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Abr 23 2007, 6h52

List your top 20 artists, then compare your favourite song of theirs to what number it is on the last.fm artist page charts.

1. The Dresden Dolls
The Perfect Fit

2. Jaggery

3. Humanwine
#13 this week, but the album is too new so it's non-existent on big list, except Pique (live) down at #40

4. Ladytron
Destroy Everything You Touch

5. Client
The Chill of October

6. Emilie Autumn

7. Regina Spektor
Apres Moi

8. Pretty Balanced
My Mind Is a Box and Genuinely Bad (it's honestly a tie, I love My Mind in a Box, but Genuinely Bad makes me very emotional, they're both so amazing)
#1 and #2

9. Rasputina
State Fair (though it's the Tweaker Ambient Remix that I'm in love with, and the one on the list doesn't have the remix listed)

10. Switchblade Symphony
Gutter Glitter

11. The Gathering

12. Morgan Grace
Nice Day

13. Cake Bake Betty
The Charge (Knockturnul)

14. Denali

15. Pony Up!
Lines Bleed

16. A Particularly Vicious Rumor

17. Darling Violetta
I Want To Kill You

18. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
Doctor Blind

19. Cranes

20. The Trucks


  • Passioneer

    Wow, Cake Bake Betty is up to #13 already! I haven't even listened to her that much. She's lingering in the very last spot of my top 50. I guess I should listen to her more to catch up. :P I think most of my favorites tend to be ones that aren't most people's favorites or at least aren't near the top of the artist's charts. For most of my top artists, though, it's too hard for me to pick one, so I'm not even going to attempt this, hehe.

    Abr 29 2007, 2h06
  • mandee_jayne

    I know, I have a select playlist right now and a lot of it is Cake Bake Betty and Emily Haines, so it's been adding up fast, like HUMANWINE. It was really hard to pick a favorite for most of mine too...

    Abr 29 2007, 4h13
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