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  • Rosebigmusicfan

    I googled it when you told me but it's hard to judge after a few seconds:) I see you're listening to Lykke Li <3 Have a nice day!

    13 Dez 14h27 Responder
  • rehevans

    É sim. E dá pra rimar: Oi mazão, tô com saudadão <3 (q)

    23 Nov 13h42 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    So do you like Tove Lo?:) I think Gwen should release something innovative, I'm a bit disappointed with her:/ That's really unusual for Rihanna haha I miss her though! Lately many artists release a new albums surprisingly. New Selena Gomez is coming. There are also some rumors about Beyonce. Did you hear that? Like she will release a second part of the album.

    7 Nov 13h35 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    I used to hate her too, she seems a bit fake. I started listening to her like year ago or 1,5. Now I like her music but she's a bit overrated still. You're right. I think that's what Beyonce does. She has a good voice but she chooses to be half naked on stage as well. I don't understand that. Okay, I get it now. I don't know the original versions of those songs so I need to do a little research. I think it's hard to record a cover. People get used to the original version and they are not open minded enough to like the new version. Okay, I need some time. I will let you know soon:)

    7 Nov 13h33 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    I was at the birthday party like 10 years ago!:D At least you visited someone:) With this album she really showed ''no soul''. I mean it's a nice album but very safe. It could have been sung by any other singer and there wouldn't be any difference. I guess they are saying this because she's not showing her ass etc like the others but it's still not enough, right? Okay, I'm looking forward to hear your opinion:) I saw your grooveshark recommendation but I didn't understand that it's a covers album. If you say it's nothing special I'm sure it's true. Anyway I will listen to it if you want me to:) Speaking of new artists do you know Tove Lo? She's really great. And do you like new Gwen Stefani song?

    3 Nov 23h25 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    Really? That sucks. You always have no one to count on at school:/ You were at the parties?! That's a cool news, tell me how it was?:) I'm quite disappointed with this album. I also heard that it's so good but I disagree. There are some good songs but half of them are boooring. She's a bit overrated if you ask me.

    3 Nov 2h02 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    It's funny that you mentioned this thing. Actually I had a fight with one religious person that called me a satanist:P Everyone were fighting with each other in my country because of this holiday. It's ridiculous. I wish I could be in USA on this day, I don't match here at all. Anyway I was dressed as a witch and watched some nice movies:) what about you?

    2 Nov 16h15 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    Happy Halloween best friend:) <3

    31 Out 15h36 Responder
  • rehevans

    OI MAZAO <3

    25 Out 17h52 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    + I made two playlists for you:)!/playlist/Slower+Songs/101736336!/playlist/Metal+Rock/101736543

    21 Out 23h18 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    - with is such a psycho fan and she wanted to get it of course. One of them had a birthday and my friend huged him and they were talking like for a few minutes and me...I was standing there like an idiot xDDD I almost don't know their music so it was really awkward:D How are you?:)

    21 Out 23h09 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    No, I've never heard about ''Scandal''. As I read it's more about politics, right? So it's a bit different thing. Looks interesting as well. I also ALWAYS imagine that I'm a successful singer!! It's my everyday occupation hahaha I participated in a school singers competition once but It was a total failure...I'm still glad I tried though. Well if you're born with a huge talent then maybe lessons are not needed but I think every musician need a teacher and a lot of practice. Your brother is aweeeesome:D Nooo, you would die from laughter:D I don't know who you are talking about. Maybe it was from another motorsport competition. There are a lot of types of it. Really?!!! Wow I envy you sooo much:D Did you take a photo with him?;D Yeah, I have the same impression about Russians. They have such a bad opinion right now. I'm not a fan either:D I was at the music festival where many bands played and it was a signing tent where some artists where giving autographs. The girl I was there -

    21 Out 23h07 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    I personally don't like Jennifer. I think she tries too hard to be ''the girl next door''. It's a bit annoying. I don't see her acting talent too. Don't you think it's better when pop singer at least try to record a bit more ambitious music? Popular or not, it's still jazz:) I understood that you listened to this album?:P I can't imagine many singers doing that, just my opinion:) Justin always changes his style with every album and people seem to dig it:) Have you heard Maroon 5's debut album? I think they were pop rock influenced back in the day. It changed later. I usually see metal fans insulting Slipknot fans so I didn't know about this option haha Sounds like you're a psychopath anyway xD You're so right about education. On the other hand I noticed that many people from countryside study in a big city and later they even move here. Don't get me wrong but this really annoys me to be honest.

    21 Out 22h57 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    & yes, I still keep my fingers crossed for Jules. About Russia - no, luckily there's nothing going on here but we're a bit scared though. We always had problems with Russia and Germany and still many people hate those countries. Anyway I noticed that we have soooo many Ukrainians in Poland right now. I see them literally everywhere. As you know I'm looking for a job and many offers require Russian language?! Like wtf seriously. Why I should speak this language here. +are you a fan of Yeasayer? I met them once!:)

    11 Out 17h42 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    I think that I told you that like ages ago?!! Anyway I had piano lessons for like 2 years in high school and I took part in a concert for parents at the end. Then I had final exams and I stopped going there. My skills are on a very low level though:/ I can read the music notes though. I miss all of my music lessons in high school to be honest:( With the guitar is worse. I took part in a lessons but the teacher annoyed the shit out of me and I give up after like 4 lessons. I can play european union anthem so far lol xD Also my guitar is kinda bad, it's a long story. Okay, I will make you that playlist but I'm not sure if you will be alive after that xDDDD His name is Jules Bianchi, he's from France. Only 25 years old:( Do you mean Ayrton Senna accident? If yes, then this is the first serious accident since Senna's death. He was such a legend. All the F1 fans still love him. At the moment there's Felipe Massa from Brazil. Do you know him? He seems to be such a lovely person:)

    11 Out 17h37 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    HAHAHAHA You're mom is so right, you know? I think you can't be a good psychologist if you don't understand what those people feel. I think we both would be good in this:) I hate our education systems:( You really should do something with gastronomy! You're amazing in that. Try to search for the school, maybe you will find it. The tv show is about a group of people who just started working in Police. In every episode they solve some murders or other crimes and there are also secondary threads like their love life etc. It's similar to CSI a bit, very nice show.

    11 Out 17h28 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    What's wrong with Maroon 5? xD I need to check out their new stuff and see if they got worse or not xD hahaha we're both emo but we don't know about that xD Maybe you should dye your hair black and make the right haircut:) That's so true! lmao at your brother, I'm not surprise why you can't talk normally with him xD Why the hell everyone hate Slipknot?! This is such a great band. Their new video kick some serious asses. Look: Oh man, he was really desperate then. +HAHAHAH we all sometimes think about killing some bitches, right?:P Yeah but some of them are the sociopaths and they don't have the same feelings like normal people. They are not able to sympathize and killing is fun for them. I've been in the museum of criminology ones and some stories scared the shit out of me. Like a guy around 17 years old who wanted to see pain of everyone around him.

    11 Out 17h22 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    haha we're all just humans:) No, I haven't seen it. I only know those versions without Jennifer Lawrence. Do you like her? I understand you very well. I had a pressure to get a facebook account but I didn't break haha I know that you dislike GaGa so much:D I didn't know that she said that. Maybe her fans interpret eveything badly. She released a jazz album lately, maybe she's not just a product you know. I can't imagine other pop artists to make a jazz album. Speaking about this genre I said that I hate it but then I realized that It depends on a singer too:D I listened to Robbie Williams jazz stuff and also a guy called Jamie Cullum. His new CD is very nice:) I agree with you about Justin. He's like one of the most overrated artists ever.

    11 Out 17h11 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    I started to play my guitar again after like 4 years, maybe this time it will go better. I used to play piano too and need to practise more again. It annoys me that it takes so much time and still doesn't sound as I wish. Thanks for the playlist, I will check it out and maybe make something for you:) However I guess you don't need me because you listen to a lot of new artists:) Speaking about my hobbies I wanted to say that something horrible happened in F1 last race you know. There was an accident and one driver is in hospital and he's barely alive:((( I really can't deal with that. I don't know him in person but I watch all of them all the time and I feel like they are a part of my family no matter if they know about my existence or not. So I'm really sad. This weekend they are in Russia which really sucks because you know what's going on between countries these days.

    10 Out 23h41 Responder
  • Rosebigmusicfan

    I hope you passed all your exams. You're always so hard working! With'' crazy stuff'' I meant renting a flat that we have. Did you read the sentence I wrote?:D I wish I could start another uni course but I have no money ot not enough points. It's already too late for this year anyway. It's sad that you want to do something you dream about but you can't because of the requirements:( That new AHS season looks interesting:) Honestly I just got into show called ''Rookie Blue'' but I started with the fifth season lol

    10 Out 23h34 Responder
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