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  • Rosebigmusicfan

    Hey! Sorry it takes me ages to say anything like always. How are you? Not much music on your playlist these days. What are you doing the whole days then?:) Did you watch VMA's?

    ontem à noite Responder
  • rehevans

    Yeah, eu li que parece que você brigou com sua mãe. As coisas se resolveram? :/ E to como sempre... Só estudando e trabalhando kkk nada de novo acontece kkkkkkkkkkkkk E eu gostei de Witches of East End... Não é um Charmed, mas mata a minha saudade de série com bruxaria. (achei melhor que The Secret Circle)

    23 Ago 19h20 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    btw my spotify says that artists get money for every play of their songs. I hardly believe it, do you?

    19 Ago 21h35 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    For me it shows medium hmm

    19 Ago 21h30 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    Okay, so I need to show you studio versions. Photoshop photoshop everywhere xD It's weird but I like it. THERE IS literally eveything on spotify! I found like 50 albums of Pink Floyd there. So you have a wrong version or I don't know. My super innovative username is ''autumnchanges32'' xD

    19 Ago 21h30 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    Nice! I like their singing there. I think she cares too much about ''fun'' :D I agree about Bey. It's annoying how she shows her sexy side these days. Have you seen all the videos from the latest album? I think ''Rocket'' is really surprising. I would never thought that she will release something like that. Well sometimes RiRi has some weird clothes. It's not like she always look the best. Weeeell :) I kinda agree with you but it seems like you completely lost faith in the music industry. Like no matter what genre you listen to, you think it's made for money. Maybe I'm silly but I don't believe in it.

    19 Ago 21h25 Responder
  • rehevans

    fala cmg, bskt

    18 Ago 0h12 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    btw I just downloaded Spotify and it's awesome! You should get it too. It's much better than grooveshark and you can listen to literally everything there.

    16 Ago 21h02 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    I hate meeting my old schoolmates too:/ What happened between you and your mom?:( So did you like Rita's videos? + I didn't see that photoshoot I guess. Do you have a link?

    16 Ago 21h01 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    Have you heard Miley's version of a classic song ''Jolene''? I think she shows her nice country side there. I didn't know that this medley exists:) I think Beyonce changed her style with the latest album and her vocal range is lover than usually. The video ''Yonce'' also reminds me RiRi. I agree with what you said about underground bands. On the other hand some artists release albums that break the rules, they are not what the fans are expecting. They are not afraid to loose them because they just record music they feel. These artists I respect the most. I don't understand why you think that the fans are more blind than in pop music. They just listen to the particular genre because they find themselves there. What's wrong with listening to one genre where the music is predictible in some way? Your text is not unnecessary but I'm not sure if I get it:D

    16 Ago 20h58 Responder
  • B_Purple

    Agora to com a net decente de novo \\o Cadê os links? Se é que ainda adianta eu votar ;s

    15 Ago 22h52 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    I don't believe you xDD They have this ''thing'' that I like haha WTF? HAHAHAHA I laughed so hard at this Britney thing:P I really try to like PJ but it never works out:/ You like sad slow music I assume:) Loreena and Joni were just okay, I kind got bored while listening to them. Okay so let me know:) I'm really glad that you like this song! It's amazing:) They made a really weird video for it, like there's some sado maso thing going on xDD

    6 Ago 22h52 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    Oops sorry:D It would be easier if you could see my face and then you'd say that I'm gonna hit you or something xD Someone once told me that:P Okay okay, no problem:D Maybe I'm weird but I keep remembering things that happened like in primary school and I still feel sad or embarassed:P It just hits me from time to time. Alright, I see. I think it doesn't matter that he was popular a few years ago. Maybe he has some new fresh ideas. You'll never know. Yeah, featurings sometimes are really unnecessary. Have you heard hip hop music??? Now there are meaningful lyrics xD Just sex and drugs like you said. I agree with you! Some songs are about sex but they are classy and nice to hear. Really? xDD Okay so take this so far: I will make a playlist anyway:D and you can make a new one too:)

    6 Ago 22h46 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    That's true but you like some different artists than me. I don't like Adele for example but I admit that her music is quality. It is but you have a lot of alternative stuff lately:) I think some singers don't use their vocal skills and prefer to focus on the sales. They record songs that people expect them to make. For example Miley - she would be a great country or even rock artist but she chose some random ''ghetto'' songs. Okay, I believe that you read this and we will never know the truth haha Of course I like Rihanna!! I meant that Bey should be herself instead of trying to fit in by copying RiRi. They are good on their own. Yeees. The undergroud bands don't pay attention to that imo. That's why sometimes I'm tired of those popular singers.

    6 Ago 22h29 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    Are you stalking me or what???????:P I listened to the whole playlist and it's very nice:) The first two songs are awesome so surprisingly I like Tori:) I always liked a bot of Garbage so this one is good too. I can't get into PJ but ''The Wind'' is kinda sexy, I like the vibe:) I also enjoyed Regina and Fiona Apple. I tried to listen to her like 2 times before and never really enjoyed that but you chose lovely songs. What about my playlist?

    6 Ago 18h28 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    I'm really sad that you don't like Rita:/ She's really talented and it's unfair to compare her to Rihanna all the time. Yes, there's new Hilary's song and it's pretty boring. Just summer pop song, I'm pretty sure you won't like it. I haven't heard Jessie J yet, do you like it?

    6 Ago 18h22 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    I thought that you were talking about 5SOS. How do I know who breakes some records? I don't care about that, It's completely not important. That's true! There are always new problems and the old ones seem to be silly after some time. It depends though. Why do you hate Avicci?:D Song with Miley will bring a lot of popularity and controversy for sure. That's what Madonna always does. Wait what??? What's wrong with electropop in 2014? You think it's not on the map? Well I agree that lyrics are nothing new but that's how pop music works.

    6 Ago 18h21 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    Hey! Sorry for the delay. Looks like your music taste changed then. I think there are still good new pop albums these days but you seem to ignore them:P There are so many rumors going around about Bey that It makes me kill people. I mean ...okay maybe she doesn't write her own music and she has a huge group of people who do everything for her but at least she's a very talented singer! These days even this thing is not enough, that's sad. I don't like Sia's voice and her songs always bores me but it's just a matter of taste. I didn't know about ''Pretty Hurts''. I think that Bey's image is very similar to Rihanna lately. That's lame. It's shit that music is being treated like business instead of art.

    6 Ago 17h56 Responder
  • rehevans

    JLo é lixosa. Mas das lixosas ela é a que eu mais gosto. HAHAHAHAHA

    1 Ago 1h38 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    I like them that's why I'm asking, simple as that:) I'm telling you to like Rita! That's an order :P

    30 Jul 22h26 Responder
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