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Recent: 18/Jan/2012 Damn! I was living the dolce vita & had no idea:
Ô la belle vie, sans amour, sans souci, sans problème, Hum la belle vie, on est seul, on est libre et on traine,
On s'amuse à passer sans peur du lendemain
Des nuits blanches
Qui se penchent
Sur les petits matins.

4/Jan/2011 ...oh God, I'm still alive

Previous 12: 2/Oct/2010 ...after those 25 days on a desert beach that could have been any length of time spent, common working man time perception not being applicable to the psychotic delirium of the cosmos above your head each and every night leading to a continuum of phenomena that dilute your fixed speciecist thing-constructing-pre-forms.... After that, a lot of Takashi Miike now, the only way to withstand what I must. And a lot of Таджик (Tadjik) Papa Luna wavering prayers
Oh my love, my love, my love "Navoi Dilam"

Previous 11: Urbania -the movie- editing of messed subs, sentimental gore and if handsome why not pinksome. A good try: Ma préférence à moi :) (Julien Clerc)
Where did I dig this out from now? It brings back memories from ...yes, lyrical Mykonos in the 80s, those underage bandits we were, lurking in bed until late evening; the lukewarm air is getting dark, some grinding hotel room radio service wafts a haunting Michelle (c'est bien loin tout ça), and then, ma préférence à moii ma préférence àaa mo0ii lalalaaaaa lala lala lala lala lalalaaaaaa
Shit, we were charmed and had no idea
Hotel Cali, Reading Gaol, house of the rising sun, the gaping mouth of dusk

Recent instrument: trumpet, trompette, τρομπέτα

Previous10: little niece submitting her dissertation, good news, not easy to survive these days in London and write too
Previous9: I was lured into the wood by the idea that you can try to picture the human from some exterior that you would need to become through lived art -art(iculate) interaction with the dynamics of animal, mineral or textual otherness. Hm, if I can think aloud... Elizabeth Grosz, volatile bodies– I may be getting involved with gender studies after having hitch-hiked my way here aboard works on slavery and other approaches to the construction and uses of bodies. Viva Lhasa, yes, by the way, viva Lila Downs and yes, Lhasa XX
Previous8: Dub hoho up down time hahah, dub it heavy stepper bud
Previous7: Get back to doing something. Please. Even that translation. And drop the crutches –dry or medium.
Previous6: Can you deal with the thought that eventually the edge of the cosmos will be running away from us at speeds higher than the light to the effect that we would eventually cease to see anything much. OK, I know it may not concern us transient creatures for the short time we're around, but, then again, the prospect of a rarefied cosmos, so distant that... all would be gone with respect to everything.
Is this the destiny of existence then? A destiny of dwindling density. To fall completely and utterly apart? To be reduced to space... without observers, without time, what sort of being
I know, this is mostly thought experiments on a scale beyond comprehension. I know, there could be those other dimensions and escape routes. I know. I should be thinking positively, like... wormholes to the past. Get back to those sweet summer afternoons, hand in hand, you and me and everyone, oh how happy we would be.
Previous5: Mellow Barbara. Time goes amiss. Bodies are sad, any prop will do. So much philosophy won't save them. Monsieur Kurzweil, je vivrais une éternité juste pour écouter la voix qui dit: je ne sais rien de tout cela mais je sais que je t'aime encore. Le petit sentier que nous prenions autre fois. Dans le petit matin. Titi rin titi riri rinrin pour toi... de Shanghai à Paris, les Flamandes dancent sans sourire... les Flamandes
Previous4: how funny to discover my musical affinities by looking at the statistics overhere. I wasn't aware that I was so attracted to vocal music and especially Lieder and Schubert. There appear to be patterns and trends of behavior...
Previous3: It's hot, boiling. Difficult to move outside. Why are we attached to these cities of urban decay? Why are we not by the sea, the river, in the woods, somewhere...
Previous2: Not in the mood for uploading anything, not interested in actions: this world is in need. In need, despite swimming in a vast universe. And an immensely rich universe. Materially inaccessible but still..., we have a grasp of the extent of being and we fathom the modes of nothingness. How can need determine our existence, how can we feel envy and the illusion of rarity, instead of a quest for and a conviction of infinity. Moi, j'opte pour l'azur.
Previous1: Installed music at the Video art festival: "Small Cryogenic Mass" based on "Tristesse d'Été" by Stéphane Mallarmé. Thinking of uploading it here too... if I find time
Previous: reading a little on post humanism of recent but carrying some Foucaldien and Nitzschean luggage from earlier on

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