My Thoughts on Post-Rock


Ago 8 2011, 3h12

You see, recently, I've been listening to a lot of post-rock stuff, The Echelon Effect, Circadian Eyes, God Is An Astronaut, Explosions in the Sky (my favorite), and some more.

"Does a picture worth a thousand words, or does a music with no words paint a thousand pictures?". I see this quote often on the comments section of music on YouTube, and I think it best describes the genre. When I'm listening to post-rock, there's this otherworldly sensation that I feel which I don't find in any other music genres.

Unfortunately, post-rock artists can't seem to reach the top overall tracks in my profile because most of post-rock songs is twice as long as songs of other genres that I listen to. And no matter how much I listen to post-rock, I seem to listen more of the genres other than post-rock.

But at least they reach my 3 month top artists and that's enough to show my love for the genre, I guess.

And less-known post-rock bands even let you download their music for free (e.g. on Bandcamp), making exploring the world of this genre easier.


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