice review.i think you hit the nail on the head

    Ago 29 2006, 14h31
  • talking_animal

    Nice use of BBCode; I really like the overlapping letters. Can you join BBCode Brigade and submit it? Please? On the question of what happens to the tracks you played on your portable over the weekend when you update on Monday, they go into your recent tracks and your overall history, but they don't update the weekly charts (at least they didn't used to, and I can't imagine the server recompiles them dynamically for every single request).

    Set 2 2006, 0h19
  • Skuzzie

    DCFC are pretty good indeed. I'm still trying to fit it into my listening routine, so far it has been unsuccesful :( Nevertheless, that's some good music. And I'm still waiting for the Mando Diao album. It has been sent, so I'm expecting it to hit the doormat around wednesday or so.

    Set 2 2006, 14h47
  • avalyn2

    Totally with you on 4a, it's one of my big gripes. 4b, yes agree with the other replies. I have the same problem, and so as an audioscrobbler addicts i make the effort to update my scrobblings before Sunday noon.

    Set 5 2006, 22h27
  • marshee

    yeah, I try to do this too, but fo example when I go on holiday for the weekend, it makes it difficult!

    Set 6 2006, 9h17
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