• a-z!

    Jul 30 2008, 2h44

  • marps life as a movie!?

    Jul 29 2008, 7h41

    1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
    2. Put it on shuffle
    3. Press play
    4. For every question, type the song that's playing
    5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

    Opening Credits: So I Thought
    Waking Up: Dance Hall Drug
    First Day At School: Kill the Rock
    Hanging Out with Friends: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner
    First Kiss: Trucker Hat
    Birthday: Cancer (sounds like a crappy birthday)
    Party Scene: Off the Heezay
    Falling In Love: Bring The Pain (O_O)
    Fight Song: I Kissed a Girl (wow!)
    Breaking Up: Sidewinder
    Prom: Miami (prom in miami?)
    College: I Wish (no college.)
    Life: Ohio (Come Back to Texas) (crappy life)
    Mental Breakdown: Looking Glass
    Driving: First Date
    Flashback: In Regards To Myself
    Getting Back Together: The Ghost of You
    Love Scene: Check Yes Juliet (yay!)
    Wedding: Peace
    Honeymoon: Never Wanted to Dance
    Birth of Child: Cigarettes
    Fight song: California Love
    Death Scene: Cemetery Drive (that makes sense)
    Funeral Song: Brighter (uhhh)
    End Credits: Failure By Designer Jeans
  • not as mainstream as you thought!

    Jun 27 2008, 7h12

    24.18% mainstream!

    Fall Out Boy = 49.85%
    Mindless Self Indulgence = 13.02%
    My Chemical Romance = 50.72%
    Underoath = 15.93%
    Flyleaf = 10.84%
    Taking Back Sunday = 32.98%
    Paramore = 21.92%
    Boys Like Girls = 9.91%
    From First to Last = 13.51%
    Blink-182 = 56.74%
  • all around me orly

    Jun 13 2008, 18h01

    1. How am I feeling today? kiss me, im contagious - from first to last
    2. Will I get far in life? lover her - seether
    3. How do my friends see me? music is my hot, hot sex - CSS
    4. Where will I get Married?: breathe today - flyleaf
    5. What is my best friend's theme song?: overweight - blue october (bahahaha... im sorry thats just what i got)
    6. What is the story of my life?: bushy - tiny masters of today (neh i dont hate bush)
    7. What was highschool like?: im content with losing - underoath
    8. How can I get ahead in life? minuet - from first to last o_o
    9. What is the best thing about me? cancer - mcr ):
    10. How is today going to be? mastermind - msi (yess i will be the mastermind)
    11. What is in store for this weekend? belgium - bowling for soup
    12. What song describes my parents? x amount of words - blue october (errr)
    13. To describe my grandparents? happy birthday - the birthday massacre (yay?)
    14. How is my life going? got your money - say anything
    15. What song will they play at my funeral?: feeling this - blink-182 (err, ew)
    16. How does the world see me? spin - taking back sunday
    17. Will I have a Happy Life? makedamnsure - taking back sunday (pshh yes)
    18. What do my friends really think of me? a-hole - bowling for soup (hahaha)
    19. Do people secretly lust after me? lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - patd (hahahahahahahahahahahaha)
    20. How can I make myself happy? tennessee - new found glory (nuh uh)
    21. What should I do with my life? disenchanted - mcr
    22. Will I ever have children? we're so starving - patd
    23. What is some good advice for me? everything that makes me sick - the almost
    24. What's that smell? pop the glock - uffie (its uffie shooting you)
    25. What is my signature dancing song? clarissa - msi (yay)
    26. What do I think my current theme song is? misery business - paramore (woo!! yeah)
    27. What does everyone else think my current theme song is? my blue heaven - taking back sunday (people cant deny me and they cant just once just hear me)
    28. What type of men do you like? best of me - underoath 0_0
    29. Now click next and that will be the subject of this bulletin
    30. Your overall theme song?: we are broken - paramore =|
  • another one from karp

    Jun 13 2008, 17h48

    My name is:: pretty handsome awkward - the used o-o
    I:: umbrella - all time low
    I love:: love is dead - tokio hotel (hahahahahaha!)
    I hate:: ohio is for lovers - hawthorne heights
    I care about:: nine in the afternoon - patd =D
    He/She:: a decade under the influence - taking back sunday
    My Favorite Show Is:: lights out - msi
    My Favorite Book is:: perfect situation - weezer (that sounds like a good book akshullee)
    My Favorite Drink Is:: bring the pain - msi (ow!)

    How Was Your:
    Day:: hang 'em high - mcr (errm)
    Night:: blood ocean - dethklok (well i did watch metalocolypse last night)
    Breakfast:: smile for the camera - armor for sleep (paparazzis?)
    Lunch:: up against (blackout) - taking back sunday
    Dinner:: emily - from first to last (nom nom omm emily)
    Year:: get happy - bowling for soup :D
    Last Christmas:: masturbates - msi (bahahaha)
    Last Car:: disco bomb - tiny masters of today (woohoo?)

    Describe Your...
    House:: vampire heart - HIM
    Room:: hologram world - tiny masters of today (yay!!)
    Current Outfit:: seven-eleven - msi
    Appearence:: lets dance - scotty vanity o-o
    Hair:: dont cha (sex change remix) - jeffree star (errr)
    Nails:: dont shoot me santa - the killurz
    Eyes:: a moment suspended in time (live) - underoath
    Best Friend:: down, set, go - underoath
    Mom:: girls just want to have fun - cyndi lauper (dont ask why i have this)
    Sister:: romance - mcr
    Brother:: for a pessimist im pretty optimistic - paramore
    Dad:: when the sun sleeps - underoath
    Grandparents:: into the groove - the medic droid
    Kitchen:: walking with strangers - the birthday massacre
    Current Jewelry:: introduction - PATD
    Future Death:: bang the doldrums - fall out boy
    Instant Messanger Screen Name:: shut-up and smile - bowling for soup (yay)
    Current Bra/Undies:: this is halloween - marilyn manson (halloween undies orly?)
    Purse/Wallet:: sound of heaven pulling down - blue october
    Current Perfume:: dont jump - tokio hotel (sounds hot)
    Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: FSCENE8 - the medic droid (scene boy? D=)
    Kisses:: thank you for the venom - mcr (haha)
    Hugs:: its not a fashion statement, its a death wish - mcr (errrrm)
    Love:: silver bullet - hawthorne heights (ahaha)

    Where Are You?: almost - bowling for soup
    What Are You Watching?: band tee - brokencyde
    Who Do You Love?: rawwwrr! - bmth (yes i love oli)
    Why Are You Still Alive?: born for this - paramore (cause i was born for this =D)
    What Color Is Your Hair?: emergency - paramore
    What Color Are Your Eyes?: shiver - the birthday massacre (COLDEYES?)
    Do You believe in the Easter Bunny?: off the heezay - bmth
    How Much Money Do You Have?: whats it feel like to be a ghost? - taking back sunday
    How Many Friends Do You Have?: uncle johnny - the killurz
    How Old Are You?: to the end - mcr
    Are You Currently Wearing Socks?: august is over - we the kings
    When Was the Last Time You Saw Your Dad?: the gun song - ayria (did i shoot him?!? 0____________0)
    Have You ever Kissed Someone Of the Same Sex?: sympathetic - seether
    Have You Ever Watched the Sun Set?: the city is at war - cobra starship
    Do You Like Orange Juice?: thunder - boys like girls (im in love with orange juice apparently)
    What Color Is Your Room?: hold the door - armor for sleep
    How Many Boyfriends/Girlfriends Have You Had This Year?: grow up - simple playunn
    Why Are You Taking This Survey?: 1985 - bowling for soup
    Where Is Your Cell Phone?: royally fucked - bowling for soup (lololol)
    Do You Even Have a Cell Phone?: skyway avenue - we the kings
    When Was The Last Time It Snowed?: kryptonite - emanuel (o_O)
    Is It Cloudy Outside?: pretty rave girl - i am x-ray
    Do You Wear Glasses?: bonus mosh pt.
    II - taking back sunday (so scream louder now!!?)
    When Was The Last Time You Took A Shower?: Z - msi

    Do You Feel...
    Depressed?: cute without the E (cut from the team) - taking back sunday (i guess thats a yes)
    Happy?: adam's song - blink-182 (and thats a no)
    Concerned?: time to dance - patd
    Mad?: dirty and left out - the almost (errrr)
    Content?: learning to fall - boys like girls (thats a no too)
  • survey stolen from karp

    Jun 13 2008, 16h22

    What is your name? Or what should your name be?: handlebars - flobots o_O
    How is your life going?: one armed boxer vs the flying guillotine - from first to last
    What is your nickname?: the patron saint of liars and fakes - fall out boy D=
    What is your theme song?: the truth about heaven - armor for sleep YAY
    What is your best friend's theme song?: your own disaster - taking back sunday (it would be cooler if i got a cure song for heather~)
    How is your life going to turn out?: happy birthday - the birthday massacre
    Will you get married?: keepin up with the kids - msi
    Will you have kids?: i dont feel very receptive today - underoath
    What will your job be?: sugar we're goin down - YOU SHOULD KNOW WHO THATS BY o-o
    Did you/will you finish school?: read my mind - the killerz haha
    Who is your best friend?: the carpal tunnel of love - fall out boy o_O
    Who is or will be your significant other?: demolition lovers - mcr. thats doesnt sound very good
    Who do you like?: the impact of reason - underoath 0_0
    How will you die?: niki FM - hawthorne heights rofl
    How do you feel right now?: html rulez d00d - the devil wears prada
    What is your favorite song?: hold the door - armor for sleep
    How could you describe your parents?: planet of the apes - msi (hahaha)
    Your best friend?: the damage in your heart - weezer
    Your teachers?: hang on - seether
    Your significant other [or crush...]?:walking with strangers - the birthday massacre 0___0
    Yourself?: california love - my american heart (loliwish)
    What is your best feature?: salmarnir - underoath
    What will you be / should you be, profession-wise?: issues - msi (haha i should be a hoe)
    How could you describe this survey?: its not a side effect of the cocaine, im thinking it must be love - fall out boy (AWWWW C:)
    What makes you angry?: cigarettes - seether D:<
    What makes you sad?: the sharpest lives - mcr
    What makes you happy?: lovely - breathe carolina =D
    What makes you dance?: mad as rabbits - patd o_o
    What is your favorite color?: you make me smile - blue october
    How would you describe yourself?: under pressure - mcr & the used D=
    Who is your worst enemy?: because of you - ne-yo -_-
    Who do you hate?: another girl another planet - blink-182 (haha)
    Who do you love?: build god, then we'll talk - patd bahahaha
    Who do you lust after?: cemetery drive - mcr

    Finish the Sentece
    I wish: boomin' - msi
    I want to: haunt you every day - weezer (bahahaha)
    I want to kill: williamsburg - armor for sleep (LMFAO THAT FITS SO PERFECTLY)
    I want to eat: oh, its is love - hellogoodbye (nomnomnomlove)
    My head: calm before the storm(old versionn!) - fall out boy
    I am: always - blink-182 O_O
    My best feature is: homesick at space camp - fall out boy
    My eyes are: millionaires - scene kidz hahaha
    My hair is: download this song - MC lars (lolwut)
    My face is: ohio (come back to texas) - bowling for soup (ahhhh)
    You should: let the flames begin - paramore (hahaha)

    Words of advice: CHOCOLATE RAAAAIN (lolsrsly thats what i got) tay zonday.
    How do others see me?: stop it - the almost (guess im annoying?)
    How do I see myself?: changing of times - underoath o-o
  • survey?

    Jun 1 2008, 18h46

    Write the top 20 artists from your page.
    Then write the first song you heard, what song made you love them, and current favourite song.

    01; my chemikuhl romance. 787 plays
    love; lyrics.. vocals... well everything.
    current fave; demolition lovers

    02; fall out boy. 777 plays
    1st song heard; where is your boy tonighttt? grand theft autumn yup
    love; patrick's vocal chordsss and lyrics.
    current fave; calm before the storm ^-^

    03; underoathhh 609 plays
    1st song heard; writing on the walls
    love; screamyness.. clean vocals.. hmm everything :D
    current fave; a boy brushed red... livin in black inw white

    04; taking back sunday 464 plays
    1st song heard; makedamnsure
    love; fred before he left >:[ lyriczzzz. and yeh adam has a sexy voice.
    current fave; number five with a bullet.

    05; flyleaf 450 plays
    1st song heard; IM SOWWW SICK and yeh i didnt like it.
    love; lacey mosley!!! even if they edit her voice bunches... lyricz.
    current fave; cassie, so i thought, FULLY AAAALLIIIIVEEE, justice and mercy... its hard for me to choose

    06; paramore 368 plays
    1st song heard; i think we have an emegrencyy
    love; im not so sure tbh
    current fave; my heart.

    07; boys like girls 331 plays
    1st song heard; the great escape. HATED IT! (hahahaha)
    love; martins high notez *-* and lyricz
    current fave; heels over headddd.

    08; from first to fucking last.. 271 plays
    1st song heard; note to self.
    love; screamz and SONNY before he left and lyricz and uhh everything?
    current fave; secrets dont make friends.

    09; seether.. 262 plays
    1st song heard; broken x_X
    love; shaunz voice... most lyrics lawl
    current fave; fade awayyyy

    10; blink-182 255 playz
    1st song heard; all the small things. ^-^
    love; everything?
    current fave; adams song.

    11; tiny masters of today 228 plays
    1st song heard; radiioooooo riot!
    love; ivan!!! uhhh amazingness for their age obviously
    current fave; trendsetterrrr

    12; mindless self indulgence.. also 228 plays!
    1st song heard; i hate jimmy page. HATED IT LAWL
    love; their crazyness.
    current fave; lights out

    13; armor for sleep 209 plays
    1st song heard; you will all die in WILLIAMSBUUURRRRGG
    love; lyricslolwut
    current fave; end of the world.

    14; the almost 208 plays
    1st song heard; WWWWWOOOOOAAAAHHHH say this sooner
    love; aaron gillespie... YOU KNOW HE DID EVERYTHING FOR THE ALBUM!! srsly yuh
    current fave; uhhh i mostly copy other people

    15; jeffree star 203 playz
    1st song heard; umm... ice cream?
    love; lol everything
    current fave; ice cream.

    16; panic! at the disco. 188 plays
    1st song heard; i write sinz not tragediez
    love; making fun of bden.
    current fave; the only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage

    17; weezer 181 plays
    1st song heard; buddy holly =D
    love; the whole band in general.
    current fave; pork and beans.

    18; cobra starship 179 plays
    1st song heard; snakes on a plane.. didnt like eet
    love; keytarness. and GAAAABBEEEEE!1
    current fave; kiss my sass.

    19; the birthday massacre 165 plays
    1st song heard; ummm kill the lights? i dunno...
    love; chibis voice =)... the synth sounds??
    current fave; kill the lights anddd i think were alone now.

    20; bowling for soup 122 plays
    1st song heard; hmm girls wall the bad guys want?
    love; lyrics.. so sweet haha =D
    current fave; two-seater.
  • in my pants :'D

    Jan 19 2008, 20h20

    stolen from someone on another site.
    uhh yeah.

    Put music player on shuffle. Add (In my pants) at the end.

    1. vampires will never hurt you in my pants
    2. interlude in my pants
    3. walkin in a winter wonderland in my pants XD
    4. we are broken in my pants ):
    5. off the heezay in my pants
    6. friday im in love in my pants
    7. met you on myspace in my pants
    8. dance, dance in my pants
    9. silver cloud in my pants
    10. short, fast and loud in my pants (LMFAOOOOOOOO)
    11. highway to hell in my pants
    12. mmm kay in my pants
    13. stuck in the middle with you in my pants
    14. you make me smile in my pants =]
    15. so i thought in my pants
    16. wake me up when september ends in my pants
    17. everyone looks so good from here in my pants HAHHHHAAAA!!
    18. the pros and cons of breathing in my pants
    19. sound of pulling heaven down in my pants
    20. whats it feel like to be a ghost in my pants? HAAAAAAHHA rofl
    21. greatest time of year in my pants =D
    22. chicago is so two years ago in my pants
    23. stay together for the kids in my pants
    24. still dreaming in my pants
    25. grow up in my pants XDD
    26. there could be nothing after this in my pants
    27. the world's not waiting in my pants haaahhaa
    28. the other way in my pants =O
    29. all i want for christmas is you in my pants... ohmahgawdrofllll :D
    30. red sam in my pants O_O
  • ew ;_;

    Out 9 2007, 23h32


    the rocket summer.
    just. no.
    I heard about /them/ in '04, didn't like it.

    green day.
    just. no thanks anymore.

    the plain white t's.

    -i'll edit in more latur.